The Best Label Makers

April 2024

Label makers can be an excellent organizational tool in your home, office or classroom. However, before you buy a label maker, it’s important to know what to look for and which model will best fit your needs.

Some of the features you’ll want to look for include the size and number of lines, the type of tape and fonts you can use and the best way to make the most of the machine. You’ll also want to consider the price tag.

One thing to keep in mind is how long you’ll be using the machine. If you’re planning on making a lot of labels, it’s a good idea to go for a larger label maker.

When shopping for a label maker, it’s also a good idea to take a look at its battery life. Whether you plan on plugging it into a computer or using it on your smartphone, you’ll need a rechargeable battery.

Another consideration is the software and app options. A good label maker will allow you to print on ribbons as well as customize your labels with custom graphics.

Label makers can be expensive. They can cost upwards of $200. Fortunately, there are many different models to choose from. From pocket-sized to full-blown mini printers, you’re sure to find a label maker that suits your budget and your needs.

The DYMO 550 Turbo is a good choice for computer-connected label makers. Its software features include custom design labels, a clip art library, and the ability to add barcodes, photos, and QR codes.

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Best Overall: DYMO LabelManager 280 Printer

DYMO LabelManager 280 printer is portable and works with a rechargable Li-Ion battery. This printer has an integrated keyboard and one-touch fast-formatting keys, so you can type quickly. This printer also supports a wide variety of computer fonts and graphics. Unlike other printers, DYMO LabelManager 280 printer uses DYMO D1 labels. Listed below are some of its most popular features:

Prints labels up to 50% faster than other DYMO models

The DYMO LabelManager 280 handheld label maker has a sleek design that is easy to handle. The label maker works with both PCs and Macs, and it also supports DYMO Label Software, which allows you to create customised labels and print multiple copies of the same label at once. The printer prints labels in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch widths and offers 6 font sizes.

This DYMO label maker is 50% faster than most other DYMO label makers. Its printing speed is 15 mm per second, making it ideal for labels on shelving, equipment, and files. It also supports D1 labels in widths up to 0.5″.

Prints labels at up to 15 mm/s

The DYMO LabelManager 280 is an innovative, easy-to-use label maker with many features. Its user-friendly design allows for labeling on the go, and its keyboard features a computer-style QWERTY layout and one-touch fast-formatting keys. This label maker is built for speed, and prints labels up to 50 percent faster than competing products. Unlike other label makers, the 280 also offers free shipping.

Unlike other label makers, this printer can print labels at a speed of up to 15 mm/s, which makes it a good choice for high-volume use. It can label shelving, equipment, and files, and uses D1 labels with widths up to 0.5″.

Prints labels in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ widths

The label maker makes it easy to print and apply labels on the go with its convenient keyboard and large graphical display. The LabelManager 280’s rechargeable battery lasts long enough to make printing many labels a breeze. The keyboard is computer-style, and includes country-specific layout keys for your convenience. Its rechargeable battery pack eliminates the need to buy disposable batteries and saves you money. The LabelManager 280 supports DYMO D1 labels in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2″ widths. This printer also supports auto numbering and repeat printing.

The DYMO LabelManager 280 is an excellent choice for small businesses that don’t require a high-quality label. The printer prints labels in a variety of widths and colors, and can be customized with any fonts and graphics. The machine can also be connected to a Mac computer for added functionality. Users can edit the text, which eliminates the need for disposable batteries.

Uses DYMO D1 labels

The Dymo LabelManager 280 uses a variety of DYMO D1 labels. This durable printer uses labels of up to 0.5 inches in width and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It is also compatible with Mac OS v10.5.8 or later. It prints labels in just a few seconds. Labels can be used to label files, equipment, shelving, and more.

The DYMO LabelManager 280 uses DYMO D1, which are a popular brand for office labels. This label maker features an integrated computer connection, a large display, and fast format keys. It prints labels 50 percent faster than comparable machines and allows for up to nine different labels per sheet. The printer supports eight boxes, underlining, and PC/Mac connections, and has a QWERTY keyboard. Unlike most label makers, it can print labels of up to two lines of text.

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Brother PT-P710BT Label Maker

There are a few things to consider before you buy a Brother PT-P710BT Label Printer. Read this review for more details. It can only print at 180dpi, requires a USB connection to your computer, and works only on mobile devices. Here are the main benefits and drawbacks of this label printer. Also, you can read our buyer’s guide for more information.

Print resolution of 180dpi

The Cube Plus is a label printer with a maximum print resolution of 180dpi. It has the same print resolution as most thermal printers and is compatible with many types of labels. We printed labels for a variety of uses and found that they looked above acceptable. There are a few minor shortcomings with the Cube Plus, however. Keep reading to find out how to use it and which features you should avoid.

The PT-P710BT is equipped with a touchscreen display and an app compatible with Apple(r) and Android(tm) smartphones. The App is compatible with the Brother Label Maker, ensuring that you get a high-quality print. The machine comes with an AC adapter, starter tape, and software. The Brother PT-P710BT Label Maker also offers automatic half and full-tape cutter.

Requires USB connection to computer

The USB connection required to use the Brother PT-P710BT Label Machine is provided in the box. To operate this label maker, you will need a USB connection to your computer. However, if you do not have a USB connection to your computer, you can use the built-in Li-ion battery. You can also connect the labeler directly to your computer via a USB cable.

The software for this label machine is included with the printer. It allows you to create labels by importing the information from Microsoft Word. This software has a library of fonts, frames, and symbols to help you create labels. It also allows you to import other fonts and styles for your labels. The software also comes with a guide that will show you how to configure the printer and use the software to get the most out of it.

