Best Immersion Hand Blenders

July 2022

Several factors come into play when choosing the best immersion hand blender. This article compares three of the most popular hand blenders in the market: the Cuisinart Smart Stick, KitchenAid’s 2-Speed Hand Blender, Braun’s Ultra-Stick and more. Read on to find out which is right for you. Listed below are the top immersion hand blenders available on the market today. These hand blenders should be your first choice if you want to make tasty soups, shakes, or sauces in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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Braun Multiquick 7

If you’re looking for an immersion hand blender, you’ll be delighted to hear that the Braun Multiquick 7 is now available. This appliance is capable of blending soups, smoothies, and other recipes with a range of speeds. The multi-speed hand blender has a 1000-watt motor and a variable one-hand speed wheel. The MultiQuick 5 Vario has 21 speeds and a 1000-watt motor, so you’re sure to find the right one to suit your needs.

The MultiQuick 7 features a 500-watt motor, which is enough for making soups and sauces. It can even be used to make green smoothies. Its six-cup food processor kit and 20-ounce beaker are included with the blender. It also comes with a masher and whisk attachments. There are three models of this blender, each with a different range of features and accessories.

The Smart-Speed technology of the Braun Multiquick 7 hand blender eliminates guesswork. It has a soft-grip trigger to control the speed without straining your fingers. The MultiQuick 7 also features the patented PowerBell system to reduce suction and ensure a smoother blend. Unlike other hand blenders, the Braun MultiQuick 7 includes a beaker, whisk, 6-cup food processor, and masher.

The Braun Multiquick 7 is the smaller cousin of the Braun MultiQuick 9. It shares many of the same features, including 500-watt motor and SmartSpeed Technology. The MultiQuick 7 can mince and puree almost any ingredient. It also features a touch-sensitive speed trigger for a more controlled speed. SmartSpeed technology makes it easy to operate with one hand, which is helpful if you’re unsure of your strength.

Breville Control Grip

The commercially inspired Breville Control Grip immersion hand blender is the ideal kitchen appliance for simple soups and other recipes. Its ergonomic trigger grip and leg design make it easy to hold, while all of its tools are easily accessible. Traditionally designed stick mixers are difficult to use and can cause problems due to excessive suction. The Control Grip is ergonomically designed to reduce suction blades and offer a more natural hand position.

This immersion blender can blend even the toughest ingredients, like soups and sauces. The stainless steel immersion stick can blend soups and other ingredients without scratching pots or causing any splatter or suction. The eight-inch blending jar is easy to clean and contains easily-readable measurements. The ergonomic grip also keeps the blender firmly in place while blending. This hand blender is available in various colors to match your kitchen decor.

This blending device has a variable speed dial for different tasks. It did not feel bulky even after a minute of use. It was easy to operate and its trigger made pulsing easier. A stainless steel shaft with a rubberized base reached the bottom of deep containers without damaging nonstick cookware. The blender’s shallow head also reduced suction, making cleaning easier and faster. However, there were several issues with the Breville Control Grip immersion hand blender.

Braun’s Ultra-Stick immersion blender

If you’re looking for a reliable immersion blender, Braun’s Ultra-Stick is a great choice. This blender comes with an easy to clean stainless steel jar, a spatula, beaker, and a freezing tray. There are 15 blending speeds on this blender, and you can also use the whisk attachment for whipped cream or frozen dishes. It also includes a chopping blade and whisk attachments.

If you’re going to be using an immersion blender often, you’ll want to consider the comfort of the device. Most models feature ergonomic handles that make them comfortable to hold and use. The Ultra-Stick’s pistol-like handle allows for a secure grip and trigger button for speed adjustments. It’s dishwasher safe, too. Depending on how much you’re blending, the chopping jar can range from five to eight ounces.

For more powerful blending power, the Ultra-Stick comes with dishwasher-friendly attachments. The milk frother, food whisk, and 500ml beaker are dishwasher-safe. You can use it for different recipes, like making a smoothie or preparing a soup. The Ultra-Stick can also chop or blend fruits, vegetables, and meat. With 20 speeds, the Ultra-Stick can be used to prepare a variety of dishes.

This immersion blender is extremely versatile, with the ability to mash, whip, and puree just about anything. It can even be used to crush ice. It can blend up to 25 bowls of soup, and the battery can recharge in two hours. So no matter what you’re blending, you’ll always be prepared. Its 350 Watts will make the task easy. It’s an impressive blender for any kitchen!

