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July 2022

Whether you’re looking for an electric toothbrush that cleans your teeth faster than a manual toothbrush, or something a little different, there are many different options to choose from. There are several types of electric toothbrushes made by Oral B, so you’ll find one that fits your needs and lifestyle. Before you buy an electric toothbrush, read our comparison guide to find out which model is right for you.

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Best Oral B Electric Toothbrushes

Oral-B Precision Black 7000

The Oral-B Precision Black 7000 smartseries Bluetooth electric toothbrush features 2 CrossAction brush heads that feature precision angled bristles. The ProWhite brush head helps whiten teeth while the FlossAction brush head sweeps away plaque. The Sensitive Clean brush head fights sensitivity. Each of the 7000 series models is also available in a battery powered version.

The Oral-B Precision Black 7000 features six useful cleaning modes. The extended mode allows you to brush for three minutes, while the sensitive mode brushes your teeth less aggressively. While this mode is still effective, it isn’t recommended for people with sensitive teeth. The toothbrush’s timer reminds you to brush for the recommended two minutes. Despite its high price, it is worth it for the convenience it provides.

With the help of the Oral-B Precision app, you can monitor how well you brush with this tool. The app connects to your toothbrush via Bluetooth. You can monitor your brushing habits, and adjust the brushing mode accordingly. You can also get real-time feedback from the app. You can even connect your Oral-B toothbrush to your phone. Alternatively, you can simply connect your Oral-B toothbrush to the wall with the wall mounting option.

A good quality brush head is necessary to have a healthy smile. Oral-B Precision Black 7000 has an indicator bristle system, which will fade to clear when it is time for a new brush head. The indicator bristles will turn clear after about three months of use. The battery life is about 10 days. Moreover, the Oral-B toothbrush comes with a travel case for convenience.

Oral-B includes a Smart Guide and two AAA batteries in each package. These two components communicate with the Oral-B toothbrush to know what mode to use when brushing. The Smart Guide also lets you know when the brush is running out of power. Once the battery is low, the Oral-B toothbrush will try to connect to the mobile app, which can be very useful if you want to keep your mouth healthy.

An electric toothbrush sounds like a luxury. It’s twice as big as a standard manual toothbrush. Its advertisement shows a dentist talking about how to brush teeth. Then, the product is shown in a side-by-side comparison. You’ll be amazed at the difference! And if you’re considering buying an Oral-B toothbrush for yourself, it will make a great gift.

Oral-B Precision Black 7000 has a few features that set it apart from its competition. It has multiple modes and a pressure sensor, so it can tell when you’re brushing too hard or too soft. You can also connect it to Bluetooth headphones or a car audio kit. The Oral-B Pro 7000 even comes with an app that will let you set reminders for changing your brush head.

Oral-B Pro 2 2500N

The Oral-B Pro2 is a smart toothbrush with a rounded head that gets into the hard-to-reach areas. It uses pressure control technology to reduce the speed of brushing to protect the gums. This toothbrush also claims to remove 100% more plaque than a standard brush and has a two-minute timer that reminds you to brush for a certain amount of time.

The Oral-B Pro 2 series comes with a variety of brush heads, including the CrossAction brush head for daily cleaning, the 3D White with polishing cup, and the Sensi Ultrathin head for those with sensitive teeth. These brush heads cost around PS11 for a pack of four. The brush head itself features four modes: Pro Clean, Daily Clean, and Whitening. The whitening mode focuses on removing plaque and tartar from your teeth. Its whitening and tongue cleaning modes aren’t as beneficial as Oral B’s Pro Clean mode.

The Oral-B Pro 2 2500N is the upgraded version of the Oral-B Pro 2500. Both toothbrushes offer the same convenience and cleanliness, but the Pro 2 500N comes with a different colour. It comes with a battery life extension and a travel case. It also features Bluetooth technology, pressure sensor, and three cleaning actions. The Oral-B Pro 2 2500N has more advanced features, including a pressure sensor and Bluetooth technology.

The Oral-B Pro 2 has a built-in timer. It also has a sensor that warns you if you apply too much pressure. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your teeth. You can also set a timer to alert you when your toothbrush needs to be recharged, or when it’s done. Its two-year warranty is backed by a generous guarantee.

The Pro 2 2500N is the best value brush of the three. It is priced lower than the Smart model and comes with the same standard heads, such as the 3D White, Sensitive, and FlossAction. It comes with a pressure sensor and a two-week battery life. Its 40,000-pulse-per-minute brushing speed is similar to the Pro 2 2000W.

The Oral-B Pro 2 2500N is a great electric toothbrush for everyday use. The price isn’t outrageous, but the Oral-B iO9 is a Tesla for toothbrushes. The iO6 is a great budget option, too. This electric toothbrush has the same core technology as the Pro 2 2500N but costs less. It has five modes: a sensitive, whitening, and gum care mode.

The Pro 2 has Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app to train you for better brushing. Its handle features a pressure sensor and comes with a standard hard case. There are also three brush heads and a charger, which makes it easy to transport. If you’re travelling, the Oral-B Pro 2 is a good option. A battery will last you up to two weeks. This toothbrush is worth the price because it is so easy to use and recharge.

Oral-B Pro 1000

The Oral-B Pro 1000 rechargeable electric toothbrush delivers superior clean compared to manual brushing. The electric toothbrush features a cross-action brush head with 16-degree bristles that provides 3D cleaning action that breaks up 300% more plaque along the gum line. Its unique design also helps to clean teeth in hard-to-reach places, like between the teeth and around the gums. The recharging feature makes it easy to take care of your oral care needs on the go.

The Oral-B 1000 Pro has a built-in timer and a two-year warranty. The warranty is different depending on region. The Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush has a battery that lasts for about 28 minutes of active brushing. This battery can last a week if used twice daily for two minutes. To avoid running out of battery, you should charge your brush regularly. It also comes with a battery-saving charging stand.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 comes in a white base with a black brush head. The brush head is made from durable plastic, and the brush itself comes in a slim box with white and light grey handles. Unlike other electric toothbrushes, the Oral-B Pro 1000 has a battery life of eight days. You should always check the voltage requirements before charging. You can also find out if your brush head is compatible with your charging stand.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is comfortable to use. It measures 2.2 x 4.4 x 10 inches, and weighs approximately 12.5 ounces. It comes with a charging stand and a slew of brush heads. The brush head is removable, and you should replace it every three months. The Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush comes with a three-year warranty. Its battery life is sufficient for many days of daily brushing, but it should be recharged regularly.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush has some impressive performance statistics, but it lacks advanced features. It vibrates every thirty seconds to remind you to brush your teeth, and it has a pressure sensor that protects your gums from injury. Overall, this is a solid electric toothbrush for those who want an electric toothbrush but aren’t sure how to choose one. A good electric toothbrush that doesn’t break the bank is an excellent choice for those looking to save money and still get quality service.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is easy to use and has a rubber handle. It also has two small indicators, one on the side, which resemble an electric plug and battery. They work when you use the toothbrush in the charging base, and are easy to see. For most people, this button isn’t useful because it doesn’t do anything radically different than the other modes. So, if you’re looking for a good electric toothbrush for a reasonable price, the Oral-B Pro 1000 might be the right choice for you.

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