The sleek, lightweight, and Bluetooth wireless-enabled Brother PT-P710BT Label Printer works with Android and Apple mobile devices. The printer’s LCD screen allows users to preview the labels before printing them. It also includes a USB cord for connecting the printer to a computer. This is a handy feature for those who want to print labels for a wide range of applications, including retail shops, gift wrapping, and special events.

The PT-P710BT Label Maker can only work with mobile devices, so you’ll need to use the accompanying P-touch Design&Print2 software for creating your labels. This software allows you to insert text, images, bar codes, and more, as well as access databases of existing labels. P-touch Design&Print2 also allows users to upload label templates to the cloud, making them easily reusable and shareable.

A barcode label printer should offer the right combination of quality, performance and integration. A Brother PT-P710BT label maker delivers the ideal mix of performance, quality, and integration. The device comes with several built-in features that allow for easy integration into your business operations. Here are some benefits of this printer:

Bluetooth wireless technology is an added benefit to the Brother PT-P710BT. The device can print personalized labels up to 24mm wide and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The printer comes with a one-year warranty, but it cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes or Alaska. Using the app is an excellent way to make custom labels. This label maker has spell check and voice to text capabilities.

The Brother PT-P710BT label printer is compact and lightweight and offers a USB port for charging. It works well on both computer and smart devices, but the software is clunky and needs to be updated. It comes with an internal battery and is compatible with several other brands of Bluetooth devices. The software is also lacking in features and can be difficult to use. Nevertheless, it is an excellent label maker for many applications.

Another great feature of this Brother PT-P710BT label printer is its ease of use. It is very portable, and charges quickly. The label printing quality is outstanding, and the range of colors available is impressive. Using a Brother PT-P710BT label maker is an excellent investment for your home or business. If you’re looking for a label maker with great quality and versatility, look no further.

You can also choose from Bluetooth and USB 2.0. The Brother PT-P710BT label printer is compatible with mobile devices. However, it is essential to connect the printer to your computer if you wish to use Bluetooth or USB to print. A Bluetooth connection is necessary to pair the device. Afterward, you’ll need to download and install the required software. You’ll also need to download and install label design software.

Another feature that makes this label maker stand out from the rest is its continuous roll functionality. Continuous roll printing is possible for up to 1m in length. The five metre roll contains 100 standard address labels. The Brother PT-P710BT label maker also supports embossing, which involves creating raised text or design in the printing process. Embossed labels are more durable and appealing than those with only a single layer.

This label maker is Bluetooth compatible, so you can print labels using a PC, MacBOOK, or smartphone. Bluetooth allows you to connect to the label maker via a Wi-Fi router or a USB cable. With the app, you can add personal touches to your labels and photos. You can print photos as well. This makes it an ideal choice for label makers with a mobile workforce. The Brother PT-P710BT label maker can help you save time, effort, and money

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Phomemo M220 Label Maker Review

The Phomemo M220 Label Maker is a small, rechargeable, hand held label maker. It is capable of printing up to 36 rolls of labels at a time. It measures 6.2 inches by 5.7 inches by 3.4 inches and weighs 400g. When fully charged, the machine can last up to two weeks.

Aside from its small size, the Phomemo m220 is packed with features. In addition to the aforementioned smartphone app, it can print QR codes, pictures, form, text, barcodes and more. Additionally, it supports voice Recg and PDF input.

The Phomemo m220 is also quite impressive when it comes to battery life. This model is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. In fact, it can keep printing up to 2 weeks. To charge the battery, you can plug it into the wall or use the included charging cable. However, be careful when handling the battery.

Another useful tidbit about the Phomemo m220 Label Maker is its ability to attach to different surfaces. Its adhesive stays dry when it’s in storage. Moreover, its pre-made templates can be accessed in the smartphone app.

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Best Thermal: Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer

The Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S is a handy little device for anyone who needs to print labels, notes, receipts, and other small documents on the go. The printer is small, lightweight, and easy to carry in a bag or pocket. It can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which makes it easy to print out documents from your phone without having to transfer them to a computer first.

The Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S has a print resolution of 300dpi, which is quite high for a printer of its size. It can print up to 53mm wide labels and has a printing speed of up to 30mm per second. The printer uses thermal printing technology, which means that it doesn’t require any ink or toner.

One of the things that set the Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S apart from its competitors is its size. The printer is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around with you. Additionally, the printer’s high print resolution and printing speed make it a great option for anyone who needs to print labels or other small documents quickly and efficiently.

Comparable products to the Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S include the HP Sprocket, Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, and the Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer. However, these printers are more focused on photo printing, while the Phomemo printer is more geared towards printing labels and small documents.

One of the main benefits of the Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S is its small size and portability. It is easy to carry around and can be used to print labels and other small documents on the go. However, the printer’s thermal printing technology means that it can only print in black and white, which may be a drawback for some users who need to print in color.

The Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S is an updated version of the previous Phomemo M02 model. The M02S model offers a higher print resolution and faster printing speed than its predecessor, as well as improved connectivity options.

Key decision-making factors for a pocket printer like the Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S include print resolution, printing speed, connectivity options, and portability. The Phomemo printer performs well in all of these areas, making it a great choice for anyone who needs a small, portable printer for printing labels, notes, and other small documents on the go.

