Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone

November 2023

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If you are looking for the best video editing apps for iPhone, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll be looking at iMovie, PowerDirector, and InShot, among many others. These apps are easy to use, but can be frustrating if you want to make an impressive video with only a few clicks. If you haven’t used any of these apps before, don’t worry, we have all been there!

1. Quik

If you’re a fan of GoPro’s action camera line, you’ll love the new Quik video editing app. This free app lets you edit any video or photo, and allows you to add transitions and even a soundtrack. In addition to the ability to create beautiful video, Quik also allows you to post your favorite shots on social media. To make the most out of this free video editing app, check out these tips for creating your next project!

It’s very easy to edit your videos with Quik. Its auto-saves amazing shots and automatically cuts your footage to synchronize with music. The editing tools in this free video app are very powerful and allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and colour to suit your tastes. You can even add stickers and text. The Quik video editing app is available for download from the App Store. With over four million downloads on the App Store, this free video editing app will definitely meet your needs.

Another unique feature of Quik is its ability to create new events. Once you’ve finished editing, click on the Add New Event button and choose content. Then, select the event you’d like to share, and Quik will create a new event based on the selected content. The app automatically converts your new events into highlight videos. You can also turn on Save videos in 1080p HD. This gives you the freedom to share your work on social media, allowing everyone to watch your masterpiece.

The text tool works differently on each platform. In Android, it will automatically insert a new caption, while in iOS, it will replace the caption with the text overlay. You can also adjust the text overlay’s positioning and colour filter. The app also offers a variety of filters, including ones for adjusting the brightness or contrast of the video. If you’re looking for a text or image watermark, Quik offers plenty of features.

2. Final Cut Pro

You’re probably familiar with the Final Cut Pro series of non-linear video editing software. The most recent version is 10.6.3, and it runs on Mac computers running macOS Big Sur 11.5.1. This article will cover some of the features of this program, including the Object Tracker and Compound Clips. But before we get started, let’s review some of its other features. Here, we’ll take a look at color correction and workgroup editing.

Object Tracker

Object Tracker is an added feature of Final Cut Pro. It’s useful for capturing titles, importing graphics, and effects to video clips. You can track these objects by placing them in a region of the timeline. This feature is hidden inside the existing interface elements. Once you’ve placed an object, you can use controls to move or offset it. After you’ve tracked the object, you can adjust its position and rotation in 3D space.

Compound Clips

One useful feature in Final Cut Pro is the ability to nest and group multiple video and audio clips. These clips become a sub-project of the project, with properties that mirror the original project. You can edit, trim, or add effects to them. Here are eight ways to use compound clips. Here are a few tips to make the most of your compound clips. Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of the compound clips in your Final Cut Pro project.

Color correction

The color correction feature in Final Cut Pro is a valuable tool to ensure a consistent look across all your clips. Without proper color correction, your video may end up with too much contrast, a harsh black or white line, or other errors. Fortunately, the software makes colour correction easy, with just one click. Nevertheless, you should still learn more about colour balancing before you can make effective use of the tool.

Workgroup editing

There are many reasons why working in a group can benefit your postproduction. Fortunately, Final Cut Pro makes it easy to share projects and media files across the network. By utilizing the built-in library feature, multiple editors can work on the same project at the same time. Users can also budget real-time effects according to the amount of bandwidth available through a shared Xsan storage pool. However, before you can take advantage of these benefits, you need to set up your shared storage pool.

Xsan support

Xsan support for Final Cut Pro enables you to work on projects and Events stored on a SAN. Xsan is Apple’s storage area network file system, which offers massive amounts of data over high-speed Fibre Channel. It can support up to two petabytes of data, and allows you to quickly search for and select files. It’s especially useful for video and film editing.

iMovie compatibility

If you are considering switching to an advanced editing program like Final Cut Pro, you might be wondering if iMovie is compatible with this version. The two programs are similar but differ in some ways. First of all, FCP makes permanent changes to your media files while iMovie only applies video editing changes to hard drives. The difference is that while iMovie is designed for small projects and basic editing, FCP has access to professional video plugins, including ones from Filmora, Motionvfx, and Shutterstock. Moreover, they both lack share destinations, allowing you to export multiple files simultaneously.

3. LumaFusion


When it comes to editing video on your Mac, LumaFusion is the perfect software for the job. Its multitrack timeline, support for ProRes, and customizable features are sure to impress. But before you decide to spend your hard-earned money on this application, you should know more about how it works. Keep reading to learn more about LumaFusion and the advantages it has over its competitors. And, of course, you should check out our LumaFusion review to find out why we think it’s the best.

The iPhone version of LumaFusion offers a lot of features that desktop users might expect from a video editing app. You can even edit videos on the go with LumaFusion. Its other features include advanced audio and video editing, external monitor support, cut/copy/paste between projects, keyframe audio levels, panning and green screen, video stabilization, and more. However, it lacks many of the advanced features of the desktop version, like iCloud sync.

