The Best Space Heaters

October 2023

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If you’re looking for the best space heater, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed dozens of models and sorted through their features, reliability, energy efficiency, portability, and safety. We hope this article helps you make a choice based on your own personal preferences.

Vornado VMH300 – Efficient and Quiet Space Heater

The Best Space Heater

If you’re looking for a stylish, efficient and ultra-quiet space heater, the Vornado VMH300 may be right for you. This portable heating device is ideal for adding a little extra warmth to the garage or other confined spaces. In addition to being one of the quietest space heaters on the market, this unit offers two temperature settings, which allow you to select the perfect heat level for any room.

The VMH300 features a cool-touch powder-coated steel body that remains cool to the touch when in use. On top of this, it features an adjustable thermostat, as well as a two-stage auto-shutoff. It also comes with a nifty tip-over safety device that shuts it off if the cabinet is tipped over.

Aside from its fancy looks, the VMH300 is a great value for its price. Not only does it produce warm air, it uses an integrated, forced-air heating element to achieve this goal. Besides, the name is worth repeating: Vornado is a leader in air flow technology.

With a 5-year warranty, you can be sure your new, sleek and classy device will stand the test of time. For even more comfort, consider the Vornado VMH500, which dispenses with the manual controls in favor of an advanced digital touchscreen. Also, it’s got a whopping 750 watts of power, which should keep your garage warm for quite some time.

The Vornado VMH300 is not cheap, but it does deliver on the promised promises. Its compact design and high quality craftsmanship will make it a standout in your home.

Vornado VH200

The Best Personal Heater

The Vornado VH200 Whole Room Heater is a great choice for a small room, and features a thermostat that allows you to control the temperature. It can heat a room between 75 and 150 square feet and reaches temperatures between 98 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Its advanced safety features include a tip over and overheat shutoff and a cool touch housing. In addition, this heater comes with a carrying handle for easy portability.

This heater uses vortex technology to distribute heat evenly throughout a room. It is also cool to touch and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Vornado VH200 heaters are also energy efficient, which means they’ll save you money on electricity bills. They’re also quiet. That’s an important factor for people who have small rooms and need to heat their space quickly.

The Vornado VH200 space heater receives mixed reviews, and some owners complain about the unit’s slowness in heating cold rooms. Some users also have issues with the fan’s lack of airflow. While the fan should be able to circulate air throughout the room, some users find the noise level too high. Fortunately, Vornado responds to its customers’ complaints more quickly than most manufacturers.

The Vornado VH200 is a great option for homes that want a whole-room heater. It features Vortex Action technology to evenly distribute air. This technology is important because air can’t be properly filtered without being moved around.

Dreo Space Heater

Best for Small Spaces

The Dreo Space Heater is a small, compact electric heater that produces a strong heat output. The unit features a filtration system that removes dust and allergens. It also has a built-in handle, which makes it easy to carry around.

The Dreo Electric Space Heater is powered by hyperamics technology, which allows it to reach temperatures up to 95 degrees in just minutes. Its digital thermostat is easy to use, and its controls allow for easy temperature customization. The space heater can be operated in one-degree increments, and its wireless remote control can be used to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room.

The Dreo Space Heater is backed by a one-year limited warranty. It also has a 24-hour auto-off feature. The unit has a sensitive tip-over switch and is made from flame-resistant materials. It has a large hexagon metal mesh that helps distribute heat quickly.

This space heater is also very affordable. The heater is lightweight at only 4.4 pounds and can be placed on a table or floor. It can be used in any room and has four modes for customizing the heat.

The Dreo Space Heater has excellent user reviews. The heater has an oscillating feature that provides powerful heat, and users have praised the heater’s safety features, including tip-over protection. The heater’s LED display shows the current temperature and its working mode.

Dr Zero Space Heater S720

Most Energy Saving

The Dr Zero Space Heater S720 is an excellent option for small and medium-sized rooms. It features a sleek 17-inch design and 1500W PTC ceramic heating technology. Its low-noise heating technology helps save energy and money, while also making your home more environmentally friendly. It has a built-in temperature sensor that adjusts its heating modes to match the room’s temperature.

The Dr Zero Space Heater S720 features an adjustable thermostat and three heating modes. It also includes a built-in humidifier. It can warm up to 150 square feet. Moreover, it comes with a convenient timer and remote control. And if you want to turn the heat down after a while, it is easy to do.