The Phomemo 300dpi Pocket Printer- M02S has been designed with portability in mind. The small size of the printer makes it easy to carry around, and the Bluetooth connectivity option allows for easy printing from a smartphone. Additionally, the thermal printing technology used by the printer means that it doesn’t require any ink or toner, which makes it more cost-effective and environmentally

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DYMO LabelManager 160

The DYMO LabelManager 160 is a portable label maker that is affordable and easy to use. It allows you to type and format text, and print labels that look professional. Whether you need labels for shipping, product identification, or any other purpose, this printer can help you create the labels you need.

The DYMO LabelManager 160 comes with a QWERTY keyboard and one-touch fast formatting keys. The machine supports up to 228 symbols and six font sizes. It also includes a graphic display so you can see what your labels will look like before you print them. It is compact and powered by six AAA batteries. It also has an optional AC adapter.

The DYMO LM160 can print labels with a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. It can print on 3/8″ or 1/2″ tape. In addition, it accepts labels of up to 2/3″ in width. It also supports permanent polyester tapes and has a high-speed print feature.

The DYMO LabelManager 160 also comes with a computer-style QWERTY keyboard. This allows you to enter and edit text quickly, and the one-touch fast formatting keys let you format text easily before printing. The LCD screen provides a preview of the label before you actually print it.

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Qutie Label Maker

The Qutie Label Maker has an intuitive interface that offers many customizable features. You can easily upload images or text, add custom content, and save your finished labels for later. The 203dpi printing resolution is also an advantage, giving you high-quality clarity. The app also offers international certificates, making it easy to print in different languages.

The printer supports high-speed printing technology, allowing it to print up to 72 sheets of 4X6 labels per minute. This feature increases the speed of your working process and saves you money. It also has 203-dpi resolution, which makes it ideal for labeling your products with high-quality images.

If you need labels printed quickly, a computer-compatible label maker is best. This device allows you to add mailing lists, design custom labels, and add photos and clip art. In addition, it allows you to print multiple copies of your labels. The user interface is simple, and the software can even handle complex designs.

The label maker is compatible with many different types of tape. The tape is 15mm wide and 4M long, which allows it to work with most DIY projects. It is easy to use and has a long-lasting stickiness. It can also be used for barcodes.

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Best Budget: Dymo Organizer Xpress Pro

The ergonomic design of the Dymo Organizer Xpress PRO embossing label maker offers an exceptional level of comfort and performance. The user-friendly design includes a 49-character wheel, hyphen symbols, and a durable ABS plastic construction. This embossing label maker utilizes embossing Label Cassettes. Designed for professional use, it’s a great choice for busy professionals who need to create a wide variety of labels.

The DYMO Organizer Xpress Pro is a low-cost label maker with an ergonomic design and a turn-and-click wheel for easy labeling. Its tape size is 0.38 inches and it can emboss labels to enhance your scrapbook projects. It features an easy-to-clean ABS plastic body and a 49-character wheel. 


The DYMO Organizer Xpress Pro is a multi-functional labeler that uses a turn-and-click system. The machine’s design offers a modern, ergonomic look and easy operation. Its embossing label cassettes make labeling a breeze, whether you need to create simple instructions for sharing equipment or complex filing systems. With a number of additional features, including a large LCD touchscreen, this labeler will help you stay organized.


The Dymo Organizer Xpress manual label maker is made of ABS plastic and features a soft-grip handle. The machine comes preloaded with a roll of tape and has a 49-character wheel. Its features are as follows:

The machine is incredibly easy to use with its turn-and-click labeling system and enhanced tape-cutting feature. It can enhance scrapbooks and DIY projects with its aforementioned features. It is ergonomically designed with a 49-character wheel that makes labeling a breeze. It does not use batteries, and the DYMO Organizer Xpress Pro is also available in black and red.


The DYMO Organizer Xpress Pro is an affordable, cost-conscious label maker with an ergonomic design and an easy-to-use turn-and-click labeling system. Its embossing features are perfect for enhancing DIY projects, scrapbooks, and the contents of your craft cupboard or closet. And, since it uses mechanical embossing technology, it will never need batteries.

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NiiMbot D11

The NiiMbot D11 label maker is half the weight of a traditional label maker and can be used from mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Androids. It uses the latest thermal technology to produce labels without using expensive toner and ink. It also supports multi-national languages, 1D/2D barcode, and QR code printing.

The D11 is very easy to use and comes with many great features. It is quick to set up and features fast print speeds and a lightweight, portable design. It also supports batch printing and has a long battery life. The D11 is also Bluetooth-enabled and comes with an intelligent control cloud app. With the APP, you can control the label printer from your iPhone or mobile phone, and edit the labels right on the device. The D11 even supports voice input, which adds to its convenience and performance.

Another great feature of the NiiMbot D11 label maker is its portability. Its small size and wireless technology makes it a perfect choice for traveling and other situations that require label printing on the go. It supports printing of both custom and pre-designed labels of up to 15mm in width. It can also print QR codes and text and supports various font and symbol styles.

The D11 label maker is easy to operate and comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It works with iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. The latest thermal technology allows it to print labels without the use of expensive toner and ink. It also supports table printing, multi-national languages, and multi-dimensional barcodes. It is rechargeable and comes in different colors.

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Best Desktop: Brother P-Touch PC-Connectable Label Maker

Choosing the right label printer depends on a few factors, such as storage capacity, App-enabled capabilities, and features. Read this article to discover more about Brother’s P-Touch PC-Connectable Label Maker. Whether you need a desktop label maker or a mobile one, this product can handle the job. Its built-in keyboard and QWERTY keyboard make it easy to type out instructions and make changes before printing.


