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June 2023

The Waterpik is a great way to clean between teeth and beneath the gum line to improve oral hygiene and maintain a healthy smile. Just like an electric toothbrush, it uses a stream of water to clean between your teeth. One tip is placed at a 90-degree angle to clean the gumline. Waterpiks are the same size as countertop versions and use approximately 600 ml of water per use. They don’t require daily access to an electrical outlet.

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Waterpik Aquarius

There are 2 versions of Waterpik Aquarius. The standard version is called the WP-660, and the professional version is called the WP-670. Sometimes, the professional version is referred to as the Designer Series. Whichever version you choose, make sure you read the manual before you buy. We hae reviewed both versions and outlined the differences between them. Read on to learn more about the Waterpik Aquarius.


One of the best features of the Waterpik Aquarius is its massage mode. When in regular mode, the water spurts continuously while in Hydro-Pulse Cleaning mode, the water pauses suddenly and then starts flowing again. The pulsing sensation helps to dislodge food stuck between the teeth and gums. Massage mode is especially helpful for people with gingivitis or other gum conditions. The device comes with two versions: the standard model (WP-660) and the Professional version (WP-670), which is probably the Professional Series.


The Waterpik Aquarius is a water flosser that is easy to use. Simply insert the tip into the Aquarius, lock it completely, and lean over the sink to begin flossing. The device guides water flow in between your teeth and along the gum line. While flossing, keep your mouth open and use the pause button to temporarily stop the flow of water. This feature is especially useful if you are dealing with gingivitis.


The Waterpik Aquarius is a powerful water flosser. It is surprisingly easy to use. Simply insert the tip, lock it securely, and lean over a sink. The waterflow from the device is a guided stream that cleans between teeth and along the gum line. While using the water flosser, keep your mouth open and avoid sucking water in the drain. After cleaning your teeth, rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

The Waterpik Aquarius is one of the most popular dental tools available today, and the Aquarius is no exception. Not only can you improve your oral health, but you can save yourself thousands of dollars on dental procedures. In addition, you can improve the health of your teeth and gums even if you have implants or veneers. At the moment, this water flosser is being sold at a discount for a limited time.

Cleaning instructions

You will find that your Waterpik Aquarius has numerous cleaning modes. You can change these modes by pressing the mode selection button on the device. The regular mode will spurt a continuous stream of water onto your teeth and gums. If you want a more relaxing experience, you can switch to Hydro-Pulse Cleaning Mode by pressing the mode selection button. This mode causes the stream to stop and start rapidly, creating a pulsing sensation on your gums.

Waterpik ION Professional Cordless Water Flosser

The Waterpik ION Professional Cordless Water Flosser delivers maximum cleaning performance. With a 20 ounce capacity, 10 pressure settings and built-in rechargeable battery, the ION is a cordless solution for the bathroom.

The ION is 30% smaller than a traditional countertop model. This allows for a more compact and ergonomic design. It also includes a detachable water reservoir, so you can fill the device with fresh, clean water.

A battery can last up to four weeks. The unit is lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere. Besides being great for travel, the ION is a great option for small spaces.

Unlike most cordless models, the ION has a full-size water tank. It is made from clear plastic and comes with a removable water tank lid.

It has a handle with a nozzle release. There is also a battery inside, so it is easy to carry. You can turn the machine off by pressing the power button.

The ION Cordless Water Flosser features a magnetic 4-hour rapid charging system. This allows you to keep it charged all the time, and it is waterproof.

The ION is available in black or white. It has an overall design that is similar to other models, but it feels different. In addition, it has a unique nozzle that rotates 360 degrees, which helps you to better position the nozzle on your teeth.

The Waterpik ION Professional is a quality product. It comes with a three-year warranty.

Waterpik Cordless Select

The Waterpik Cordless Select is a totally handheld dental tool that comes with interchangeable heads. The tool comes with four different heads for different uses, including an Orthodontic Tip for people with braces, Plaque Seeker Tip for dental implants, and Toothbrush and Tongue Cleaner Tips. With a range of different tips to choose from, it is easy to use and effective for all types of oral care.

Portable design

The portable design of the Waterpik Cordless Advanced is one of the advantages of this brush. It is waterproof and safe to use in the shower. This model also has a smaller water reservoir than the other models. The Waterpik Cordless Advanced can last 45 seconds between refills. The water reservoir holds 7 ounces or 210 mL. This device does need to be refilled every day.

