Best Latte and Espresso Machines

Updated October 2019

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine and Grinder

Create great tasting espresso in less than a minute. The Barista Express allows you to grind the beans right before extraction, and its interchangeable filters and a choice of automatic or manual operation ensure authentic café style results in no time at all.


Dose control grinding: integrated conical burr grinder grinds on demand to deliver the right amount of freshly ground Coffee directly into the portafilter for your preferred taste with any roast of bean.

Precise espresso extraction: digital temperature control (PID) delivers water at precisely the right temperature, ensuring optimal Espresso extraction.

Micro foam milk texturing: the steam wand performance allows you to hand texture micro foam milk that enhances flavor and enables creation of latte art.

Grind size dial: simple and intuitive, giving you control over the grind size no matter what type of bean you’re grinding.

Hands free operation: innovative grinding cradle allows any at home Barista to grind directly into the espresso port filter.

Best Latte and Espresso Machine to Buy

That fresh coffee smell, when you’re trying to catch a vibe, is so good you have to have one of these latte machines available at a moment’s notice. Check out these best latte and espresso machines and choose your new best friend. Read on for  a more detailed review that follows and a summary of the differences at the end.

De’Longhi EC680BK

Espresso Machine and Pods

The De’Longhi Dedica pump espresso machine offers a traditional espresso and cappuccino experience in a sleek ultra compact design crafted with skill and passion. Save on precious counter space while still enjoying perfect espresso and cappuccino with the slim 6″ design.


15-bar professional pressure assures quality results every time, and adjustable controls allow you to make modifications for your personal taste preferences.

Customise your perfect beverage with the unique flow stop feature, choosing between 1 or 2 shots of espresso. The machine does most of the work for you. The Automatic Flow Stop feature dispenses just the right amount of espresso while maintaining the ideal brewing temperature.

Easy to use control panel with illuminated buttons, 3 in 1 filter holder to accommodate single shots, double shots and easy serving espresso pods.

A manual frother mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks.

The Rapid Cappuccino System maintains the optimal temperature so you can brew cup after cup instantly.

The three-in-one filter holder, included with the unit, has a holder for one espresso shot, a holder for two shots, and one for an easy-serve espresso pod.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista

Espresso Machine and Steamer

Craft delectable, robust coffeehouse-quality espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes with the Mr. Coffee Café Barista. Featuring an electric 15-bar pump that creates powerful pressure to extract bold, rich flavors during the brew. Anyone can become a cafe expert with the simple-to-use espresso maker. One-touch controls let you choose between single or double shots and automatically froths milk with an adjustable control knob.


One-touch control panel for drink selections allows you to choose from a single or a double shot for your espresso, cappuccino, or latte. ; Creates single and double servings.

Simply pick a single shot or double shot filter, select your grounds, fill the milk reservoir, and choose your brew

Automatically froths milk into cappuccino and latte selections.

Removable water reservoir fills and cleans easily at the sink.

Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System

Espresso Machine and Dual Shot

Mr. Coffee Espresso machines create authentic, bold espresso drinks. A thermal block heating system works to heat water fast and the 15-bar pump system brews rich, crème-topped espresso with impressive results. Choose a single or double shot porta-filter for serving size options. When a cappuccino or latte order is up, use the frother to quickly steam milk up to a creamy finish. Removable 40 oz. water reservoir makes filling easy. Includes tamping tool and recipes.


This espresso and cappuccino maker has single- and double-cup Portafilters to deliver perfect-tasting coffee every time. It comes with a tamping tool to even the layer of coffee grounds in the Portafilter.

It has a thermal block heating system that lets you heat the water instantly. This espresso maker has a frothing arm to steam the milk quickly. Its powerful milk frother nozzle creates a foamy layer.

This machine lets you prepare rich, creamy-topped espresso with its 15-bar pressure pump system. It has a removable vertical water reservoir for effortless refilling and cleaning. Its indicator light alerts you when the process is completed.

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Sowtech Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine And K Cup

Powerful 3.5 bar pressure espresso coffee maker can make 1-4 cups (240ml) espresso coffee and rich smooth cream. Easy-pour glass cup is clearly marked to serve the perfect amount every time, delivers a truly rich espresso in just seconds


Single switch knob with indicator light for easy operation with function transform-coffee/steam selector and on/off.

The stainless steel compact design of the espresso coffee machines saves lots of space, smaller and lighter. The removable, washable drip catcher collects coffee drips

Coffee espresso machine with frothing arm makes creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes.


Difference: Integrated conical burr grinder grinds on demand, grind size dial and auto clean button

Difference: Sleek ultra-compact design that takes espresso pods

Difference: One-touch control panel for drink selections 

Difference: Has single- and double-cup Portafilters

Difference: 3.5 bar pressure  and single switch knob with indicator light

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