The Brother P-Touch PC-Connectable label maker offers features that make it a great choice for multiple labeling purposes. This model comes with a full-color graphic display, and is compatible with both PCs and Macs. The P-touch PT-D600 label maker comes with a built-in keyboard and mouse and is also compatible with Macs. The P-touch PC-Connectable label maker offers a large variety of fonts, 11 styles and over 600 symbols and barcodes.

Storage capacity

The Brother P-Touch PC-Connectable Model D600 is a high-quality label maker with a number of useful features. The printer can work with up to five different TZe tape lengths, and comes with a carrying case. The Brother P-Touch D600 comes with a full-color graphical display and enough memory to store up to 99 labels. It is compatible with various tape types, including tamper-evident, iron-on fabric, and acid-free. The PT-D600 has a two-year limited warranty.

App-enabled capabilities

The Brother P-Touch PC-Connectable label maker comes with the capability to print labels that you design on your mobile device. You can use the iPrint&Label app to create and print custom labels and asset tags. This printer also features NFC compatibility so you can simply touch it to connect to your computer. Lastly, the printer can be networked, so you can print labels from multiple locations.

QWERTY keyboard

If you want to use your PC as a computer, then you can get a QWERTY keyboard for Brother P-touch PC-Connectable Label Maker. This printer features a color display and can print up to 300mm long labels. This printer can run on six AA batteries or you can use an AC adapter. The tape is also laminated for durability and resists heat, water, and fading.

LED readouts

The Brother P-Touch PC-Connectable label maker features a full color graphical display and an inbuilt keyboard. The printer supports Windows and Mac OS and supports a wide range of label tapes. Its USB-powered feature makes it easy to connect to a PC for advanced design options. In addition, it supports five tape sizes and supports both laminated and non-laminated iron-on fabric tapes.

Typeface options

If you’re on the hunt for a PC-connected label maker that’s simple yet versatile, the Brother P-Touch PC-Connectable (PT-D600VP) is the machine for you. Its full-QWERTY keyboard is an adult-friendly option, but kids may want to stick to the alphabetic-style keys. Luckily, most modern PC-connected label makers come with a full QWERTY keyboard.

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Best Mini: Memoking D30 Label Maker

The Memoking D30 label maker is a powerful tool that has a multitude of powerful features. It supports multiple styles of label tapes, including white, colored, transparent, circle, price and more. D30 paper is BPA-free and highly resistant to water, abrasion and tear. It does not leave a residue when you remove it either. And because it is water-resistant, the D30 label maker is perfect for those who need to create labels quickly.

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Phomemo M110 Label Maker 

If you are looking for a label printer, you should consider the Phomemo M110. It comes with powerful performance, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, it features compact design and ease-of-use. These three features make this printer ideal for home and business use. Let’s take a closer look. You may be surprised to learn that it can even print address labels and folder labels!

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible

The Phomemo M110 Label Maker is a wireless printer that is compatible with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks. This palm-sized label maker is equipped with automatic label identification that prevents paper jams and deviations. With Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a 33-foot range, this printer is an ideal companion during holidays. This label maker is also equipped with OCR, a software program that converts text from photos to editable text.

The Phomemo M110 Label Maker is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi compatible and comes with a box of labels that measure 40x30mm. It uses thermal technology and recognizes text on photos in just four seconds. The device supports multiple inputs, OCR, and smart text recognition, making it a versatile label maker that can be used for a variety of applications. This machine can even scan data from an Excel file or store it on an external hard drive.

Compact design

If you are planning to buy a label maker, then you will love this compact design that works well with Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth label maker has a 33-foot wireless range and features a mini design. It comes with all the label templates you need, and you can also set your own. You can even edit the labels on the label maker, and it also supports Excel batch printing. Besides, you can use the Phomemo M110 Bluetooth label maker to print out labels with different styles.

This compact design helps you to keep it in your hand. It has an alphanumeric keyboard, 195 symbols, and date stamp. It also has a built-in memory, allowing you to store up to nine labels at one time. The compact design helps you organize your work without sacrificing comfort, because you can type on the keyboard while viewing the graphic display. In addition, the backlit display of this label maker lets you see the formatting and text as you type.

Powerful performance

The Phomemo M110 Label Maker is a revolutionary direct thermal printer that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. It uses heat to create patterns on thermal labels, and requires no ink or consumables. The printer is compact and easy to use, making it a great choice for a variety of industries, from clothing to daily necessities. Here are three reasons why it’s the right choice for you:

The M110 is a wireless and Bluetooth label maker that can print labels in either monochrome or color. Its black/gray color makes it perfect for business use. It also has a QWERTY keyboard and a graphic display with a backlighting feature. This means you can see the formatting and text on the label as you type, making it convenient for business use.

Easy to use

Whether you need labels for a home business or for shipping packages, the Phomemo M110 label maker can help you. The device features OCR, a technology that recognizes text within images in just four seconds. You can also print labels from a spreadsheet, and even save the images in the printer’s memory. You can also print free UPS labels and save hundreds of dollars per year.

The Phomemo M110 label maker has a variety of features, including OCR character recognition, an adjustable paper holder, and massive templates. The printer can also recognize text in photos within four seconds and convert them into editable text. This means you can save a lot of money by eliminating the need to purchase costly toner or ink for each label you create. Using a thermal label printer also saves you time.

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SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer

The SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer is a portable and convenient device for printing labels. It connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and allows you to print labels on the go. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. The device is user-friendly, and the app interface is easy to use.