Honeywell HHF550BC

Best Fan Forced

The Honeywell HHF550BC Turbo Power Heater features an adjustable-speed fan that circulates heated air throughout the room. It has three heating settings and also features a fan-only mode. Additionally, the unit includes several safety features for added peace of mind. If you’re worried about heating your room too quickly, you can use the fan-only mode to reduce the power consumption.

GiveBest Portable Space Heater

Heats Up Quickly

Despite its diminutive size, the GiveBest Portable Space Heater is very powerful. It can heat up to 200 square feet of space in a matter of seconds. It also runs at a low noise level. In addition, it features a cool air fan, a built-in thermostat and an automatic safety shutoff system.

It’s an ideal choice for use in camping or tents, as well as in construction trailers. It has a tip-over safety mechanism and a remote control. It’s also UL listed.

It’s easy to use. The heater has three heat settings and an adjustable temperature range from 0 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be set on a timer for eight hours. The display provides information about the heater, including the power button and a timer. It has an integrated safety plug, which shuts off the power in half a second when there is a circuit short.

Its flame-resistant outer shell is designed to prevent fires. The heater is also safe for children and pets. It’s a compact, quiet, and lightweight product that measures 6 x 4.8 x 7.87 inches. It weighs only 2.75 pounds.

It’s a great way to heat a small room or patio. The unit is also energy efficient, which helps save money on your bills.

It’s a good buy if you’re looking for a portable, quiet, and efficient way to keep warm. It’s also a good choice if you’re in the market for a space heater with a remote.

TABYIK Portable

Best Portable

The TABYIK portable Space Heater has a number of handy features to keep you and your home toasty warm. The heater’s remote can be used to control it from a distance, and the device’s timer can be set for up to 24 hours. You can set it to run on low mode or high mode, depending on your needs.

The portable heater features a handle design on the back, a reversible heat indicator, and a detachable fence. This allows you to adjust the heat and ensure comfort in different rooms. It also comes with a 90-degree oscillation mode, three temperature settings, and three heat settings, making it a versatile device.

The space heater also comes with an anti-scald net to prevent accidental contact with the heating module. Another great feature is the dual-switch design, which prevents children from operating the heater by accident. The dual-switch feature forces the user to press two buttons simultaneously to turn on and off the heater. This helps protect the environment from the risk of electrocution, as well as harmful vapors.

Vornado AVH10

A stronger, pricier electric heater

The Vornado AVH10 Whole Room Heater features a compact design and silent operation, making it an ideal choice for living and bedroom settings. It uses Vortex technology to circulate air and distribute heat evenly. This whole room heater is also energy efficient. You can install the Vornado AVH10 in your living room or bedroom without disturbing your neighbors.

The Vornado AVH10 is a whole room heater that comes with an auto climate control system that helps you to maintain an ideal temperature. The heater uses special airflow technology and vortex action to sense the exact amount of heat needed and automatically adjusts its temperature and airflow to keep your room comfortable.

The Vornado AVH10 is energy efficient and features an LED screen for easy temperature control. It has two heat settings and a fan only mode for regulating temperature. It also comes with a 5-year guarantee. One drawback of the Vornado AVH10 is its slight noise, which may disturb light sleepers.

The Vornado AVH10 can heat a medium to large room quickly and efficiently. Its vortex technology circulates heat throughout the room, and it is perfect for personal use. Its large, powerful fan provides even, fast heating. Its only drawbacks are its inability to heat a room solely with the fan. Fortunately, it also lacks a numerical readout for temperature control.

Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07

Bess All-in-1

The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 is a space heater designed to warm your home while removing odours and pollutants. It has an advanced HEPA H13 filtration system and intelligent sensing technology to detect airborne particles and gases in real time. It also includes an activated carbon layer to trap odours and gases.

The HP07 has Wi-Fi connectivity and multiple controls. It can be controlled with the remote control unit, the Dyson Link app, or with voice commands. It monitors air quality constantly and adjusts its speed accordingly. Its automatic shutoff feature prevents overheating.

The Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool HP07 space heater is designed with Australian families in mind. It can effectively heat up to 376 square feet and purify up to 871 square feet. It features standard Dyson features, such as 350 degrees of oscillation and a user-friendly sensor display. It is medium in height and has a narrow base.

