Best Knife Sharpeners

May 2022

There are several electric knife sharpeners on the market. Here, we will discuss three models: the EdgeCraft 1520, the Presto 08810, and the Chef’s Choice. Each of these models has unique benefits and uses. The features of these products will determine which one you should buy and which one you should avoid. However, they all have some common qualities. To ensure you get the best sharpener for your needs, you should read our reviews first.

The Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

EdgeCraft 1520

The advanced knife sharpener incorporates 100% diamond abrasives into both Stages 1 and 2. The Model 316 hones and polishes each side of the blade at 15 degrees. This machine will give your knives a factory edge! It also works great for sharpening thick Chinese cleavers. If you have a knife with a thin Japanese blade, this model will give it the edge you need.

The EdgeCraft 1520 electric knife sharpening machine has a white plastic housing that houses a powerful 125-watt motor. The sharpener is well-balanced on a countertop due to the pedestal rubber feet. The controls are simple and easy to operate. You simply press the power button to start the process. The blade will be sharpened in seconds! The manufacturer also recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Sharpener works well on all types of knives. It sharpens fine edge knives, serrated blades, Santuko style edges, thick Deba style blades, and more. Its three-stage, AngleSelect system is designed to sharpen all kinds of knives. It also sharpens Japanese-style, Santuko, and traditional single-bevel knives.

The EdgeCraft 1520 electric knife sharpening machine has an impressive lifetime warranty. If you’re ever not satisfied with the results, simply send your knife to the factory for repair. They can estimate the cost of repair and contact a retailer or a national distributor for you. Include your return address, daytime phone number, and a brief description of the problem. You can also choose to receive a new one if your original is damaged.

The 1520 electric knife sharpener is powered by a powerful motor that allows you to quickly and easily sharpen dull knives. The hybrid design can sharpen both serrated and straight edge knives. The EdgeCraft 1520 electric knife sharpener is built for multiple-tasks and provides excellent value for your money. Its compact and durable design makes it easy to store. Its patented AngleSelect system sharpens any knife up to 15 degrees.

Presto 08810

This 5-pound Presto 08810 electric knife sharpening system features a ceramic, multi-color, 3-stage sharpening system. It is designed to sharpen a variety of kitchen, sport, and Santoku knives. It has a blade thickness selector, which helps you adjust the angle of sharpening. The 3-stage system is also compatible with a variety of knife materials.

The ergonomic design of this sharpener is a plus point. It has an on/off switch located in the middle, which makes it easy to use. It is also compact and attractive, which makes it a good display piece as well. While it is not ideal for serrated or ceramic blades, it provides excellent value for money. You can also use the knife sharpener for other types of knives besides knives.

The Presto 08810 Electric Knife Sharpener is a great value compared to high-end brands. It provides fast, effective sharpening, and won’t use a lot of energy. It also comes with a one-year warranty and troubleshooting instructions. You can use the sharpener to sharpen most kitchen knives, but you should not use it to sharpen scissors or serrated knives. You may ruin your knife if you do not follow the instructions correctly.

The first two stages are powered by a 125-watt motor. This motor is strong enough to sharpen knives, including pocket knives. The last stage uses a fine diamond abrasive to create a sharp edge. The third stage is manually operated and offers a polished finish. The knife sharpening module can be removed for cleaning. However, there is no guarantee for the abrasive material or sharpening process.

EdgePro 5005

The EdgePro 5005 electric knife sharpener is one of the best tools available for sharpening knives. It has two stages of sharpening, allowing you to achieve the ideal sharpness for your knife. The coarse stage sharpens the blade faster than the fine stage, while the fine stage polishes the edge. This unit is also equipped with suction cups that keep it firmly in place. In addition, it features automatic blade positioning guides to hold your knives at the optimal angle.

This unit has a versatile design that allows it to sharpen both serrated and non-serrated knives. It features an internal vacuum system that collects metal fillings and enables the user to sharpen knives of varying degrees of serration. The machine also has a 450-watt motor that sharpens blades quickly, and it can be used on a 120V outlet. Most household power outlets will be compatible with this machine.

This model has a hefty price tag, but it has a good customer service record. A customer service representative will assist you if you need spare parts or replacement grit. The manufacturer also provides pictorial instructions for use. A disadvantage to this model is that it can be difficult to use for those used to pull-through sharpeners. However, the manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty on the product.

Another great feature of this electric knife sharpener is that it comes with a 3.5-foot power cord and a polarized plug. It is not recommended for serrated knives. It also comes with two settings – coarse #600 grit and fine #800 grit. The machine is designed for both ceramic and stainless steel kitchen knives. Unlike manual sharpeners, it has an electric diamond grinding wheel that grinds ceramic knife blade chips to a depth of 1mm.


The advanced knife sharpener is designed to put a factory edge on thin Japanese and contemporary Asian blades. Stages one and two incorporate 100% diamond abrasives to give your blade a pristine edge. This knife sharpener also polishes and hones each side of the blade at 15 degrees. The model 316 is especially useful for sharpening cleavers and thin Japanese knives.

One of the most convenient features of Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpeners is their easy-to-use operation. Unlike manual sharpeners, electric sharpeners can grind more steel than is necessary, which will reduce the life of your knife. Before using any electric knife sharpener, make sure your knife fits in the device. Many electric knife sharpeners don’t fit French style knives, which have large metal bolsters. The heel portion of a knife can be damaged by uneven grinding.

In addition to being easy to use, Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpeners are very powerful and can handle heavy forged blades. They come in 15deg and 20deg angles. Most sharpeners don’t have multiple angles, and the sharpener is used the same way as an entry-level sharpener. You simply slide your knife through the sharpener and alternate the left and right sides until the edge is restored.

The Chef’s Choice 130 Professional knife sharpener has a precision angle guide system that removes guesswork and optimizes the steeling sequence. It also has a flexible abrasive disk system and is safe to use. This model is made of heavy-duty metal with rubber feet for safety. If you are unsure, check the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing a Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener.

EdgePro 1520

The EdgePro 1520 electric knife sharpener is an affordable, convenient, and effective way to sharpen your kitchen knives. With 3 sharpening stages, you can sharpen, hone, or shape your blades in less than 90 seconds. The machine uses various sharpening belts to deliver valuable results at 15 and 20 degrees. It also includes a handy carry case that makes it easy to transport.

This sharpener can be used on various types of knives, from Japanese to European. There are preset angles to use with the tool. It features 16 types of abrasives and a detailed instruction DVD to assist beginners. Unlike most electric sharpeners, the EdgePro 1520 has a dual-disc design that is easy to clean. The tool is also equipped with a sleeve for easy storage.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can try the Chef’s Choice model. It features three stages of sharpening and a three-year warranty. In addition to sharpening knives, it can also sharpen survival and pocket knives. It is easy to use, and you can adjust the angle as needed. The manufacturer recommends this model for beginners.

The EdgePro 1520 electric knife sharpener works great for both Japanese and Western style knives. Its spring guided system holds the blade at an even angle after it passes the sharpening wheels. It works quickly and efficiently, with great consistency. It is also equipped with an angle adjuster, which allows you to keep your knife’s original bevel angle while sharpening. And you don’t have to worry about damaging your knives.

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