Picking the Best Squeegee For Your Shower

April 2024

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When it comes to picking the best squeegee for your shower, there are many factors to take into consideration. Some of the most important factors are the size of the blade, whether the blade is made of silicone rubber or not, and the price of the squeegee.

GÜTEWERK Shower Squeegee

The GUTEWERK shower squeegee is an innovative product designed to deliver the best shower experience in the cleanest and tidiest way possible. It has a unique chrome-colored stainless steel hook to affix to any smooth surface. In addition, the squeegee is also made of a durable, flexible silicone material that provides a soft, squeaky, yet effective cleaning stroke.

In addition to the usual water-based soaps and scrubbers, a squeegee is ideal for cleaning tiled surfaces. It makes a smooth, streak-free clean and is a great way to avoid soap scum. You can attach the squeegee to the wall for a clean look that is safe and easy to maintain.

One of the most important functions of a squeegee is to keep the water from building up and forming a mold. This is particularly true for the glass in your bathroom, which is prone to stains due to hard water. A squeegee is the answer to your prayers and saves you from a lot of time and hassle. Moreover, the squeegee is a smart device to have on hand. Unlike cloths, a squeegee does not leave marks or scratches, making it the ideal tool for a shower.

AmazerBath Shower Squeegee

Water spots and soap scum, begone. With its long, easy-to-grip handle (6.4 inches, compared to 5.5 inches for similar products), AmazerBath’s affordable squeegee doesn’t skimp on design. The handle is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, and the blade is manufactured from soft and flexible silicone, offering a streak-free, squeak-free cleanup experience.

This squeegee is safe to use on almost any surface, from tile and shower doors to mirrors, windows, car windshields, countertops, and more. Adhesive hooks are included for super-easy installation. Simply tear off the adhesive backing and press the hook firmly to a clean, dry, smooth wall surface.

Product Specs

  • Blade Width: 14 inches
  • Handle: Extra-long
  • Storage: Adhesive hook


  • Extended handle makes cleaning easy
  • Replaceable blade
  • Multiple colors available


  • Metal parts can scratch

FOSHIO Squeegee

This pint-size squeegee provides full-size results. Well designed, with a sturdy beveled rubber blade, Foshio’s portable shower squeegee also features a nonslip screw-in handle. Unlike softer silicone blades, Foshio’s blade is rigid and easily cleans glass and other polished surfaces. Note that the blade may be too hard for delicate surfaces, so it might not be the best bet for use on automotive finishes and hand-painted tile.

Foshio is a great choice for road trips, RVs, and keeping excess water off kitchen counters, mirrors, tub walls, and more. Because of its brightly colored blades, this squeegee is a fun choice for kids.

Product Specs

  • Blade Width: 13 centimeters
  • Handle: Regular
  • Storage: None


  • Thick durable blade
  • Blade is replaceable
  • Compact design


  • Short blade width

DSV Standard Professional All-Purpose Window Squeegee for Car

There’s a reason that gas stations prefer dual-sided squeegees; you can scrape wetness and gunk off your windshield and then use the other side to dry the glass surface for a perfect, spotless shine. To achieve the same spotlessness at home, try DSV’s professional all-purpose window squeegee. With an 8-inch soft rubber blade on one side and a nylon-netted sponge on the other, your shower (and other hard surfaces) will be clean and dry in no time.

The handle also telescopes, making it easy to access hard-to-reach spots without a step stool. Great for larger showers, poolside cabanas, and bathing areas with lots of hard surfaces to keep clean and dry, you can also use the DSV in kitchens, for window washing, and to clean your car, of course.

Product Specs

  • Blade Width: 8 inches
  • Handle: Telescoping
  • Storage: Hanging hole


  • Rotating head
  • Double-sided design
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ideal for washing then drying


  • Sponge can smell if left wet

RICHMIRTH Silicone Rubber Blade & Hook Shower Window Squeegee

For porcelain and ceramic tile, you want a squeegee blade with an ultra-close yet gentle touch. Richmirth’s 100 percent BPA-free, silicone-based squeegee glides smoothly over tile without a hitch and can clean an entire shower wall in just four swipes. The rubberized blade is flexible, which means it can handle rippled surfaces and grout lines with ease.