The printer has a maximum printing speed of 30mm/s and a printing resolution of 203dpi. It can print labels with a width of up to 56mm. The device uses thermal printing technology and can print up to 12 meters of labels with a single charge.

The SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer is unique due to its portability and wireless connectivity. It allows users to print labels without the need for a computer or wired connection. Additionally, the device is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Comparable products include the DYMO LabelManager 160 Handheld Label Maker and the Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker. These devices offer similar features to the SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer, such as wireless connectivity and portability.

Benefits of the SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer include its portability and wireless connectivity, making it easy to use on the go. Additionally, the app interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. A drawback of the device is its printing speed, which may be slower than some comparable products.

There is not enough information available to describe the evolution of the SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer from previous models or releases.

Key decision-making factors for a label printer include printing speed, resolution, and connectivity. The SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer performs well in connectivity and resolution but may be slower than some comparable products in terms of printing speed.

The compact and lightweight design of the SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer allows for easy portability and convenience for users. Additionally, the wireless connectivity and user-friendly app interface provide an intuitive experience for users.

In terms of drawbacks, one potential issue with the SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer is that it can be difficult to align the label tape correctly, which can result in wasted tape and frustration. Additionally, the app used to operate the printer may not be as intuitive as some users would like, which can make setup and initial use more difficult than expected.

Overall, the SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Label Printer is a great choice for anyone in need of a compact and easy-to-use label printer. While it may not have all the features of larger and more expensive models, it more than makes up for it with its portability, affordability, and convenience. If you’re looking for a reliable label printer that you can take with you anywhere, the SUPVAN E10 is definitely worth considering.

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Best Handheld: The BROTHER PTH110 Label Maker 

The BROTHER PTH110 Label Maker is a multi-purpose machine that can print labels of all sizes, colours and widths. With its dedicated functions and smart keys, the PT-E110VP is ideal for a variety of professional applications. Its hard carry case makes it a useful tool for electricians and other tradespeople. Here are some reasons why it’s a great choice for a label maker.

PT-H110 Label Maker

The BROTHER PTH110 Label Maker is designed for professional use and comes with smart keys and dedicated functions. Its hard carrying case is very useful for electricians and other professional trades. The PT-E110VP also comes with a carrying case for protection. Regardless of the professional trade you are in, this label maker will come in handy. Whether you’re an electrician, a carpenter or any other type of professional, it’s likely that this label maker will become a valuable tool in your workplace.

The PT-H110 uses Brother TZe tapes for its labelling purposes. These tapes are available in various sizes, colors, and types. Its power source is six AAA batteries, but it also has an optional AC adapter. This versatile label maker is great for home use, the office, and on the go. It even comes with a memory function that stores the last settings of the label maker so that you can easily use it again without having to restart.

PT-E110VP Label Maker

For professional tradesmen, the PT-E110VP Label Maker is essential equipment. Designed with dedicated functions and smart keys, this handy tool comes with a handy hard carry case. Its dedicated functions and smart keys make it an invaluable tool for electricians and other tradesmen. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of this label maker. You’ll find it useful:

The PT-E110VP is a 12-mm wide label printer with an integrated cutter. It has 200 pre-loaded symbols and can print in 3 different languages. Designed for professional use, the PT-E110VP is easy to operate and comes with a carry case for convenience. The PT-E110VP is ideal for professionals working in a home office or professional trades.

PT-D210 Label Maker

The BROTHER PT-D210 Label maker is a high-quality machine that allows you to create stylish labels for home and office needs. With an array of pre-designed label templates, users can quickly access fonts, symbols, frames and deco mode patterns. The printer also allows users to preview text and layout prior to printing. Once they have finished designing the label, they can print it. With the BROTHER PT-D210, label design has never been easier!

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Best for Home Organization: Epson LabelWorks PX Printer

The portable wire-marking, bar-code, and general-identification Epson LabelWorks PX LW-PX350 printer offers a variety of useful features and capabilities. It can print custom labels up to 3/4-inch wide and features an automatic cutter and special-function hot keys. Best of all, it comes with an unbeatable lifetime warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this versatile label printer today.

The LW-PX350 is a cost-conscious choice for labeling applications ranging from small labels to large, complex ones. Its user-friendly features allow for a variety of labeling jobs. The LW-PX350 works with a variety of LABELWORKS PX industrial supplies, including heat-shrink tubes and magnetic labels in five different sizes. In addition, the PX350 also comes with a backlit LCD screen that makes it easy to view and manipulate the contents of the label.

The Epson LabelWorks LW-PX350 is an entry-level label printer that costs $129 and is a step up from the LW-PX300. Though the machines share similar capabilities, the LW-PX350 has an extra carrying handle and is more compact. It can print on a variety of materials, including heat-shrink tubes, magnetic tape, and strong adhesive tape. Both machines feature an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

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Best For Printing Address Labels: Brother QL820NWB Label Printer

The Brother QL820NWB Label Maker offers flexible connectivity with Bluetooth wireless technology, an Ethernet interface, Wireless (802.11b/g/n), and a USB host interface. This printer is ideally suited for use with peripherals. The machine is capable of printing up to 110 standard address labels per minute, and can produce black text with a resolution of 300 dpi. For additional convenience, it offers a manual duplexing option.


The features of Brother QL820NWB label printer are many and varied. The printer can be used with various interfaces, such as Ethernet, Wireless (802.11b/g/n), and USB host. It is also well-suited to use with a scanner and is capable of printing black text at a resolution of 300 dpi. The connectivity options are extensive and make it easy to work with different systems and devices.