Powerful nozzles

If you’re looking for a water flosser with powerful nozzles, the Waterpik Cordless is an excellent choice. This lightweight device weighs less than a pound and comes with a travel case for the four included tips. It’s also more durable and will not break down on you, unlike some cordless models. According to certified dental surgeon Dr. Greg Grobmyer, this model is the best choice for older individuals and teens with braces.

Easy to use

The Waterpik Cordless is an all-in-one device that makes it very convenient to clean your teeth. The cordless device features a detachable water tank and interchangeable heads. Four tips are included in the box, including the classic nozzle and the Orthodontic tip for use with dental implants. Each tip is designed to tackle a specific task, including teeth brushing and plaque removal.

Wide range of tips

The Waterpik Cordless comes with a large number of flossing tips, including an array of specialty tips. These tips allow the user to change the type of water stream and reach specific areas of the mouth. Each tip is easy to install and remove. The tips slide into the holder, and they click into place when inserted. To release the flosser tip, hold down a release button with one finger and slide it out with the other. According to the manufacturer, the flosser tip can rotate 360 degrees, but there are only 8 positions to control the flow of water.

Rechargeable via USB cable

The Waterpik Cordless is a compact, travel-sized, and rechargeable water flosser. The cordless design makes it a great option for people on a budget or with a small bathroom. The cordless model comes with three tips and two pressure settings. However, people with sensitive gums may want to find an alternative. They also don’t have to worry about having to store the charger, since the Waterpik is powered by AA batteries.

Waterpik Nano Plus Water Flosser

The Waterpik Nano Plus Water Flossant delivers full-size performance in a compact electric design. At only 50% smaller than a full-size model, it is ideal for home use and travel within the US. And with its clinically proven performance, it is simple to use. Read on to find out more about this water flosser and its benefits. And be sure to check out our review of the device before you make your purchase.

Clinically tested

If you’re not a fan of string floss, you may want to invest in a Clinically Tested Waterpik Nano Plus water flosser. Its water-flowing technology removes 99.9% of plaque from between your teeth and along the gumline. It is also a good choice for people who have braces or other dental work, and it’s easy to use. The Waterpik Nano is half the size of previous counter-top Waterpik models, and it’s easy to use and set-up. All you need to do is fill the water reservoir with warm water, and you’re good to go.

There are three pressure settings and 60 seconds of water capacity on this clinically tested water flosser. The Waterpik Nano Plus has a compact design and includes two tips. You can choose between a classic jet tip and a pulsating brush. The Waterpik Nano Plus water flosser also features a quick tip eject button to prevent over-spray.

Compact design

A compact design makes it easy to store and transport, the Waterpik Nano Plus Water Flosser is clinically proven to remove 99.9% of plaque from your teeth. Its dual action pulsations and water pressure make it an ideal dental flosser. Waterpik is the first brand of water flosser to earn the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association, and it is incredibly compact.

The compact design of Waterpik Nano Plus makes it an ideal travel companion. Its inverted reservoir doubles as a protective cap for the base unit. This device also offers three pressure settings ranging from 10 to 80 PSI. It is effective in removing plaque and bacteria, leaving your mouth fresh and healthy. It is also compact enough to fit in small spaces. Its compact design and innovative technology make it an excellent choice for people with small bathrooms or limited space.

Powerful pulsations

The Powerful pulsations of the Waterpik Nano Plus water flosser clean your teeth more thoroughly than ever before. Its 4 models are ideal for varying dental conditions. The ultra-fine, 1800-per-minute water pulses help to remove even smaller particles between teeth and gums. The more powerful 14001800-per-minute pulsations gently massage your gums and stimulate them at the same time.

The lightweight design of the Waterpik Nano Plus is a bonus. It weighs only a pound, and collapses into a convenient travel pouch. String flossing requires more manual dexterity and can be difficult for young children to use. A Waterpik water flosser can make flossing easy and painless, and it only takes a minute per day to clean your teeth.

Easy to use

The compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use Waterpik Nano Plus water flosser has a slick design and has been designed with kids in mind. It features an invertible reservoir that serves as a protective cap for the base unit. Its three pressure settings range from 10 to 80 PSI, which is perfect for cleaning teeth with braces and sensitive gums. Plus, it comes with a premium soft-sided travel case.

The Nano Plus and Ultra Plus water flossers work by filling the reservoir with warm water. The Nano Plus also includes a Plaque Seeker tip, which has soft bristles that clean around braces, crowns, and dental implants. Both models support virtually every Waterpik flossing tip. The Waterpik Nano Plus water flosser has three pressure settings: low, medium, and high. The low and medium pressure settings don’t have enough pressure to clean your teeth effectively. The highest setting is good for deep cleaning.

