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April 2024

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If you’re looking for the best sprinkler timer for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are the best sprinkler timers to choose from. Read on to learn which one is the right fit for your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for an automatic timer that can control up to six zones or want to save water and money, this article will help you decide which sprinkler timer is right for you.

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Orbit 57900 Sprinkler System Timer

When comparing the different types of Sprinkler System Timers, you must take into account the features, apps, and price. If you want to buy the right one for your home, you must first know what to look for in a timer. Below we have outlined the main features and benefits of each one. We also talk about installation and cost. Once you have the right timer for your system, you can enjoy its benefits.


The Orbit 57900 Sprinkler System TimeR offers three independent programming modes and can control up to twelve stations, ranging from single zone to an entire landscape. The device’s weather-proof cabinet and LCD display make it easy to use indoors or outdoors. And the device’s lockable cabinet means that you can use it to set watering schedules, but also keep track of your irrigation needs.

This timer comes with built-in surge protection and a backup battery. This means it won’t automatically start and stop if a power outage occurs. This model also features an oversized LCD display for easy monitoring. It has preset intervals of one minute to four hours, and is suitable for various lawn sizes. To learn more about the features of this sprinkler system timer, take a look at its features and specifications.


The Orbit 57900 Sprinkler System Time r can connect to an Alexa device and is compatible with both iOS and Android os. Its B-hyve app provides a wealth of control options. In addition, it supports voice commands and works with your home Wi-Fi network. It can also monitor your sprinkler system and provide local weather data, allowing you to optimize water use. It can be installed in a lockable cabinet.

With a built-in transformer and a weatherproof cabinet, this Sprinkler System Timer from Orbit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with plug-and-play installation, and has an easy-to-use LCD digital display. It also supports a rain sensor, allowing you to set the appropriate watering schedule for your yard. Using this timer also means that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to water your garden.


If you’re interested in installing a sprinkler system timer, you may be wondering what the cost of an Orbit 57900 is. The Orbit 57900 is designed with a 12-station swing door timer that is weatherproof. This timer features an internal transformer, so it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Another benefit of the timer is its wireless remote, which makes it easy to adjust sprinkler heads and perform repairs.

The Orbit 57900 sprinkler system timer features easy-set logic, which allows you to set a customized watering schedule. Its weatherproof cabinet and internal transformer make installation easy. It also has an easy-to-read LCD display and dial. The timer is compatible with a rain sensor. For added convenience, the Orbit 57900 sprinkler system timer can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


The Orbit 57900 Sprinkler System Time R provides homeowners with the flexibility of customizing the watering schedule of their landscape. Its weatherproof cabinet and internal transformer allow for an easy, plug-and-play installation indoors or outdoors. With its dial and LCD display, the Orbit 57900 Sprinkler System Time R is easy to read. It is compatible with rain sensors. Once installed, the timer provides precise, reliable irrigation.

The Orbit 57900 sprinkler system timer comes with an easy-to-follow guide to help with installation. Users don’t need to be a professional to install this timer, but they should be familiar with the basics. The timer has an easy-to-read display and rotating wheel. The raised rubber buttons are comfortable to press, and if the timer does not work, it is possible to override it manually by pressing a button on the timer.

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INNOLAND 2-Outlet Digital Sprinkler Timer

The INNOLAND 2-Outlet Digital Sprinkler Timers offer a lot of conveniences and benefits to any homeowner. This handy piece of equipment allows you to set a variety of times and settings. It also features a rain delay feature, which helps you save water. The timer has two different time modes – silent and ring. The latter mode is useful if you want to save energy by not ringing during the scheduled time. The timer is powered by two AAAA batteries and comes with a user manual.

The main reason why people choose to purchase an INNOLAND 2-Outlet Digital Sprinkler Timers is the fact that these devices are easy to program. You can set a start time, duration, and frequency for each sprinkler. After setting it, the device will run on its schedule. The LCD screen on the device is large enough to display most of the information that you need to know about its operation.

The Innoland 2-Outlet Digital Sprinkler Timer is an excellent irrigation tool that helps you water your lawn and garden at the right time. The timer is made of sturdy IP65 waterproof materials and comes with a waterproof battery cover to protect your batteries. The 2.5″ LCD screen makes setting up easy, and the timer requires 2 AA alkaline batteries. This irrigation device is also easy to install and requires no tools.

The INNOLAND 2-Outlet Digital Sprinkler Watering allows you to water two separate zones from a single faucet. You can choose between day and hours modes to meet your daily watering needs. The rain delay feature is great for conserving water. Manual watering is also available for zones R and L or both. You can set the timer to water your lawn from one minute to eight hours.