With a wide variety of connectivity options, the Brother QL820NWB Label Printing System will allow you to make the most of your business’s technology. Its Bluetooth wireless technology and Ethernet interface allow you to connect your machine to the Internet and your network via the same connection. Its USB host interface also makes it compatible with a scanner. The printer prints black text at a resolution of 300 dpi, and it can be used in conjunction with a scanner.

Printing speed

If you’re planning to purchase a Brother QL820NWB label-printing machine, you need to know how to increase its print speed. The printer’s print speed depends on three factors: the number of labels you have in the machine, the size of the label stand, and the configuration of the labels you’re using. If you don’t have all these things, you should consider using another type of printer.

Using Bindo

When deciding which label printer to purchase, you’ll want to consider several factors. The Brother QL820NWB offers a variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth wireless technology, Ethernet interface, USB host, and Wireless (802.11b/g/n). With black text resolution of 300 dpi, it’s well suited for use with a scanner. It’s also compatible with multiple types of media, including bar codes, and is capable of printing in both black and white at 300 dpi.

Using Check In

Using Check In with Brother QL8200NWB Label Printer requires an iOS device and an Apple iOS application. You can also use this printer on Mac and Windows operating systems and on Android devices. Before using Check In, it is important to remove the insulation seal and insert the coin cell battery. Depending on your network settings, you may want to switch to Infrastructure Mode to enable printing on different networks.

Connection to WiFi

If you need a label printer with flexible connectivity, the Brother QL820NWB is the right choice. Its versatile interfaces offer Bluetooth wireless technology, Ethernet, and Wireless (802.11b/g/n) connectivity. It also has a USB host interface, making it well-suited for peripherals. This device prints up to 110 standard address labels per minute, with black text printing at 300 dpi.

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Best for Small Businesses: Dymo LabelManager 500TS

Whether you’re looking for a reliable label printer for your home or business, a Dymo LabelManager 500TS can deliver. This label printer is powered by a rechargeable battery and uses Tape cartridges. This versatile label printer can run on either a PC or Mac and connect to a computer via USB cable. Its easy-to-use label software enables you to customize and personalise labels to suit your needs.

Print speed depends on length of label

With a full keyboard and QWERTY keyboard layout, the DYMO LabelManager 500TS is easy to use. It stores up to 500 frequently used labels. The device’s print resolution reaches 300 dpi, making text and graphics clear and smudge-free. The label printer also features a convenient memory that stores up to 500 label formats. The user can save the label formats and organize them into folders.

The DYMO LabelManager 500TS can connect to a computer to print labels. Alternatively, it can be operated without a computer using a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard. The Dymo LabelManager 500TS print speed depends on the length of the label. For more information, check out the Dymo LabelManager 500TS review, which includes an in-depth product review.

Runs on rechargeable battery

If you’re in need of a new label printer, you can’t go wrong with the DYMO LabelManager 500TS. This portable label maker comes with a full color touch screen and computer-style keyboard. The machine is easy to use, and its large built-in memory lets you store up to 500 labels and save user data. It even allows you to save up to five user profiles.

The 500TS label printer includes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, a tape cassette, and a USB cable. The DYMO LabelManager 500TS also comes with a one-inch black-on-white label cassette and a quick-start guide. The DYMO LabelManager 500TS is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Mac OS X 10.4 is required for Mac OS X.

Tape cartridges

The DYMO LabelManager 500TS comes with one standard 1” sized tape cartridge and can accommodate 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ DYMO D1 labels. Users have several color combinations to choose from when selecting a tape cartridge. Ink and tape color combinations can range from white to black, depending on the application. The label dispenser must be charged using the included AC adapter.

The DYMO LabelManager 500TS has a user-friendly touchscreen and includes the label maker, a rechargeable battery pack, a USB cable, a one-inch black-on-white label cassette, and a quick start guide. Users should also expect one-year warranty for the machine. The tape cartridges are easy to replace. Dymo recommends the use of new tape cartridges whenever possible.

USB cable

The Dymo LabelManager 500TS is the high-end entry in Dymo’s electronic label printer line. It is about the size of a standard desktop office phone, and functions both as a stand-alone printer and as a computer printer. The Dymo LabelManager 500TS connects to your PC or Mac via a USB cable, and uses a re-usable tape cassette called a D1 that’s available in sizes ranging from 0.25 inches to one inch. It is compatible with paper, as well as clear plastic tape cassettes. The tape cassettes are available in sizes of 0.25 inch to one inch, and cost about $20 for 23 feet of tape.

The DYMO LabelManager 500TS features an impressive touchscreen interface with a QWERTY keyboard. You can easily create custom labels, as well as generate bar codes and numbers automatically. You can store over 500 labels in its memory, and you can set up to five user profiles to make labeling easier. The software also has a one-year limited warranty. A USB cable is included in the package, so you can get the most out of your new printer.

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Best Portable: DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Plus

If you need a label maker that fits in your pocket, the DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Plus is your machine. This small label maker is able to print on a variety of different colored labels and adds popular text features. The color preview of your label can help you get the exact look you want. If you’re not familiar with the software that comes with the machine, it is easy to get a basic understanding of the software before making a purchase.

If you are looking for a small label maker that can produce high-quality labels without a lot of fuss, the DYMO LetraTag Plus LT-100H is the perfect choice. It has many useful features, such as its ability to print on different colored labels and the popular text features. The LetraTag Plus LT-100H also offers previewing of the design before printing.