Waterpik Cordless Advanced

The Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser is a handheld water flosser that is rechargeable and offers three different pressure settings. The highest pressure is 75 PSI, while the more recent countertop Waterpik models achieve 100 PSI. Considering that most consumers will only be using their Waterpik Water Flossers occasionally, 75 PSI should be sufficient for most uses. This model comes with a magnetic charger that can recharge it in approximately 4 hours.


When the Waterpik Cordless Advanced battery runs out before bedtime, it is difficult to go back to using the water flosser. It will charge for four hours and then overcharge. Despite the short charge time, it is possible to use the water flosser for several days. The fast magnetic charger allows you to recharge your Waterpik Cordless Advanced in as little as four hours. The battery can last for about a week. If you plan to use the water flosser for a longer time, you will need to bring a charger with you.


The Waterpik Cordless Advanced features a touchscreen device with a chrome silver teardrop shaped frame and a pressure/mode control button below. It is also equipped with a round, grey power button with a power icon debossed in it. The device comes with three different modes. When selected, the LED below each mode lights up. The cordless Advanced is priced at about $100 less than the Corded Ultra Professional.

Mold issues

You’ve likely noticed a buildup of mold in your Waterpik Cordless Advanced. It’s an unpleasant sight, and can be dangerous to your health. To keep it from happening again, be sure to clean your unit weekly. Use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to get rid of mineral debris, which is a common cause of mold growth. Once a week, use the mold-removing attachment to clean the unit.

The water reservoir on the Waterpik Cordless Advanced is smaller than the one found in the countertop model. It only provides water for 45 seconds of flossing before it needs to be replenished. It holds up to 7 ounces of water, or 210 milliliters. Depending on the model, you might have to refill the tank more than once a day to get the full benefits of the flosser.


The Waterpik Cordless Advanced is the latest generation of the company’s popular electric toothbrush. The device is waterproof and safe for use in the shower. It is also very quiet compared to older models. The Waterpik has a 45-minute water tank, 3 pressure settings, and four flossing tips. However, it is a bit expensive than its predecessor. So, if you are on a budget, the cheaper Waterpik models might be a better option.

Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0

You may be wondering what the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 is and how it compares to the previous version. This article will cover the differences between the two, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll also discuss their price and warranty. Until then, we’ll focus on the benefits. If you’re not sure which one to choose, check out the comparison table below. After reading this, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 vs. previous version

The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 is the second generation of the company’s flossing toothbrush. The device combines a water flosser and a toothbrush in one compact unit. This makes for a highly convenient dental hygiene device that’s easy to use and store. The device comes with a travel case and comes in a standard and professional version. Here’s a comparison of the two.

One of the benefits of the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion 2.0 is that it combines two different products into one, making it ideal for people who are short on time or don’t have the luxury of buying two separate devices. It also has some limitations, however. One of the primary disadvantages of this water flosser is the lack of jet tips, which makes cleaning difficult. Another downside of the Waterpik is its price. It costs more than buying two separate devices.


One of the main benefits of using the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion is that it combines the benefits of flossing and brushing your teeth. Studies have shown that most Americans brush their teeth twice a day, but only one out of three do floss. The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion solves this problem by incorporating a flossing component into the toothbrush head. Pulsating water cleans teeth and dislodges bacteria and food debris. Since this toothbrush has the same head used for brushing, it is easy to clean your teeth in the same way as your regular toothbrush.

While the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion is one of the most effective sonic toothbrushes on the market, it is not without its flaws. While it is a solid toothbrush, some users may not like the lack of gum-specific modes and Bluetooth connectivity. However, this toothbrush is worth a look if you’re interested in a fully automated sonic cleaning system. In addition to flossing, the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion features different cleaning modes, water pressure control, and strain settings.


The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion toothbrush head is made of sonic technology. It does not have an oscillating action, but the device is highly effective at cleaning teeth. The warranty is valid for three years. There are certain conditions and limitations that apply to the warranty, which are detailed below. Waterpik is a trusted brand for its products and stands behind their products with a solid warranty.

The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion is one of the most popular sonic toothbrushes, offering twice the effectiveness of traditional brushing and flossing. Its patented Sonic Fusion technology is backed by the American Dental Association. The device has a three-year warranty and is available in several colors. It is worth considering its price tag and features before buying one. Its warranty may also cover your FSA or HSA, depending on your plan.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra

Philips offers several different models of its Airfloss Ultra oral irrigation device, so we thought we’d take a closer look at this one. This review will discuss its ease of use and safety, as well as its comparison with other oral irrigators. In this review, we’ll also discuss whether the device is worth the price tag and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. After all, you’ll want a product that’s as comfortable to use as possible, right?