This space heater is powered by a motor and uses a HEPA filter. This means that it is effective at removing airborne contaminants, such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. It uses HEPA and carbon activated filters to ensure that the air inside your home is clean and safe to breathe. The filter is replaceable, and is included in the purchase.

Another useful feature of the Dyson HP07 is its air quality assessment. It will show the air quality in the room if it is prone to pollution and will adjust accordingly if necessary. It also has a night mode that dims the display and minimizes fan speed.

DeLonghi TRD40615T

The best oil-filled radiator

The DeLonghi TRD40615 Traditonal Radiant Heater has 1500W of heating power, 3 power settings, a timer, and cord storage. It also features handles for easy transport. The new design also has an enlarged battery and radiant surface for better air flow emission and increased chimney effect.

The DeLonghi TRD40615 Radiant Heater is equipped with a thermostat that is easy to use, and the controls are located on the front. The thermostat features three temperature settings and an anti-freeze feature that turns the unit on automatically when the temperature falls below 42 degrees. It also has a cord wraparound front plate and SmartSnap wheels, and you don’t need tools to set it up. The Eco-Plus setting automatically adjusts the power setting to maintain the selected temperature. This feature helps you save 20 to 40% on energy costs over traditional heaters.

This oil-filled electric radiator works to warm a room quickly and efficiently. Its 1500-watt heating power is capable of warming a large room up to 150 sq. ft. It also includes a 24-hour timer so you can program it to operate at specific times.

Another plus of the TRD40615T is its quiet operation. It runs in near silence and has three heat settings. The heating output is moderate, which makes it safe for extended use. While it won’t heat a room completely, it can raise the temperature by up to five degrees in a short period of time.

Vornado HELIX1 Tower Circulator

Even heating from a sleek source

With the Vornado HELIX1 Tower Circulator, you’ll be able to move a large amount of air without oscillation. This type of tower fan features V-Flow Circulation, which eliminates oscillation and produces an even air flow across the entire room. The quiet, continuous air circulation helps to create a comfortable living space for both you and your guests.

This ventilator is small, dark, and comes with 3 speed configurations. It has tactile controls and is easy to use. If you have a question about the product, you can contact Vornado via their live chat, ML, or Post-Venta support. The Vornado HELIX1 comes with a 30-day warranty for defects in manufacturing. However, this warranty does not cover misuse or accidents caused by the user.

The HELIX1 is 10″ tall and 3. 8″ wide. It features an intuitive one touch button for switching speeds. It is designed with a twisted design to create a steady and gentle air flow around you. It is certified for use in the U.S. and is only warranted for that country.

Vornado products are the industry leaders when it comes to air flow technology. The company’s humble beginnings began with an inventor’s vision to improve aircraft design. In the early 1920s, Ralph K. Odor began experimenting with unusual aerodynamics, and his findings helped him boost the efficiency of standard propeller planes. He realized that his findings could also transform the electric fan designs of the time. Sutton helped him refine his ideas and he met with entrepreneur O.A. Sutton, who took Odor’s “air circulator” concept one step further.

Lasko FH500

A powerful tower heater

The Lasko FH500 heat pump offers year-round comfort in all climates. This model features an AutoEco fan and 3-speed heat. The fan speed can be set to high heat or low heat, and the AutoEco thermostat can be set to heat your room with less energy. For optimal comfort year-round, you can set the heat to the desired level.

This unit uses 120 Volt electricity and can draw up to 1500 Watts of power at its maximum setting. It comes with an eight-hour timer. Alternatively, you can also purchase the Lasko T42951 tower fan, which has a 12-hour timer. The Lasko FH500 has a 3-year warranty.

The Lasko FH500 is an energy-efficient hybrid tower heater. It has a compact footprint and a high-reaching tower design. This model also has four quiet fan speeds, three heat settings, and a heater/fan combination mode. The thermostat is controlled via a multi-function digital remote control. A timer and power switches help you control the temperature throughout the day.

Vornado VHEAT Vintage Heater

A stylish and functional space heater

The Vornado VHEAT Vintage Heater is a vintage-style, personal-size heater with a powerful 1,500-watt heating capacity. With a retro-inspired metal housing and a vintage green or off-white finish, this heater delivers soft, comfortable warmth. It also comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.