It offers a multitrack timeline

If you need a way to merge video clips, LumaFusion is the program for you. This software imports media from a variety of sources, including YouTube and Vimeo. You can easily access these files with the use of two buttons on the interface. Drag and drop them to the timeline to begin the editing process. Once you have selected the clips you want to use, you can move them to the desired location.

It supports ProRes

If you use an iOS-based camera, LumaFusion supports ProRes, but not on the system level. But you don’t have to worry; you can still edit ProRes master files with LumaFusion. And because LumaFusion supports ProRes, you can also edit videos in this format on Mac OS X and Windows. The new update is free for existing customers. Here are some of the highlights.

It is customizable

If you want to make the software more useful for you, there are several customization options you can use. One feature is the Ducking panel. This allows you to adjust the levels of the audio automatically whenever your subject is talking. You can enable or disable this feature on the Settings menu, which looks like a question mark inside a gear. After making these settings, you can start using LumaFusion for video editing. To see which customization options you can use, download LumaFusion for free.

It is easy to use

The interface of LumaFusion is simple yet sophisticated, offering advanced features hidden until you need them. The interface is uncluttered and allows for editing both raw footage and tightly edited sequences. Depending on your workflow, you can change the workspace by clicking on the Photo icon, which is located in the top left corner of the interface. Using the Photo icon, you can access all your media sources and switch to another source, if necessary.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

Before you invest in Adobe Premiere Rush for Video, you should read through this article on the features of this software. It will also explain how to use the software and give you some alternative options. Afterwards, you can decide if it is the best option for you. You can also download the trial version to see if it meets your needs. Weigh the pros and cons of Rush to decide whether it is worth the cost.


The creative features of Adobe Premiere Rush for Video make it a powerful tool for content creators. It has an intuitive and simple user interface, and features motion graphics and audio outputs that make it easy to use. Inbuilt templates make it easy to add polished titles and audio tracks, as well as facilitate seamless colour outputs. Moreover, Adobe Premiere Rush is cross-platform and compatible with Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.

For mobile users, the program supports the Samsung Note 20/20+ and iOS devices. The program has the same functionality on both platforms, but certain features were rearranged for mobile devices. For desktop users, the program offers cloud sync, which allows users to edit their projects on the desktop without transferring their mobile files. Moreover, the app supports the Adobe Cloud saving format, which gives users access to 100 GB of cloud storage.


Adobe Premiere Rush is an all-in-one video editing app that comes with features like cross-platform compatibility and customizable motion graphics templates. With the addition of Adobe Stock, you can also access over 10,000 free Stock videos. You can even publish your video to YouTube, Facebook, and other websites. You can also share your finished project with friends and family. This program is also available for free and has no restrictions on where you can use it.

The features and price of Adobe Premiere Rush for Video are similar to those of its main rival, Adobe’s premier video editing application. Its interface is not designed like an airplane control panel, but is simpler to navigate. Other features include Auto Duck audio, which automatically lowers the sound of a selected audio clip when background noises are present. The app also comes with preset color grading presets, which you can apply to any video clip for a particular effect.

How to use

When you first start using Rush, you will need to import video assets into your project. To do this, create a new project and navigate to the folder where you’ve stored the files. Next, click on the files to add them to your current project. You’ll then be presented with a list of options. Once you’ve made your selections, you can click “OK.”

Once you’ve imported your video and audio files into Adobe Premiere Rush, you’ll want to choose the order in which they’re displayed. Next, determine which aspect ratio works best for your project. You’ll have three different options available. You can use two fingers to adjust the size of your video clips in Rush. Then, you can share it with friends. Depending on what type of video you’ve created, you can choose from a wide range of export options.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use video editing software for your iPhone or iPad, consider Adobe Premiere Rush. With its intuitive tools and built-in tutorials, this program will get you started quickly and easily editing your video projects. It also features a powerful toolbox of video editing options and a cloud-based storage solution for your project files. Although Adobe Premiere Rush isn’t free, it’s certainly worth a look, especially if you’re looking for something that is more powerful than the standard app.

While Adobe’s latest video editing software promises to be the best, it has been met with mostly lukewarm reviews. Some users complain about its basic editing tools and its price. Many others complain about the slow rendering speed and general instability of the software, setting their projects back hours. In addition to these shortcomings, users have complained about Adobe Rush’s lack of support for ProRes RAW, which means that it won’t support your video format.

5. iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s latest video editing app, and it focuses on making the editing process easier for new content creators. Storyboards provide a suggested shot list for most common video types, and you can easily rearrange them. You can also add or remove shots, as well as add text overlays and filters. As you continue to learn iMovie, you’ll soon find that it’s a great choice for creating your own movies.

iMovie is one of the most popular video editing apps for Apple users, and it has numerous features that can help you create high-quality videos. You can add as many as four audio tracks to your project, and you can edit the speed of your movie. Moreover, it can even export videos in 4K resolution. With the help of iMovie, you can share your finished videos on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Apple’s iMovie video editing app has been updated to version 10.1.9 for the Mac. The new version includes some bug fixes and design tweaks, but it’s mostly focused on enhancing the experience for users. Among the new features in iMovie is the ability to select multiple videos or photos simultaneously. This allows you to begin your project much faster than ever before. The updated version also adds the ability to edit a single photo at a time.