Review of Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra

A Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra is a water flosser that squirts water into your mouth and dislodges plaque and food particles from your teeth. The manufacturer, Philips, has been improving lives since 1891, so you can trust that the Airfloss will work as advertised. It is more effective than brushing alone, and it can remove up to 5x more plaque than brushing alone.

There are two versions of the Sonicare Airfloss Ultra. The Ultra has the same features as the Pro, but has a smaller water reservoir. The Airfloss Ultra is the more expensive version, so we will focus on the latter. If you’re not convinced by the Airfloss Ultra, read on to learn more about the Ultra and whether it’s the best choice for you.

Comparison to Oral Irrigators

In a comparison of oral irrigators and dental floss, the latter is clearly superior. While dental floss is not portable, it can remove debris from between teeth. An oral irrigator, on the other hand, has a pulsating stream of water that can help remove plaque and tartar. Ultimately, it is a better option for those who do not like flossing or who find the procedure difficult.

Despite its reputation as an efficient oral hygiene tool, some of these devices may be too expensive for the average household. In addition, many of them require electricity, which makes them less portable. A comparison to oral irrigators should consider the amount of water each unit uses, the price, the size, and the warranty period. The price range for oral irrigators varies widely from around $50 to several hundred dollars.


The Sonicare Airfloss Ultra is one of the most popular water flossers on the market, but what are the risks of using it? The following are some of the problems associated with this electronic device. Although the Sonicare Airfloss Ultra is not a water fountain, it should not be used around water. There is also no water reservoir, so users may need to use a different water source for rinsing after using the device.

The Sonicare Airfloss Ultra is made by Philips. Some products may not come with their original packaging, but if you buy a refurbished Sonicare Airfloss Ultra, it will be fully functional and covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. It works with mouthwash or water to remove 99.9% of plaque in only 60 seconds. To make sure you are getting the best results from the Sonicare Airfloss Ultra, you should clean your teeth at least once a day.

Easy to use

When it comes to oral hygiene, the Sonicare AirFloss Ultra is the perfect choice. This electronic toothbrush combines an air burst with a stream of water for effective, fast results. Its single, double, and triple bursts help remove plaque, food particles, and bacteria from the teeth. You can use the AirFloss Ultra for two to three hours per day, and recharge it through an included electrical outlet. Unlike many other toothbrushes, the Ultra has a battery that lasts for up to two weeks.

The Sonicare AirFloss Ultra is designed to reach the areas between the teeth and the gumline for the most thorough cleaning. It also features a triple burst option that allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas with minimal pressure. In addition, the brush is designed to remove plaque and build better oral hygiene habits. The Sonicare AirFloss Ultra can be used daily or at least twice a week.

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Flosser

The Waterpik Aquarius Flosser has a slim design and can be stored over the sink. It features easy refilling and a holster that only clasps the base of the handle. Like the Waterpik Ultra, it features a mode selector that allows you to select between massage and flossing modes. It also has a power button.

The Aquarius Flosser is compatible with North American voltage. It features 7 specialty tips, including an orthodontic one. The unit has multiple pressure settings and is easy to clean your teeth. It claims that you’ll have healthier gums in just 14 days. Jon is an expert in electric toothbrushes, having tested and reviewed hundreds of models. He has also been involved with several online businesses since the early 2000s.

Among the Aquarius Flosser’s many benefits, it offers convenient water filling, a handy on/off button, and a large mouthpiece. This model’s ergonomics make it easy to hold for prolonged periods. The Waterpik Aquarius Professional comes with a water reservoir, which can be filled with a pitcher or faucet. An LCD display on the back of the unit displays its measurements. Once you have filled the reservoir, you simply press the power button to turn it back on.

The Waterpik Aquarius Professional is the most aesthetically pleasing waterpik. Its sleek design sheds the bulky and plastic look of previous models. It also features a covered tip storage unit. However, it doesn’t come with an LED information panel, a hydro-pulse massage mode, and a water pause button. Despite its price tag, the Aquarius Professional is more than worth the price difference.

Waterpik Express

The Waterpik Express is a handheld irrigation system with a water reservoir and dual pressure controls. The device is designed for users of all experience levels and is suitable for all types of deep cleaning. It is especially good for users of coroas and implants. It is also compatible with the Pik Pocket(r) orthodontica handpiece. The system also comes with three AA batteries. Hence, it is a great choice for people who don’t have enough space for a traditional shower head.