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Rachio 3

The Rachio 3 sprinkler timer is an electronic controller for automatic watering. This device looks similar to its second-generation sibling. Its white case is adorned with a blue LED light strip. The face of the controller has a button that allows you to manually water certain zones of your lawn. A light bar on the top cover indicates which zone is being watered. A blinking LED indicates system and connectivity errors.

Premium Weather Intelligence Plus technology allows you to customize watering schedules based on local weather conditions. It pulls weather data from satellites, radar sources, and 300,000 weather stations. The controller also includes a dual-band Wi-Fi radio, which allows it to connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks. Besides being a convenient sprinkler timer, the Rachio 3 also has many smart home and business integrations, allowing it to integrate with other smart home and garden devices.

The Rachio 3 sprinkler timer supports both Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands. It has its own IFTTT channel that you can use to trigger other smart home devices. The device also works with popular smart home platforms like Nest, SmartThings, and Wink. But it has fewer features than the Rachio 3. If you’re looking for a sprinkler timer that will work with a variety of smart home devices, consider the Orbit B-Hyve 12-Station Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Timer.

A few downsides to the Rachio 3 include its limited wireless range, lack of auto-detection, and lack of zone flow. Another downside is the nag ads for Thrive yard-care services. However, this minor setback is balanced out by the benefits. Whether you choose to use the Rachio 3 or not, you’ll find it a worthwhile investment. Just remember that it is still a good choice for many people.

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Netro Spark

Netro’s Spark smart sprinkler timer is a water-smart, Wi-Fi-compatible, and WaterSense-certified irrigation controller. It has 16 zones and can be used for both indoor and outdoor watering. It has the ability to specify plant types and is compatible with Google Home and Alexa. But it’s missing some important features. While its Wi-Fi connectivity makes it ideal for people with multiple zones, the Wi-Fi timer doesn’t support wired sensors. The only way to control the sprinklers is through a Wi-Fi connection, which isn’t compatible with most sprinkler systems. In addition, Netro doesn’t offer notifications or any on-device controls, so you can’t select a weather station to control the sprinklers.

The Netro Sprite doesn’t include any on-unit manual controls. It relies on voice control and an app to adjust its settings. While these are convenient features, they don’t do much to prevent leaks, which are often unavoidable. If you’re not comfortable with voice controls, you can also use the manual control. However, this feature isn’t as convenient as the app-based features.

Smart sprinkler timers are an investment, and upgrading the system can be expensive. But, smart technology companies often offer rebates. Ecobee, Philips Hue, and Rachio have all offered rebates. Netro doesn’t, though, provide any rebates. However, some rebates may be available to Netro customers. Therefore, if you plan to purchase one of these smart sprinkler timers, you should check out other manufacturers first.

The Netro Spark is the next generation watering controller. With a unique folding design, a new processor, and faster WiFi communication, it is one of the most advanced irrigation timers available today. It even prevents runoffs, breaks long watering cycles into smaller ones, and helps you stay within your water budget. Plus, it is EPA WaterSense-certified. Its smart-devices can also be synchronized with Google Assistant, and even generate IFTTT applets, which help you monitor the quality of your sprinkler system.

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Rain-Bird ESPME3

The Rain-Bird Controller Indoor Outdoor Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Timer ESPME3 is an excellent tool for maintaining an efficient and effective lawn irrigation system. The product is easy to install, set up and use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to program and operate. Its features, such as the ability to control up to 22 zones, offer flexible and customizable irrigation scheduling, allowing for the irrigation of large landscapes.

In terms of performance, the Rain-Bird Controller Indoor Outdoor Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Timer ESPME3 has various features that measure up to its competitors. Its waterproof construction enables it to be used outdoors, and its weather sensors ensure that it only irrigates when necessary, saving water and energy. The product also has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off the water supply when the system detects a leak or malfunction.

What sets this product apart from its competitors is its comprehensive programming capabilities. The controller provides various scheduling options, including days of the week, interval scheduling, and the ability to prioritize zones. The product also has an advanced feature that allows for remote monitoring and control through a smartphone app, providing convenience and flexibility.

Comparable products to consider include the Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Controller, the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, and the Hunter Industries PRO-HC Sprinkler Controller. Each of these products has unique features that may be better suited for specific uses or circumstances.

The benefits of the Rain-Bird Controller Indoor Outdoor Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Timer ESPME3 are many. It saves water, energy, and money by only irrigating when necessary. It is also durable and long-lasting due to its waterproof construction. The remote monitoring and control feature through a smartphone app provides flexibility and convenience.

One drawback of the product is that it requires a professional installation, which may add to the overall cost. However, this is a minor issue given the long-term benefits of the product.