KitchenAid’s 2-Speed Hand Blender

If you’re looking to make smoothies, sauces, and hummus quickly, the KitchenAid’s 2-Speed Immersive Hand Blender is worth considering. The blender is equipped with two speeds for various tasks, including pureeing ingredients. It also comes with a 3-cup blending jar marked in cups and ounces, so you can get the desired consistency with a single push.

One of the most popular hand blenders on the market is the KitchenAid 3-Speed Immersion Hand Blender. This blender is one of the best blenders on a budget, and the features of this model are quite extraordinary. This hand blender has the power to crush, chop, and puree any ingredient you add. Its 3-speed system is also convenient for blending ingredients in a variety of ways.

It is equipped with an ergonomically designed whisk that lets you whip egg whites and emulsify vinaigrettes and sauces with ease. Its stainless steel arm is 8 inches long and includes a fixed blade. It’s perfect for blending smoothies, milkshakes, and soups. The blender’s safety feature and soft-grip handle allow it to be operated with one hand.

Despite its price, the KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender comes with a 3-cup BPA-free jar and powerful DC motor. This blender is the perfect blender for smoothies, baby food, soup, and your own culinary creations. It comes with two speeds, a premium stainless steel blending jar, and a one-touch power button. The KHB1231CU is available in black and blue, so it’s a great buy for the price.

Braun’s 2-Speed Hand Blender

The Braun’s 2-Speed immersion hand blender offers versatility and performance in the kitchen. With a 700-watt motor, this blender combines speed and ease of use. The Braun blender is equipped with a whisk, a puree masher, and a 20-oz. plastic beaker. The hand blender has a splash-proof head design, which prevents aeration. With an additional blade for more cutting per rotation, the Braun hand blender is perfect for pureeing and blending vegetables.

The Braun MultiQuick 7 hand blender is the first hand blender to feature Smart Speed Technology, which allows the user to control the speed. This blender features a patented PowerBell system that allows for more precise control of the speed. The Braun MultiQuick 7 is easy to clean and features a soft-grip trigger. Its multifunction blending attachments include a whisk, beaker, and 6-cup food processor.

Another benefit of the Braun’s 2-Speed immersion hand blender is its variable speed button. The blade is adjustable to the height of the food you are blending. The narrow bell-shaped blade guard helps prevent splatters. The Braun immersion hand blender comes with a dishwasher-safe mixing jar. The Braun 2-Speed immersion hand blender comes with a food processor attachment and a whisk for blending. It is very easy to clean, and you can even put it in the dishwasher.

A great immersion hand blender should be ergonomically designed. Choosing a hand blender that is easy to use and comfortable to hold can make the process more enjoyable. Designed for use by both men and women, this Braun hand blender will keep you blending for hours on end. Its lightweight design, non-slip handle, and two buttons allow you to operate it more easily and effectively. There’s also an option with a built-in juicer, which makes blending a breeze.

Cuisinart Smart Stick

This hand blender has many useful features. It comes with a 200-watt motor and a flexible, 15.8-inch stick for reaching deep into the bowl. It has several useful attachments, including a measuring cup and chopper/grinder. It can also be used for baby food-style pureeing. The versatile Smart Stick has a powerful motor, so you’re guaranteed to get chef-caliber results.

The Cuisinart Smart Stick is reasonably priced at around $60, but it’s worth considering that you don’t get the chopper attachment. It’s not worth the additional cost, and you may find yourself using the blender more often than you need. And if you’re going to use this blender for hard foods, you’ll want to invest in another blender. Cuisinart makes some great models, including the CSB-79, for a lot less money.

This hand blender features a two-speed motor. The two-speed motor works well for mixing and blending, but it struggles to blend softer ingredients. It can handle tough ingredients, but it’s a little hard to maneuver. You might end up with a thick smoothie or crunchy nut butter. Nonetheless, this hand blender is very easy to clean and is suitable for blending hot ingredients.

This hand blender comes with a large measuring/mixing beaker. It doesn’t have a lid, but it has a spout to pour liquids. It’s dishwasher safe, but the glass isn’t shatter-proof. It comes with a plastic tie to prevent the cord from tangling. Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Hand Blender

Bamix Immersion Blender Pro-1

If you are looking for an excellent blender for your kitchen, you should consider the Bamix Immersion Blender Pro-1. Its powerful motor and blunt blades won’t dull easily and will last for years. In addition, this blender features ergonomic controls and two buttons. With two buttons, you can blend soups and sauces in seconds and even chop ice. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the blender in a variety of different applications.

The bamix immersion blender has an impressive blade system made of stainless steel. The Swiss Knife-like blades feature 3-dimensional design, enabling you to blend a variety of foods. The blending blade is ideal for blending liquids, while the aerating blade whips liquids into whipped topping. It can also make mayonnaise within seconds. This blender is NSF-certified and has two speeds.