Although the Waterpik Express is not as advanced as its advanced counterpart, it still provides excellent value for money compared to the traditional string floss. Compared to string floss, a Waterpik Express costs less than $100 over three years. It also comes with more features. There are also cheaper alternatives such as the Fairywill brand, which is powered by batteries but doesn’t have the renowned reputation of Waterpik.

This model comes with a water reservoir that allows for up to 90 seconds of flossing. The Waterpik Express can also be recharged using the wall outlet. Moreover, its battery life is higher than that of the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. Furthermore, it comes with eight flossing tips. The battery lasts for 30 days and charges via a USB cord. This water flosser offers an effective solution to cleaning plaque and preventing cavities.

The Waterpik Cordless Express is also a high-quality water flosser. It has one endorsement from Wirecutter. However, it doesn’t rank among the top Dental Flossers this May. It ranks 19th out of 12 products in May 2022. Nevertheless, it is still worth considering if you’re looking for a dental flosser that doesn’t require an outlet. Its cordless model is waterproof and ADA-accepted, so you can use it in the shower without worrying about it being waterlogged.

Great Alternatives

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The Best Waterpiks

Waterpik Ultra

If you’re looking for a countertop waterpik, you should check out the Waterpik Ultra. This unit was released in 2006 and has many useful features. The handle is made of white plastic with blue highlights, and the water reservoir is clear. Waterpik Ultra is one of the most popular models in its price range. You’ll be pleased to know that this waterpik is also very easy to clean and maintain.

This blue device is quite similar to the Aquarius but has more features and tips. It’s quieter, has more tips, and is a bit cheaper. The Waterpik Ultra has a lower cost, but the Aquarius is also cheaper. It offers the same features as the Platinum and Ultra, but with more tips and pressure options. The Ultra is the best waterpik for the price, but you’ll probably find yourself wanting a different color for different massages.

The Waterpik Ultra is a great tool for cleaning your teeth. It uses water pressure to clean hard-to-reach areas. The pressure from the waterpik cleans plaque and food particles, which are major causes of bad breath. It also helps improve oral hygiene by removing 99.9 percent of plaque from the teeth. Its innovative features make it an ideal choice for people who want to improve their oral hygiene.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional

The compact, sleek Waterpik Aquarius Professional is a water flosser that has advanced technology and a modern, contemporary design. The first water flosser to be recognized by the American Dental Association, this innovative tool uses a combination of water pressure and pulsations to clean deep between teeth and below the gum line. As an added bonus, it has a water-resistant bristle head to prevent tangles and irritate gum tissue.

The sleek, modern design of the Waterpik Aquarius Professional is more aesthetically pleasing than any other model. It is cordless and can be stored in a small bag, making it easier to take with you when you’re on the go. Because the Waterpik Aquarius Professional is cordless and is designed for close-to-the-sink use, you can take it wherever you go. If you’d prefer to travel with the product, you can buy the cordless model, which costs $20 less.

The Waterpik Aquarius Professional is a compact water flosser that is conveniently located over a sink for easy access. The unit is easy to refill and comes with a holster, which only clasps the handle at the base, making it easier to put down and take out. The waterpik Aquarius Professional also includes a tongue cleaner and a Waterpik Tip Storage Case with six waterpik tips.

Waterpik Whitening Water Flosser

The Waterpik WhiteningWater Flosser WF-06 is an excellent whitening solution for anyone who wants whiter teeth. With daily insertion of a whitening tablet, this product can restore your teeth’s natural whiteness in four weeks. It removes hard-to-reach stains and can restore your natural whiteness in just 4 weeks. It also uses advanced whitening infuser technology to keep your teeth white and beautiful.

The Waterpik Whitening Flosser uses a patented formula to deliver precision teeth whitening. The formula removes stains between teeth and along the gum line. It also whitens teeth 25% faster than brushing alone. And, the water-based formula is gentle enough to use on sensitive teeth and gums, so it’s not harmful to anyone’s gums.

The Waterpik Whitening Water – Flossing is a simple process, with the Waterpik whitening water flosser WF-06 delivering safe teeth whitening results in as little as four weeks. And the best part is that there are no whitening treatments or harsh chemicals involved – the device uses an infuser and the whitening tablets to remove plaque.

The Waterpik Aquarius is a more expensive version of the original Waterpik Whitening Water – wF-05 and wf-06 models do not have this feature. Waterpik whitening water flossers are usually much more expensive than string floss. However, you can achieve extra value by using several at a time. And Waterpik whitening water flossers are easy to clean.

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