The heater’s design is flexible enough to fit any decor. Its handles make for safe carrying and provide an added safety feature. The heater also has an adjustable thermostat that lets you choose how warm you want it to be. It works well in any environment and is available in a variety of colors.

This personal heater is not designed to heat large areas, but it can warm surfaces up to 73 degrees in 15 minutes. It uses a thermostat to regulate the heat output and features a manual shutoff feature. Moreover, it resumes heating when the temperature drops. This makes it ideal for offices or homes.

Lasko CD08200 Ceramic

A safe and quick heater for the bathroom

The Lasko CD08200 is a ceramic bathroom heater with a built-in fan to warm your entire bathroom. It features 2 steady-on heat settings and a heat button to provide up to an hour of high heat. The ceramic heater comes with a one-year warranty and is easy to use.

This heater can be found in a variety of colors, with the white one being the most common. The black version is the most expensive model. It is not recommended for households with pets. This model may not be suitable for children or for use in very cold climates. It is best to allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes before starting the troubleshooting guide.

The Lasko CD08200 ceramic heater has a self-regulating ceramic element that quickly heats the intended space. It is an ideal choice for smaller rooms. It also features a cool-touch exterior for safety and an overheat protection system to prevent burns. It can be placed in a bathroom for a quick heating solution.

Lasko Electric Ceramic

A powerful, cheap, reliable space heater

If you want to keep your home warm and cozy, a Lasko Electric Ceramic Space Heater is the perfect solution. It has a patented comfort system and an oscillating ceramic heating element that projects heat around the room. This heater also features overheat protection, an ETL listed power cord, and two different heat settings for your convenience.

Its compact design is ideal for smaller rooms, but it can also heat a large area. This heater is extremely efficient for a study or work space, and it is 40 decibels quiet. It also features an automatic shut-off timer to keep your room at the right temperature. You will enjoy the convenience of a Lasko Electric Ceramic Space Heater at a price you can afford. There are a number of models available, but this one stands out for its value and performance.

The Lasko CD08200 is a small, portable ceramic space heater that’s great for indoor home use. It can heat up a small room, but is most effective for heating 100 square feet. The compact design allows you to keep the device under a desk, and the manual thermostat makes it easy to control the temperature. The heater also has an 8-foot cord and a carry handle for convenience.

The Lasko Electric Ceramic Space Heater is a powerful, economical option that’s available in various sizes. It heats up a room in just two minutes and uses a ceramic heating element to ensure an even heat throughout the space. The unit is also very portable, and has an energy-efficient design that uses electricity efficiently.

Paris Rhone Space Heater Review

A compact, portable heater

PARIS RHONE Space Heater is a compact, portable heater that keeps you warm and comfortable all winter. It has a sleek matte black plastic design with six graceful icons on the side. A built-in handle makes carrying it easy.

The heater is made from advanced PTC ceramic heating, which delivers instant heat. This technology also provides professional-level safety protections.

It features a timer that allows for up to 12 hours of warming time. Also, it has a tip switch to prevent it from overheating. When it reaches the desired temperature, it will automatically shut off.

It is equipped with overheat protection and a fan that keeps you warm. You can set the heater to the desired temperature with the push of a button. The heater can quickly heat up to 70 degrees in just three seconds.

It has a digital display that lets you see the current temperature. It has capacitive controls, which are easier to clean than knobs. In addition, the space heater has a fan mode, which blows air over the ceramic.

The space heater comes with a 6 foot power cord. However, it is not recommended for use in humid indoor locations, such as a bathroom or laundry room.

Great Alternatives

How to Choose the Best Space Heater


If you’re looking for a space heater for your home, there are several factors to consider. Having one of these devices in your home can reduce energy costs. Unfortunately, this type of heating device doesn’t go through the rigorous testing that energy-efficient models go through. That means that space heaters don’t receive Energy Star ratings, but you can still save money by choosing the most energy-efficient models.

Before buying any type of space heater, make sure that it meets safety standards. If it doesn’t have a safety feature, you may want to look for another brand. Fortunately, most newer models have built-in safety features, such as tilt and tip over switches. This can help prevent an overheated product from causing a fire.

