Fable dinnerware is a premium ceramic collection of dinnerware with stories. The company’s founders, Joe Parenteau and Tina Luu, spent years designing organically shaped dishes for their own kitchen reno. In Portugal, they produce their pieces on-site and have their pieces reviewed for quality before they are sold. The result is a dinnerware collection that’s both practical and beautiful. It’s the perfect way to create a stylish and memorable dining experience.

fable dinnerware

Fable is a Canadian brand that offers minimalist porcelain tableware and stainless steel cutlery. Its designs and styles are West Coast inspired and suitable for a Sunday brunch. The line features subtle lips and noir and semi-matte glazes. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada, and works with two family-run porcelain manufacturers in Portugal. For every piece of tableware purchased, the company donates a portion of the proceeds to a charity, Mealshare.

Fable’s mission is simple and sincere. The company is committed to supporting a global cause through the sale of its products. In 2020, they hope to donate over 20,000 meals to underprivileged youth. Through these purchases, they will be able to support thousands of families across the world. By doing so, they will be putting a positive impact on the lives of those in need, and encouraging more people to do the same.

In addition to making beautiful dinnerware, Fable has many ways to give back to the community. They partner with Mealshare, which means that they will provide over 20,000 meals to youth in need each year. Through this program, they are empowering thousands of families and helping the world become a better place. By doing so, they are also reminding us to give back to the communities we live in. This is one way to spread the word about the importance of giving back to the world.

Fable’s mission is to support a good cause. The brand donates a portion of its profits to charity. The company’s sustainable mission is to help families in need and is dedicated to providing support to these programs. As a result, it’s important to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. For this reason, the Fable tableware is made in the Tagus Valley, Portugal. Its products are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Besides, you can also customize your tableware with any name or initials of your choice.

Fable dinnerware is sustainable, and you can make a difference in your community and the environment by purchasing these items. By giving a little of your money each time you buy dinnerware, you’ll be helping thousands of families in need. Ultimately, the Fable brand’s mission is to help people enjoy life and to make it better. Its products are durable, functional, and beautiful. And, they’re made with love.

You can customize your Fable dinnerware by choosing the colors and designs you want. You can choose to use the colors and patterns that are available. You can even personalize them to make them unique to you. The company’s sustainable mission is not only environmentally responsible, but it also promotes ethical employment practices. So, your Fable dinnerware is eco-friendly. You can choose to use it as a serving piece in your home.

Fable’s artisanal products are handmade by a team of artisans in Portugal. The products are made of sustainable materials, and you can choose to use them at home and in restaurants. The company’s goal is to create items that are both beautiful and functional. Its mission is to empower people to make their homes a happy place. The company’s mission statement is to provide affordable, sustainable dinnerware. Unlike other companies, Fable’s prices are transparent.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Fable’s direct-to-consumer home accessories line offers minimal yet stylish porcelain dinnerware and stainless-steel cutlery. Designed and manufactured in Portugal, Fable dinnerware is eco-friendly and can be used for both upscale dinner parties and casual Sunday breakfasts. The brand’s mission is to provide affordable, high quality tableware and cutlery that will last for generations.

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