ZenBusiness Vs LegalZoom

October 2023

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ZenBusiness Vs LegalZoom – What’s the Difference?

During our comparison of ZenBusiness vs. LegalZoom, we looked at customer service. Both legal document creation platforms offer multiple customer support options, including chat, phone, email, and an online submission form. The customer service departments of both companies offer 60-day refund policies, but these don’t apply to certain state filing fees and third-party processing fees. We also considered customer reviews. ZenBusiness is more affordable than LegalZoom, but we were disappointed with the lack of customer support hours.

ZenBusiness has 4.7 stars out of 5 compared to LegalZoom

Customer reviews for both services are mixed. Overall, customers of both companies are satisfied with the services they receive. While LegalZoom has a strong brand name and an excellent reputation, the wording on their website can lead to confusion, resulting in customers signing up for services they may not need. Similarly, ZenBusiness’s customer service has received mixed reviews, with some saying that it is above average while others complaining of a lack of responsiveness.

While LegalZoom receives a higher overall rating on Trustpilot than ZenBusiness, reviews for its service are mixed. While the company is a more affordable option, customers have complained that LegalZoom’s customer support is unresponsive and slow. ZenBusiness offers a customer support team dedicated to resolving customer issues quickly, which sets it apart from LegalZoom. Furthermore, it offers extended customer hours.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, ZenBusiness has the upper hand. The Better Business Bureau has received 55 complaints over the past three years, and the majority of these related to billing issues and canceling subscriptions. While ZenBusiness has a positive rating on Trustpilot, the majority of its negative reviews relate to confusion with pricing and products. A number of users also mentioned overcharging and not receiving their money’s worth.

Overall, ZenBusiness offers more affordable incorporation options. The cost is only $39, compared to $149 for LegalZoom’s incorporation service. Despite the higher cost, ZenBusiness offers customer support through email and live chat. Moreover, the company has more reviews on Google and other consumer websites than LegalZoom. There are a few other differences between the two services.

ZenBusiness’s pricing is competitive and its customer service is excellent. The base package of an LLC costs $49 excluding state filing fees, while a similar package of services for a nonprofit is $39. LegalZoom offers a seven-day customer support service. The company also has a wide variety of contact options. But if you aren’t comfortable with this level of service, you might want to look elsewhere.

Overall, ZenBusiness is the better option in the long run. The turnaround time of documents generated by the site is faster and more efficient than Rocket Lawyer. The company has a guaranteed email response time. Its registration and business license process is easy to use. Customers also like that ZenBusiness has a high level of responsiveness to questions about state-specific issues. You can even add on add-on services to your package.

ZenBusiness is cheaper

When it comes to the cost of an LLC, both ZenBusiness and LegalZoom are cheap. LegalZoom has many more upsells than ZenBusiness, which are generally not worth it. ZenBusiness offers less aggressive upsells, and its products are more clearly defined. However, unlike LegalZoom, the service costs aren’t always clear. The bottom line: ZenBusiness is cheaper, but not by much.

Customer service – ZenBusiness has superior customer support than LegalZoom. While LegalZoom offers a live chat agent that answers questions during business hours, ZenBusiness agents are available around the clock and answer questions fully. The website also has a library of useful educational articles. It’s easy to navigate and explains what you need to know about your legal situation. LegalZoom also has a better website, which is modern and easy to use.

Listed agent service – Both LegalZoom and ZenBusiness offer registered agent services. LegalZoom has more upsells than ZenBusiness. However, you must select them before you can place an order. ZenBusiness’ turnaround times depend on the package you choose. For example, if you need an LLC to start a business in California, ZenBusiness’ Premium plan will take three to five days to complete the paperwork.

Operating agreement – ZenBusiness has an operating agreement that you should prepare when you first start your business. This document outlines rules and guidelines, who owns the company, and what happens if the owner leaves. It also separates personal assets from business assets, which will protect the owner from personal liabilities. However, the cost of these documents depends on how much you want to spend on them. If the costs are too high, you can opt out of the service without penalty.

Ordering and payment process – ZenBusiness has an easy to use website that is easy to navigate. You need to choose a package and provide basic information about yourself. You will not be charged a fortune or find yourself understaffed. They also have a customer service agent that is available during business hours. Customers can also choose to pay with a credit card, making the overall cost of ZenBusiness much lower than LegalZoom.

Customer support – Customers often have bad experiences with LegalZoom. ZenBusiness’s customer service is much easier to reach, and there are fewer issues with upsells than with LegalZoom. In some cases, the customer support agent will take an hour or two to answer their questions. LegalZoom’s website is easy to navigate, but it tries to sell you unnecessary products. For example, a user must purchase essential documents like an operating agreement and EIN before they can get the LLC they need. If you choose this option, make sure you read the entire content.

Registered agent service – ZenBusiness charges $99 per year for its Registered Agent service, while LegalZoom charges $249 per year. Compared to LegalZoom’s $380/year Total Compliance package, ZenBusiness is more affordable than LegalZoom. You can use the same online dashboard for both services. However, ZenBusiness is more affordable than LegalZoom, and it is better value for money. However, the legal documents are much better-organized on ZenBusiness than LegalZoom’s.

LegalZoom has longer customer service hours

Customers can talk to LegalZoom’s representatives any time they have a question. On weekdays, the service is open until 7 p.m. PT, and on weekends, it’s open until 4 p.m. ET. While ZenBusiness‘ customer service hours are much longer, LegalZoom’s are slightly longer. The customer service is also available online. You can ask questions via an online chat, which is convenient if you need a quick response. In addition, both legal services come with a financial account authorization letter, which shows who is authorized to open an LLC bank account.

Both LegalZoom and ZenBusiness have extensive customer support. LegalZoom has more reviews on Trustpilot, while ZenBusiness has only one. The Better Business Bureau rates both services A+. Both companies also have excellent ratings on other review websites. Whether you are looking for a simple online tool or a full-service company with a professional staff, it is important to understand the differences between the two services.

Both companies are affordable. However, LegalZoom’s website is very confusing, and customers can end up signing up for unnecessary services. Customer service is a key part of any business, and ZenBusiness is a great choice for startups. LegalZoom has helped more than 2 million entrepreneurs start businesses. It has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings, with almost all customers giving it high ratings. Customers have reported that ZenBusiness’s chat service is personalized and helpful.

Both services have several benefits. ZenBusiness offers a business domain name, which limits spam and solicitations, and also protects against costly upsells. ZenBusiness also offers a Business Document Templates Library, which LegalZoom doesn’t. However, these extra services can increase the cost of using the service. Further, ZenBusiness offers a better price. Customers can also use the same dashboard as ZenBusiness to access its services.

Both services have extensive customer support options. Both are excellent options, but there are a few important differences between them. For one thing, LegalZoom’s customer support hours are significantly longer than those of ZenBusiness. LegalZoom’s turnaround time varies based on the package you choose. The cheaper package is delayed by up to 30 days, while the more expensive one takes just seven days. However, ZenBusiness offers more flexible turnaround times and allows you to expedite certain parts of your order.

ZenBusiness offers a starter package for $49 plus state fees, and takes 10 to 14 days to complete. By contrast, LegalZoom’s Economy plan is $79 plus state fees and takes 30 days to process your order. Both services also offer additional business services. If you’re not sure which service to choose, legalZoom offers a full refund. Customers can request a refund if they’re unhappy with the service.

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