While space heaters are an excellent source of supplemental heat, they are also dangerous electrical devices. Choose a model with UL or ETL safety certifications. You also want to look for safety features, such as programmable timers or a thermostat. Always place a space heater on a flat surface, and keep children and pets away.

Energy efficiency

Space heaters are available in different types and models. Each one can provide various levels of heat and are rated according to their energy efficiency. In the United States, space heaters are rated according to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), which is a simple ratio of the amount of fuel used per unit of usable heat. However, this measurement does not take into account the efficiency of other heating systems or the characteristics of a particular building.

There is a need to improve the efficiency of space heaters and water heaters. Energy efficiency is a key factor in meeting environmental goals, and new regulations are introducing steps to promote this. By 2020, the European Commission expects to have improved energy efficiency standards for space heaters and water heaters. These new guidelines will make it possible for space heaters, water heaters and hot water storage tanks to be more environmentally friendly. The new rules will make it possible to recover heat from waste and reduce energy costs. Heat pumps and combined heat and power units will also have to meet minimum energy efficiency standards.

A space heater can be very effective for heating a single room, but they cannot compete with a central furnace. It is therefore essential to choose the right size for the room in which you plan to use it. Moreover, a lower wattage will result in a lower electricity consumption.

Modern space heaters are equipped with an arsenal of features. These range from safety and efficiency to aesthetics. Some space heaters come with a tip-off feature that prevents standing models from tipping over, and a timer to ensure that the heater is only on when it is needed.


Portable space heaters are a great choice for small, chilly rooms. They are small enough to fit on any wall, but powerful enough to provide heat to a single room. Some have adjustable thermostats and multiple heating settings. Most have a built-in fan to help keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

There are some rules to follow when using a portable electric space heater, including the safety of people and property. Portable space heaters should not exceed 212degF (100degC) and should be used only in non-sleeping areas. For added safety, you should check with your local fire inspector to determine if these heaters are allowed in your building.


In the wake of the deadly fire in Bronx, the CPSC has decided to work with the local fire department to ensure the safety of space heaters. The commission’s decision follows previous efforts to improve the safety of space heaters. Since 2010, the CPSC has issued eight space heater recalls. While the investigation into Sunday’s fire is still underway, authorities have said it was likely caused by a faulty electronic space heater.

To avoid fire, you should keep space heaters at least three feet away from any combustible material. Also, keep them away from high-traffic areas, such as doorways. Also, make sure the heater is plugged into a wall outlet. Avoid using extension cords or power strips. Also, never plug in other electrical appliances in the same circuit as the space heater. Lastly, you should place space heaters on flat and level surfaces.

When choosing a space heater, you should look for features such as automatic shut-off to prevent overheating. Also, look for tip-over protection to ensure the heater is not dangerous if it tips over. This is especially important if you have young children or pets in the home. Lastly, make sure the heater has received safety certifications.

If the plug of a space heater is loose or has frayed, it will struggle to turn on or operate. You should also check the power cord for fraying and wear and tear. Electrical cords that are damaged can be a hazard as they can cause shocks. If a young child or an animal accidentally touches an exposed wire, they may get electrocuted.

Always read the directions of the manufacturer. Connect your space heater to an outlet and never plug it into an extension cord. Extending an extension cord will only increase the chances of a fire. Also, never leave a space heater unattended. Make sure you place it away from combustible materials such as furniture or bedding.


There are several types of space heaters available on the market. The best type for bedrooms is the convection model with a fan that has four heating modes and an eco mode to conserve energy. These models can heat 130 to 150 square feet and include an adjustable thermostat and a remote control. They are also portable, so you can move them to different areas of your home.

Another type of space heater is the bladeless version. These models are cheaper than the Dyson and also come with features like a thermostat and a safety switch. Some models also feature an oscillating fan that cools the room when not in use. Some models even have a carry handle so you can easily transport them from room to room.

Some of the most expensive models include a remote control. This helps you control the heat level using a smartphone or tablet. This feature is available on the Lasko 6435 space heater, and in the Dr. Infrared DR-968, you can control the temperature via your smartphone.

Another high-quality space heater is the Lasko AW300. This unit has a more stylish design and a programmable timer. The AW300 also has exclusive heat channels that allow for long-range heat projection. Despite being a little noisy, this heater is a great option if you want to sleep soundly and don’t mind the noise.

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