The DYMO LetraTag Plus LT-100H is a compact and portable label maker that prints easy-to-read labels and adds organization to any space. It has an intuitive interface, including a 13-character LCD screen that lets you check your spelling before printing. It also comes with a nine-label memory, so you can easily label various types of items. And because of its sleek design, it takes up less space in your home or office.

The DYMO LetraTag Plus LT-100H is a versatile handheld label maker that can print labels on paper, plastic, or iron-on fabric. It even prints metallic labels. The DYMO LetraTag Plus LT-100H is available in black, white, or silver and comes with a three-year warranty. And it uses thermal printing technology, which means that you won’t need to worry about using ink or toner again.

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DYMO Plug N Play

The DYMO LabelManager PnP Label Maker is a great option for those who don’t want to install software or spend a lot of time on setting up a new printer. This easy-to-use label maker plugs into your PC or Mac and prints out great-looking labels as quickly as you type. Whether you need labels for mailing purposes or for your own use, this label maker will do the job.

The DYMO Plug N Play is a plug-in label maker, meaning that you can print out labels without having to download the full software. However, unlike many computer-compatible label makers, this model has a limited recent history. Instead, you can select only one label from the roll of labels and print it. You can save the rest of the label in your computer. This label maker has a few important disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is that the LabelManager 160 doesn’t have a shift key, so it’s difficult to change font sizes. The good news is that the printer has a lot of features, including automatic fit and 13 font sizes. It also has a nifty feature that lets you select the font you want, which makes it a great option for printing labels. The DYMO Connect can also use any font on your computer.

Unlike some other label makers, the DYMO LabelWriter PnP uses D1 tapes. These can be swapped in and out, and you can change the tape whenever you want. The DYMO Plug N Play label maker can print up to 90 labels per minute. You can connect the label maker to your computer with a LAN connection. That way, you can print without plugging it in!

Another great feature of the DYMO LabelManager PnP label maker is its size. Its direct thermal printing makes it easy to print labels without smudges and helps you save on ink. Another benefit is that the DYMO LabelManager is compatible with both Mac OS v10.5 and Windows XP. In addition to this, it is easy to use and does not require drivers. And DYMO Plug N Play label maker doesn’t use batteries or power adapters.

However, one downside of this DYMO label maker is its limited battery life. It can last for only one to three years before the battery runs out. Luckily, you can replace the battery for less than twenty dollars, making this a great option for anyone looking for a low-cost label maker. So, while the DYMO Plug N Play label maker isn’t perfect, it is a great option for label printing on the go!

The DYMO Plug N Play label maker has an easy-to-use interface and a large screen with a white backlight. You can quickly navigate the main menu, access files, and templates without any problems. The printer also has an automatic chain-printing function that cuts the cost per label to just seven cents, and the unit comes with 99 labels. You won’t be spending a lot of money on labels when you have this machine.

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Great Alternatives

SaleBest No. 2

SaleHighest Rated 2 Brother PT-M95 Handy Label Maker, White

Buying a Label Maker

When purchasing a label maker, there are several different factors to consider. All label makers use AA batteries to power them, but some of them are plug-in models that charge their lithium-ion battery while they are plugged in. Another thing to consider is the battery life. Many of these devices only last a few hours before they need to be recharged. A battery can be a serious hassle if you’re constantly running out of labels!

Is it worth getting a label maker?

A lot of people are asking, “Is it worth getting a label maker?” The answer depends on your specific needs. For example, if you need to make labels for a school project, you might need a label maker that can print on both a ribbon and paper. A good label maker will allow you to change the size and shape of the labels in an instant. There are even features like wrap-around capabilities, so you can easily add pictures to the labels.

One of the best features of a label maker is the ability to print from a battery or USB. Some of them are battery powered and use AA batteries. Others are plug-in-compatible and use a power source like a wall outlet. Some are also computer-compatible. Some models use thermal technology, which means that they don’t use any toner or ink. Ultimately, these label makers can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you don’t plan to use the machine for business purposes, you should consider a model that allows you to print on multiple widths and lengths. The Brother label maker supports multiple widths and lengths, so you can print on different sizes of labels. Choose a machine that allows you to change the width and configuration of your label rolls. Ideally, your label maker should also have a user guide that walks you through the various settings and features.

Another important feature is desktop connectivity. Not all label makers have a desktop connection, which can make them unsuitable for businesses. USB connectivity can make your label maker compatible with your computer, allowing you to print from a laptop or tablet without the need for messy spills. Another advantage of a label maker is that you can buy refills directly from manufacturers. However, you should choose one that works with AA batteries.

If you’re someone who labels on a daily basis, you might want to consider buying a hand-held model. These are more convenient for mobile use, while computer-compatible label makers are better for planning your label printing projects. Consider features such as the number of lines, font sizes, tape width, and tape types. Additionally, you should consider what kind of labeling you’ll be doing. If you plan to do it frequently, you might want to choose a model that allows you to print on multiple labels at once.

Do label makers have different fonts?

What are the differences between different types of label makers? Unlike computer printers, which use ink-jet technology to create labels, label makers are battery-powered. However, batteries run out quickly. That is why you should consider buying a corded machine instead. A corded machine does not require batteries, but you need to have a wall outlet to use it. Among the differences between these types of label makers is the type of font. Some are simple and only come with a single font, while others are equipped with several different fonts. Computer label makers are more advanced and offer more design features.

An embossed label maker, on the other hand, uses an embossed font. While this type of font is not as durable as ink-jet printers, it is still popular for basic labelling tasks. However, it cannot compete with thermal label printing, which is the most common method for labelling. Embossed label makers can pack up easily. However, if you need a professional-looking label, it is better to choose a thermal printer.