It is recommended to lubricate the blending wands once a month. Use vegetable oil to oil the motor. The Bamix blender comes with a wall mount for mounting it on the wall. The motor is durable and should last for years. However, this blender can be costly and requires a good amount of maintenance. You should keep it clean with hot water to prolong its life. You can also install a wall mount for an added convenience.

The Galaxy IMBL9 immersion blender has a 9-inch shaft, which is ideal for light-duty applications. Its curved shaft is easy to clean and has two blade discs for mixing and cutting. It is ergonomically designed and features a stainless steel blade and bell. If you want an immersion blender for your kitchen, this one is a great choice. You can save money and get the same quality with a less expensive blender.

Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

The Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Immersion Hand Blender is an all-in-one food and kitchen appliance. The Mueller Ultra-Stick is a great kitchen tool for making salsa, pesto, pancake batter, smoothies, cheese sauce, and more. Besides these, the Ultra-Stick can be used to make a variety of Indian dishes and cocktails.

The Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Hand Blender comes with an impressive 2-year limited warranty. Its powerful motor and first-grade copper materials make it perfect for heavy blending tasks. This blender even works as a milk frother and whisk, making it the perfect tool for preparing milk and ice cream. It can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Mueller Ultra-Stick Powerful Multi-Purpose Immersion Hand Blender is easy to clean. To clean it, disconnect the power source and disassemble the blender. Run it in hot water and soak it in detergent. After soaking the blender, rinse it thoroughly with water and a sponge. Afterward, leave it to dry itself. There are no hose connections on this hand blender.


The Nxone Immersion Hand Blender is a versatile kitchen appliance that has all-in-one functionality. It is equipped with a powerful 200-watt motor, a 5-speed feature, and two BPA-free containers that are dishwasher-safe. The nxone also includes a chopper and whisk attachment, as well as an easy-to-use textured grip handle. The all-in-one design allows for easy control, while the easy-to-clean design ensures a comfortable use.

The detachable components are dishwasher-safe. The motor is dishwasher-safe and can be easily disassembled. The rustproof steel parts are dishwasher-safe. The Nxone Immersion Hand Blender does not come with a container, but comes with an 800 ml mixing beaker and three attachments for different applications. You can use the egg whisk and milk frother attachments to create creamy soups, smoothies, and other delicious treats.

The Nxone Immersion Hand Blender is a great investment for busy people and home cooks. It comes with several extra accessories such as a whisk and a two-cup chopper attachment. The blades are dishwasher-safe, so they’re easy to clean after use. The Nxone Immersion Hand Blender is marketed as a four-in-one kitchen tool, and it uses a 500-watt copper core electric motor for efficient blending. The variable steepless knob allows you to choose the exact level of blending and frothing.

The Nxone Immersion Hand Blender is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality immersion blender. Its stylish design will attract the eye of any food lover and its high-torque motor will quickly blend foods. It is easy to use and comes with additional attachments to further customize the blending experience. It has a five-foot power cord and an adjustable speed control. Its price will not break the bank.


When you’re looking for the best immersion hand blender for the money, look no further than the Utalent. This blender’s powerful 250-watt motor and 4-blade system allow you to get the job done in a variety of ways. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quiet this blender is, even though it’s powerful enough to handle a number of different jobs. You can even make baby food and milkshakes in it!

The stainless steel blending shaft can be easily detached from the main housing for easy cleaning. This blender is also equipped with a detachable power cord, a stainless steel blade, and a hands-free resting base. It’s also designed for bigger quantities. Whether you’re making soup or blending a larger batch of food, you’ll find that this immersion hand blender makes it easy to blend any dish.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, an immersion blender is an essential kitchen tool. This tool is easy to use and requires little counter space. It can be used for a variety of tasks, from pureeing to chopping vegetables and blending dressings. You can even use it to make baby food. There are several models available, ranging from $20 to $150, so make sure to shop around before you buy.

The Utalent Immersion Hand Blenders are easy to clean and come with instructions for cleaning. They’re dishwasher-safe, and have detachable shafts that make clean-up easy. In addition to that, they’re easy to store, and they don’t take up much space in the kitchen. The Utalent Immersion Hand Blenders are great for smoothies, pureed soups, and milkshakes.

Philips ProMix

This Philips ProMix Immersion Hand Blenders is capable of blending ingredients with 860 Watts of power. The hand blender is equipped with Promix blending technology and SpeedTouch button, which provides intuitive control and boosts power by squeezing the handle. With the intuitive SpeedTouch button, you can blend food without a second thought, even when you’re preparing the most difficult recipes.