Compared to previous models, the Rain-Bird Controller Indoor Outdoor Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Timer ESPME3 has improved features that provide greater efficiency and flexibility. The product has evolved to include a smartphone app that enables remote monitoring and control and weather sensors that ensure that the irrigation system only operates when necessary.

The key decision-making factors for lawn irrigation system controllers are efficiency, flexibility, durability, and ease of use. The Rain-Bird Controller Indoor Outdoor Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Timer ESPME3 performs well in all these areas, making it a top choice for homeowners and landscapers.

In terms of design choices, the Rain-Bird Controller Indoor Outdoor Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Timer ESPME3 is waterproof, ensuring that it can be used outdoors. The weather sensors ensure that it only irrigates when necessary, saving water and energy. The product’s intuitive interface and advanced features provide flexibility and ease of use.

In conclusion, the Rain-Bird Controller Indoor Outdoor Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Timer ESPME3 is a reliable and efficient product that offers customizable and comprehensive programming capabilities. Its advanced features, such as remote monitoring and control through a smartphone app, set it apart from its competitors. While it may require a professional installation, the long-term benefits of the product make it a worthwhile investment for any lawn irrigation

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Melnor 65034 Water Timer

The Melnor 65034 is a water timer that automatically delays watering based on soil moisture. This device allows you to schedule watering on your phone, tablet, or PC. It has two different modes: automatic and manual. The automatic mode lets you set the timer to water when it is dry and the manual mode lets you program when you want to water your plants. This water timer is also an excellent water conserver.

Watering schedules can be programmed from a phone, tablet, or PC

If you want to automate your watering activities, a water timer is necessary. Melnor’s water timers automatically water your plants at scheduled times. Some of them have Rain Delay and can be programmed to water multiple zones. You can also set up multiple timer zones and programme them separately to water different parts of your lawn or garden.

The Melnor BT App makes it easy to set watering schedules with your phone or tablet. You can also pause and resume a watering cycle if it is delayed by rain. The app also lets you view the timer’s watering schedule and current watering. It even offers manual watering mode. Once you set a schedule, you’ll never have to worry about a forgotten watering again.

Monitors soil moisture

A Melnor 65034 soil moisture monitoring instrument provides continuous information on moisture levels in agricultural fields. Its accuracy provides insights into weather and drought conditions, agricultural monitoring, and wildfire risk assessment. Currently, the United States lacks a coordinated system for monitoring soil moisture, leading to an uneven distribution of in situ monitoring sites, and multiple datasets that are not comparable or standardized. This lack of coordination leads to confusion and a lack of clarity in the direction of investment.

It is compatible with select Melnor HydroLogic water timers and comes with a seven-year limited warranty. The hydrologic soil moisture sensor allows homeowners to maintain healthy growth without risking over-watering. This product is available for purchase on, and the manufacturer offers customer service and support. Read customer reviews of this water sensor to determine if it is right for your home. The best part? It is compatible with most popular water timers.

The Melnor 65034 water timer has advanced features to automate the process of watering your lawn and garden. You can set the timer to water various zones of your garden or lawn and choose the time you want to water each zone. This device can also be programmed to water different plants, depending on their watering needs. These timers are easy to install and programmed.

You can control the timer through your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The device is able to detect the amount of moisture in the soil and delay the watering. These water timers also come with different zones to accommodate varying amounts of watering. The range of the device is 200 feet. The timer can water plants, lawns, or gardens for 15 minutes, an hour, or two hours. The timers can also be programmed to automatically stop watering if rain is forecasted.

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How to Choose the Best Sprinkler Timers

There are many different types of sprinkler timers available in the market today. You can find programmable electronic timers that display their settings on the front screen. They automatically start water flow when they are set to, eliminating the need for manual watering. These timers are leak-proof and come with metal swivel couplings. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before purchasing one.

Smart sprinkler controllers

Smart sprinkler timer controllers have many benefits, and one of them is voice control. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home both offer voice control for some smart sprinklers, making them more convenient than ever. Rachio works with Alexa, and Orbit Sprinklers work with Google Home and Google Assistant. The Rachio and Orbit sprinklers are also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. If you want to learn more about these smart sprinklers, read on.

A smart sprinkler controller is an automatic irrigation system component that adjusts its watering schedule to the landscape’s needs. They use weather data from local weather stations to adjust the timing of the watering schedule, based on rainfall and temperature data. The smart controller is like a thermostat for your sprinkler system. This allows you to save money on your water bill while still taking care of your landscape. Smart controllers are also easy to install and operate.

To install a smart sprinkler timer controller, first find one that can connect to your home’s WiFi and Bluetooth. Make sure the device is waterproof, and that it will work with your favorite home assistant. These smart sprinkler controllers range in price from $100 to $300. You can get a 16-zone model for around $241, while the eight-zone Rachio costs $180. Smart sprinkler timer controllers may be worth the additional cost if you want to control the irrigation for a wider area.