The most common type of label maker will print one line of text, though some will print two or even three lines of text. These models are suitable for large-format labels, and most of them will print up to two inches wide. Multiple-line label makers allow you to choose multiple lines and can print a single line with a larger font. If you are not in need of multiple lines of text, then a keyboard labeler is an excellent choice.

In addition to a library of fonts, label makers come with function keys for adding images and borders. You can also format text by hand and choose the fonts and colours you like. If you’re not sure what fonts to use, try using a computer program like Microsoft Word to design your labels. You’ll be glad you did! It’s an easier and more efficient way to stay organized! Do label makers have different fonts?

What’s the difference between a label maker and a printer

When buying a label maker, there are several different features to consider. While there are some features that are particularly helpful for scrapbooking and crafting, most aren’t needed for regular label-making purposes. For instance, a label maker may not come with fancy features like colorful tapes and fonts or the ability to print emojis. Thermal printing technology is used for the vast majority of label makers, so you can count on it being fast and reliable. Some of these devices, however, require compatibility with other devices and software.

DYMO makes some of the best label makers. The 550 Turbo, for example, has improved software that allows you to add mailing lists, customize labels, and even add barcodes and QR codes. With the help of a software program, you can also print multiple copies of a single label. The 550 Turbo comes with great functionality, as well, with six different tape widths and six customizable templates.

The most important feature in a label maker is its ability to preview print before printing. The screen should be backlit and large, and it should have a QWERTY keyboard. If you want to be able to change font sizes without having to use the software, you should look for a label maker that can print 300 dots per inch. This is a good option for people who want to create labels for their home business and aren’t concerned with precision.

A label maker software can help you design professional labels easily. It will speed up the whole process of designing and printing. You will be able to stay within standard regulations and avoid costly mistakes, which are inevitable in label-making. Software will also provide you with previews and easy-to-follow printing methods. It can even save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

A label maker is an essential part of any business. It not only represents the company brand but also provides information about the product to the consumer. A label is unique to each product and is designed to reflect the brand image in the best possible light. It can be inexpensive and efficient if it’s designed well. Label maker software will help you create attractive labels with minimal cost and hassle. Many of these label makers have built-in templates that you can customize to meet your needs.

What is the best label maker on the market?

The best label maker for your needs will allow you to print different types of labels – address labels, folder labels, product tags, and more. If you want to organize your office space, you will need to label computer cables and wires, fuse boxes, and more. The best label maker will allow you to do this and help you find things. It can even help you with your craft projects, such as scrapbooking or craft projects.

When it comes to features, the Brother PT-D600 is the best label maker you can buy. It is compatible with your computer and keyboard, and even has some mobile features. The EPSON PT-D600 is another great option for businesses, while the DYMO – 550 Turbo is a good choice for home offices and small businesses. Depending on the type of label you need, these devices will be able to do it with ease.

If you plan to use a label maker for craft projects, you should choose one that has a lot of memory. This is an important feature because it can store up to 50 labels, which can save you from organizing space. It also offers a full QWERTY keyboard. Its tape works best on smooth surfaces, and it requires six AA batteries. Ultimately, a label maker should fit your needs, but there are a lot of features to consider before buying one.

If you are looking for a less expensive option, you can choose the DYMO LabelManager 160. This model has an LCD screen that is easy to use and a comfortable keyboard. Using the DYMO Connect app allows you to edit text and customize fonts and sizes on the go. You can even customize your messages with over 200 different emoticons. When it comes to functionality, it is hard to go wrong with the DYMO LabelManager 160.

Another label maker to consider is the DYMO LabelWriter 550 Turbo. This label printer boasts a 150 mm print speed and compatibility with the most popular shippers. It can also print up to 4.7″ wide labels. It also requires no maintenance and is compatible with most shipping platforms. So if you’re looking for a label maker for your small business, you should give this one a try.

Best Label Makers

Portable label makers are very handy. They come with a keyboard that can be used to type text. Some have a keyboard that has a QWERTY keyboard, but others don’t. Neither type is necessarily better than the other. They all serve different purposes, but they all have their benefits and drawbacks. A good label maker should be able to meet your needs. If you don’t have a laptop, you should choose one with a QWERTY-compatible printer.

Another great option for label printing is a portable label maker. These devices are often easy to transport and come with a keyboard. You can type labels on these machines without any difficulty. The best portable label makers also have a keyboard that mimics the layout of a computer keyboard. These devices also come with 27 user-friendly templates so you can customize your labels according to your needs. This Old House Reviews team recommends the Brother XL3500 and the P-touch Pro.

Whether you need labels for business or personal use, a label maker should be able to do the job. It should be a portable device that fits into your lifestyle. Many of them come with a built-in keyboard, which is helpful if you need to create labels in a hurry. Lastly, a label maker that works with Microsoft Word is easy to install. You can download a variety of templates and fonts from the internet, and customize your labels with it.

The Best Label Makers will help you organize your workplace. Some of these devices are portable and come with a keyboard. They can be connected to a computer through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Some of them can be used with computers and laptops, and some of them can also be used for personal use. If you are in the office a label maker isn’t enough, consider a portable option. You can use a tablet PC instead of a laptop.

A wireless label maker has a keyboard built-in, and many of them come with preprogrammed templates. Some are Bluetooth-enabled and require a mobile app. If you want to control your label maker with your smartphone, it’s best to choose one with a keyboard that has an on-board QWERTY keyboard. In addition to being portable, wireless labels allow you to store and access them anywhere.

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