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June 2022

When deciding which of the many light bars available today, you’ll want to consider the price and durability of each. Here are five of our favorites: the KC HiLiTES C-Series C10, Rigid Industries SR-Series, Baja Designs OnX6, and the Sylvania Ultra 20” LED Spotlight Bar. Read on for more information! What Makes a Good Light Bar?

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Five of the Best Light Bars for Your Car

KC HiLiTES C-Series C10

The KC HiLites C-Series LED Light Bars feature an 8-degree Spot reflector and 90-degree Spread reflector to provide the perfect balance of forward and peripheral illumination. These bars are available in 6″ to 50″ widths, and are suitable for applications such as hoods, grilles, front bumpers, and more. Depending on the application, the C-Series LED Light Bars can deliver up to 27,000 Lumens of illumination.

Designed to maximize visibility, the KC HiLites C-Series C10 LED Light Bars are available in a variety of sizes. From 3.5 inches to 10 inches in length, the C10 has an amber LED light bar with 50,000 hours of lifespan. These lights operate on nine to 32-volt batteries and come with all the necessary wiring and waterproof connectors. KC HiLites offers several warranty options to protect your investment.

Rigid Industries SR-Series

Rigid Industries SR-Series Pro LED Light Bars provide an ultra-low-profile lighting solution with a single row of LEDs. They can be purchased with Specter or Hybrid optics. The LEDs on these light bars provide 111% more raw lumens than conventional lighting solutions. If you need low-profile, programmable lighting, these light bars can help you meet your goals.

The Rigid Industries SR-Series Light Bars measure 1.5″ tall and are made of thermally managed 3w technology with updated versions of the company’s patented Hybrid Optics. The Rigid SR Brand continues the trend of superior illumination and efficiency for demanding applications. The SR Series Light Bar Covers are made from hard polycarbonate plastic and provide superior protection against debris and rocks.

SR-Series PRO LED Light Bars are a great choice if you need low-profile performance LED lighting for your vehicle. These lights are less than 2″ tall and utilize a single row of spot beam LED lights for maximum light projection. These light bars consume minimal power and are extremely low-profile. In addition, they feature new branding and Midnight optics for improved visibility. These light bars are sold with mounting brackets and wiring harnesses.

The SR-Series Pro LED Light Bars provide 111% more raw lumens than standard bars, yet draw just 3.43 Amps, ensuring that they won’t overtax your vehicle’s battery. With single-row LEDs that produce 111% more raw lumens, the SR-Series Pro LED Light Bar will not overload your vehicle’s battery. The Rigid SR-Series Pro LED Light Bar’s single row design with Rigid Midnight Optics makes it a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts.

Baja Designs OnX6

The Baja Designs OnX6 Light Bar combines LED technology and an industry-standard reflector to make it a high-performance addition to your vehicle. Featuring a trademarked High Speed Spot reflector, the OnX6 is guaranteed to cast light farther than any other bar on earth. Its sizing is industry standard, allowing it to fit most aftermarket mounting systems. The OnX6 is also easy to install thanks to its industry-standard sizing.

The OnX6 is 10 inches long and comes with several levels of high-performance lighting. The light bar incorporates MoistureBlock Technology to prevent fogging and a corrosion-resistant 316-grade stainless steel mounting bracket. Its lens/reflector assembly is submersible and waterproof, and its aluminum housing and bezel are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Stainless steel brackets protect the light bar’s electronics and make it suitable for use on boats and motorcycles.

The OnX6 Racer Edition features six,450 lumens per ten-inch section, making it ideal for driving at speeds of up to 110mph. It shines 40% further than the standard OnX6 light bar. For off-road enthusiasts, the OnX6 Arc Series offers the same features as the straight OnX6 bar but with a curved design. The OnX6 Dual Control features a dual power cord, allowing the user to control the power and the brightness of both end and center sections.

The OnX6 Light Bar is made of high-performance LEDs and has a total output of 24,460 lumens. This is the furthest projecting LED Light bar available in the market today. It is also compatible with the majority of aftermarket mounting systems. This means you can mount it on almost any type of vehicle. There are even mounting brackets for your OnX6 Light Bar. When installed properly, the OnX6 LED Light Bar will give your vehicle a great look.

Sylvania Ultra 20” LED Spotlight Bar

The Sylvania Ultra 20” LED spotlight bar has a high-quality, rugged design that is rugged enough to withstand the elements. Its IP67 rating protects the bulbs from moisture and dirt, and its polycarbonate lens is impact-resistant. A deutsch-type connector and pigtail are included for easy installation. The light bar’s durability is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The light bar’s price range is reasonable – between $100 and $500. This price range includes small, compact, and durable LED light bars. The top end product range is $500 and above. There are several types of LED light bars in this range, so it’s wise to compare specs to find the one that’s right for your needs. This product will be a great addition to your home lighting system, especially if you’re a homeowner with limited DIY experience.

The Sylvania Ultra 20” LED light bar boasts 4700 raw lumens, which is a good amount of light for off-road driving. The bar’s diameter is just right and offers an even spread of light. It’s weather-resistant, too, and is compatible with Sylvania lightbars. It also includes a heavy-duty wiring harness with pre-installed relay. It’s also plug-and-play, so it’s easy to install.

A great value for your money, the Sylvania H11 LED fog light uses CrystalClear lens technology and Daylight White light. The result is bright, white light with virtually no wasted light. This light also offers fuel-efficiency and security advantages. It’s a plug-and-play upgrade and installs like a factory bulb. It’s an easy way to replace a halogen bulb. The Sylvania H11 LED fog light can be easily installed into existing headlight sockets and is 100% compatible with traditional-shaped bases. The light bar is easily installed and does not require any adjustments.

Nilight 42Inch 240W LED Light Bar

The Nilight 42Inch 240W LED light bar is an excellent addition to any car. It provides brilliant colors and provides a wide field of view. It has been widely praised for its high performance and friendly customer service. It is one of the most popular products on Amazon, with a 4.5-star rating. It works great for driving and fog light, and is fully waterproof. Its durable construction and IP68 water-resistant material ensure safety and reliability.

The spot and flood beams are highly efficient, providing clear visibility even in dark conditions. High-quality cooling fans and die-casting aluminum housing make heat disappear. Waterproof soft strip, silicone seal, and rubber pad protect the light bar from splashing and water damage. The light bar’s mounting bracket is adjustable and can be used in either front or rear position. The Nilight 42Inch 240W LED Light Bar has an impressive lifespan of over 3 million hours.

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