The app supports recording voice over for your videos, but you can’t do so while other layers are playing. In addition, you can only use the app’s free version to edit your video, so you won’t be able to record sound or remove ads. If you’re looking for an advanced video editing app, you can buy the paid version from Apple. You’ll be pleased to know that this app is free for beginners.

6. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is like an advanced version of iMovie. This app also provides basic video editing tools but comes with more manual options that let you control how your video is recorded.

The most exciting feature available with Filmmaker Pro is the ability to easily swap out any green screen background with only a few taps. This video editing app also allows you to adjust the color gradient, white balance, and saturation. Complete with 30 options for filters and transitions this app comes with enough tools to keep you entertained for quite a while.

Filmmaker Pro is a good option for intermediate video creators whose skills have outgrown iMovie. You can download this app for free in the Apple Store but in-app purchases are required to access advanced tools.

7. Splice

Splice is a video editing app for the iPhone that allows you to create and edit customized videos. You can add slow motion effects, overlay multiple clips, and adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, and playback speed. You can even add voiceovers or background music to your videos. It is also available on the desktop version of the app. If you’re not sure if Splice is the app for you, try downloading the free trial to find out for yourself.

Splice is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface and tons of royalty-free music to choose from. You can also add sound effects and upload your finished video to media sites. Splice can also occasionally crash if you’re handling very large videos, but it is very simple to use and comes with a wealth of music and effects to choose from. You can use Splice to add voiceovers and other effects to your video, or you can add subtitles and music.

One fun way to change scenes is the paper transition. You’ll need a printer to achieve this effect. In the first scene, shoot yourself waving in front of a wall, while the next scene features the person holding the paper. Print out a screenshot of the final frame. To import two videos into Splice, make sure you have a slow motion video and a high-resolution video. This way, you can apply the ken burns effect, or make other transitions between your clips.

After creating your video, Splice will allow you to edit it and add subtitles. After choosing the titles, you can choose to remove the background or add your own. You can also add voice recordings or background music. You can adjust the volume, as well. Splice also lets you add image overlays. Besides adding subtitles, Splice also enables you to add music, add background images, and adjust volume.

8. InShot

InShot is a simple video editing app for iPhone that lets you create videos, edit photos, and create collages. It is easy to use and provides a variety of filters and stickers to make your video look its best. InShot also has video speed increases, flipping, and rotation options. The app also allows you to add stickers to your video, which you can animate if you wish. The app’s video editor allows you to edit your videos quickly and efficiently, and you can also use collages to showcase your work.

To add sound to a video, you can tap on the Music tool in the toolbar, then select the option you want in the Tracks or Effects menu. The Audio tool can be used to record audio, or you can select an existing song from your iPod’s library. Once you have selected a track, you can add text, stickers, or other elements to the video. You can export your finished video to YouTube, Dropbox, and other platforms, and even email it to a friend.

InShot has a text tool to add captions and titles to your video. It also includes an option to insert custom music and add transition effects. InShot also supports subtitles, animated stickers, and custom images. It also supports the editing of multiple videos with multiple tracks. It also supports subtitles and is compatible with iOS devices. The app also allows you to edit the duration of each text track. The app also includes a search function for music.

This video editing app for iPhone has many advantages, but it is not free. The free version allows you to download videos with a watermark. The paid version has a variety of features, and you can even purchase extra content to enhance your videos. InShot also offers in-app purchases. If you want professional-grade video editing features, you can download the Pro Edition for $4.99 per month. This app is a good choice if you want a lot of options and flexibility.

9. PowerDirector

If you’re an avid amateur filmmaker or a casual photographer, the PowerDirector video editing app for iPhone might be the perfect app for you. It combines the ease of use of iMovie with the immediacy of social media. The app also supports music, effects, and transitions, making it the ultimate all-in-one video editor. For a full-featured version of the app, upgrade to its premium version with an in-app purchase.

While the free version offers a limited number of features, the premium version allows users to unlock exclusive content, remove ads, and use unlimited stock assets. PowerDirector also has some drawbacks, like difficulty sorting the gallery, the inability to add subtitles, and the occasional bug. Nevertheless, users are happy with the quality of the video editing app, and we highly recommend it. However, it is important to note that the paid version allows users to export 4K videos and remove advertisements.

For those who don’t have professional editing experience, the free version is also a solid option. This video editing app allows you to create and edit 4K HD videos and 8K footage from professional cameras. The program supports audio processing and color adjustment, and even includes 360-degree video support. It supports a variety of file formats, including MP3, MPG, and H.264. It’s easy to use, even for people without experience.

Despite its limited functionality, PowerDirector’s intuitive interface makes it an excellent choice for iPhone users. This app includes a library of high-quality music and is compatible with iMovie and other editing apps. In addition to the features of PowerDirector, it is free, so you won’t have to worry about in-app ads or upgrade. It features a video preview and a timeline for adding and trimming clips. It also supports subtitles and titles.

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