Unlike stainless steel –handled squeegees, this one won’t damage tile, wood flooring, or tub surfaces if it is dropped. Richmirth’s squeegee also performs well in extreme weather conditions. Add it to your car kit to remove excess moisture from the windshield on chilly winter days. Its silicone hook fits snugly over shower doors that are from 0.45 to 1 inch thick.

Product Specs

  • Blade Width: 9 inches
  • Handle: Regular
  • Storage: Hook


  • Won’t damage anything if it falls
  • No cracks to collect dirt
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Non-scratch materials


  • Handle is quite short

Great Alternatives

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Shower Squeegee

If you’re in the market for a new shower squeegee, there are a number of factors you should consider before making a purchase. These include the size of the squeegee, the type of blade, whether the handle can be attached to the squeegee, and the intended use of the squeegee.

Intended Use and Versatility

If you’re looking for an affordable cleaning solution, a shower squeegee is a great choice. It will help clear stains from your shower, windows, garden or car windows, and prevent mildew and mold. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose one that works best for your needs.

The squeegee has a 6.4 inch long handle, which is made of rust-free stainless steel. Despite the handle’s long length, you don’t have to worry about it becoming uncomfortable to hold. Some brands also have cushioned handles, which are a nice feature.

Many of these shower squeegees have suction hooks that allow you to attach them to your shower neck or wall. They require moistening the surface before use, but they’re easy to install.

A squeegee can help you remove soap scum and hard water stains. If you don’t have a squeegee, you’ll likely end up with a streaky and dirty shower. Also, you can prevent soap scum from sticking to your bathroom tiles and make your shower easier to clean.

Handle and Blade Type

When buying a squeegee, it’s important to understand the different types of handles and blades. The best type of squeegee will help you maintain a streak-free shower. It will also reduce the likelihood of mildew and mold.

You can use a squeegee to clean a variety of surfaces, from shower walls to car windows. It will remove soap scum and watermarks from glass, and it can stop white calcium deposits from building up on the surface of your glass.

Squeegees can be made from plastic, silicone, or metal. They come with detachable or hanging handles. Some handle designs are ergonomic, while others have cushioned grips that make them more comfortable to hold.

Handles and blades made from plastic or silicone tend to wear out faster than those with stainless steel. However, they are less expensive.

If you have a lot of water and grime on your shower glass, you may want to get a squeegee with a flexible blade. It will help you cover a larger area with fewer passes.

Size and Weight

The best shower squeegee should be sturdy enough to provide firm contact, and light enough to hold without straining. It should also be a good size to clean a wide variety of surfaces. A squeegee can also be used to clear buildup from a shower door, tabletops, countertops, and windows.

In addition to its durable construction, the Umbra Buddy Squeegee offers anti-rust technology and streak-free flexible silicone blade. This squeegee is an excellent addition to your bathroom.

Choosing the right squeegee can be an easy task. There are several options available, from traditional metal models to more versatile plastic models. Some models are designed to clean tiled surfaces while others are intended for use on glass shower doors.

Generally, the best squeegees will be made from materials such as stainless steel, rubber, and silicone. These types of squeegees are resistant to rust and will not slide or bend, making them ideal for a wide range of surfaces.

Mounting Type

One of the most important things you need to look for when buying a squeegee is the mounting type. The type of mounting will vary depending on your needs, but generally, you want to find one that is lightweight and easy to use.

Most shower squeegees come with a hook that can be used to hang the squeegee on a shower or stall door. This will allow you to clean your surfaces faster. They are also designed with a rubber layer to keep them from scratching and slipping.

A suction cup mount is another option. Suction cups work well to hold a squeegee to a glass, tile, or other smooth surface. However, these can lose grip over time and require constant moisturizing to maintain the squeegee’s grip.

Another great option for your squeegee is a silicone blade. These can help you remove soap scum, limescale, and foam from your surface. Silicone squeegees are also safe to use on tiled or wooden surfaces.

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