The cost of smart controllers varies, with standalone systems costing $50 to $300. They can also be purchased as add-on devices for a standard clock controller. Smart controllers can help you save money on your water bill and help regional water conservation efforts. Most smart sprinkler timers are also compatible with irrigation restrictions imposed by your local city. Smart controllers are not just convenient, they are also effective. They can even be programmed to adjust based on legal watering restrictions.

Smart sprinkler timer controllers offer better control and flexibility than traditional timers. They can manually or automatically set schedules and can even take real-time data. Some models even offer local weather integration and feature advanced zone-control. Smart sprinkler timer controllers can control up to eight zones, making them an excellent choice for many types of lawns. You can also save money on water by using the Wyze Sprinkler Controller, which offers premium features and works with B-hyve devices.

Smart sprinkler timer controllers use weather data to determine the appropriate watering schedule. The software algorithm used to determine the time of day to water the lawn uses weather information to estimate how much water is needed by the plants. This information, combined with information about the soil type, vegetation type, and sun exposure, allows smart sprinkler timers to adjust their schedules based on weather conditions. These controllers can help save you money and water by reducing the need to visit the irrigation system.


Installing a Rain Bird sprinkler timer is easy. Most of them are plugged into a wall outlet and have anchor screws. Some models also allow you to set them through wi-fi. To program your new timer through wi-fi, you must be within range of your router and have loose wire connections. Follow the instructions for your specific model. You can also set the timer from your computer. Once installed, you will have peace of mind knowing that your lawn is watered at the right time.

The Rain Bird company produces an entire line of irrigation products, including a computerized timer. The ESP series of timers features a rotating dial and basic command keys for easy operation. It is also versatile, as you can place it in the basement, garage, or on the exterior wall. It is easy to adjust the timer according to the needs of individual plants. Users can also customize the timer settings to suit their watering needs.

Zone-by-zone scheduling allows you to water different areas at different times. This feature is especially beneficial if you have slopes, or you want your lawn to be watered in shorter intervals. It also allows you to schedule irrigation for different soil types. You can even program a timer to skip days between waterings. It will save water and increase your lawn’s health. A Rainbird sprinkler timer allows you to customize the time and frequency of watering.

For the convenience of remote access, you can purchase the Rain Bird LNK WiFi module. The LNK module can be used with multiple wired flow sensors. It has a capacity of 22 stations. It comes with an outdoor cabinet and a power plug. It has a large display with a color-coded dial positions that are easy to understand. You can set a schedule for each station, so you don’t have to make frequent visits to the garden to water it.

The best timer for your garden should allow enough time for the water to reach the roots of your plants. If you want a perfectly watered lawn, a Rainbird sprinkler timer is a must-have. This versatile timer will keep your lawn green all day. With an automatic timer, you won’t have to worry about manually checking it. Its simple user interface allows you to easily program and set it to your desired time.

The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 WiFi compatible controller is an excellent choice for residential irrigation. Compatible with the Rain Bird LNK WiFi module, you can use it anywhere and control your lawn’s irrigation system from your smart phone. The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 controller is a convenient way to save water and is also available in four, six, eight, and twelve station models. These units also support WiFi, which makes them even more convenient for remote access.


Your Orbit sprinkler timer may be able to delay watering to a later time if the rain is forecasted. Press the “Rain Delay” button on the timer panel in the lower-left corner to delay watering for a day. Press it multiple times to set the delay time. You can also program the timer to shut off if you forget to turn on your sprinkler valves.

The Orbit Easy Set Logic Sprinkler Timer can help you set a schedule for watering different parts of your lawn. Its convenient weather-resistant cabinet features an internal transformer for hassle-free programming. Orbit engineers have created this irrigation timer to be easy to install and long-lasting. This irrigation timer is designed to make it easier to install and use than ever before. You can easily set the times and days you want your lawn to be watered for and save money on watering.

The Orbit digital water timer has two independent outlets for watering. It features a large digital screen and a convenient dial. It lets you program a schedule in just a few clicks and your plants will stay healthy and happy. It needs at least 5 PSI to open the valve and 2.7 GPM flow. This translates to 162 GPH. This timer is easy to program, and will help you free up time for other tasks.

The Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller is an affordable and convenient way to make your sprinklers smarter. It is a WaterSense-certified device and may qualify for an EPA rebate. The Orbit B-hyve timer has advanced features that will save water while saving your money. It can even adjust its schedule according to weather conditions. Unlike the standard sprinkler timer, this smart indoor and outdoor model can also adjust its schedule and save you money on water. The best part? It can even save your lawn!

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