The Philips ProMix Immersion Hand Blenders is designed with titanium-coated blades that make blending simple and precise. The machine attaches to an electrical outlet and features a simple one-touch button for increasing blending power. The blade attachment allows you to mix, puree, and emulsify food with the push of a button. The Philips ProMix Immersion Hand Blender comes with a recipe book and a beaker. However, the standard model may be enough to satisfy puree and other purposes.

As far as design and ergonomics go, the Philips ProMix Hand Blender is a fantastic choice. Its ergonomic design and comfortable grip make it easy to operate, while the wave shape technology promotes optimal food viscosity and faster blending. Unlike stick blenders, this blender eliminates the need for manual mixing and is ideal for people who want to create healthy smoothies and shakes.

The buttons on the ProMix Immersion Hand Blender are ergonomically designed and make blending a breeze. Its powerful motor will quickly blend all your ingredients, ensuring a smooth texture. The blender has 12 speeds, including Turbo mode, and can even be adjusted by pressing the handle a bit harder. If you need more speed control, look for an immersion blender with a dial. The power is adjustable and will make your work easier.

Great Alternatives

The Best Immersion Hand Blenders

Bamix – Pro-1

The Bamix – Pro-1 immersion hand blender has many benefits. Its open mixing head creates a current that draws food into the blades. This allows for more efficient mixing. You can use this blender in any container you choose. It is durable, too. Originally from Germany, the Bamix hand blender was introduced as a Zauberstab. Chefs have been using this in their kitchens for decades.

The 200-watt motor of the Bamix hand blender makes it an efficient food processor. It features two speeds and three interchangeable blades. Moreover, it features a blade guard made of cage. The blending process is also easier because the blades are protected by a cage. Its ergonomic design allows you to easily operate and control the blender. Its buttons are located in a natural position, which makes it easy to switch between the blades.

The Pro-1 comes with a 10 year warranty. The Bamix – Pro-1 immersion hand blender can withstand the heat of a pot. Besides, it can blend hot ingredients directly in a pan or pot. However, it struggles to incorporate raw vegetables such as kale, so it might be better suited to soft vegetables. It is easy to clean. It comes with a whisk blade and a beater blade.

Cuisinart Immersion Blender

If you’re looking for a quality immersion blender that’s easy to use and affordable, the Cuisinart Immersion Blender is the one for you. This versatile device can do everything from pureeing to mixing ingredients and crushing ice. Its streamlined design makes it easy to use, and you can easily clean it with warm soapy water. This blender is cordless, and its battery lasts up to 20 minutes. Its 8-inch blending arm makes it convenient to use in a bowl, pitcher, or pot. It comes with an auto-stop safety feature.

The Cuisinart Immersion Blender has a powerful 200-watt DC motor that effortlessly blends solid foods like ice and nuts. It features a convenient 2-cup plastic beaker to hold extra ingredients or your hand when blending. In addition to the blender’s many useful features, it is also available in 15 different colors. You can choose a pastel-colored model or a metallic one depending on your preferences.

The Cuisinart Immersion Blender is easy to clean and comes with a host of handy attachments. Its two-speed settings and pulse blending make it an all-in-one kitchen gadget. There are whisk and chopper attachments for a variety of tasks. The arm is removable for easy cleaning. The Cuisinart Immersion Blender is cordless, so you can easily move it to another room to wash it.

Homgeek Immersion Hand Blender

With a high cost-effective price, the Homgeek multifunctional stick blender is a great choice. This appliance has two speeds – low and high – for blending a variety of foods. It also has a 500ml food chopper and 600ml beaker. As a bonus, this hand blender also has a whisk and a milk frother for the perfect smoothie.

The Homgeek Immersion Hand Blender has a 500-watt motor that can handle tough blending tasks. The machine comes with two sharp 304 stainless steel blades, which are great for blending fruits and vegetables, as well as making smooth smoothies. With an egg beater and on-the-button speed control, it’s an excellent choice for preparing healthy and delicious meals for your kids.

The ergonomic design and soft-grip handle of this immersion blender make it easy to handle, while giving you control over the blending process. The blades are four in number and feature anti-adhesion and stronger corrosion resistance. Its ergonomic design is also an added bonus, so you won’t get tired or injured while blending. If you’re new to using immersion blenders, you may want to consider trying one first.

Morphy Richards Total Control


The Morphy Richards Total Control Immersion Hand-Blender has plenty of great features, making mealtimes much easier. Not only can you make soup, but you can even make protein-packed shakes. It’s a great blender for the whole family. Read on to learn more about this versatile kitchen appliance. Listed below are some of the features you’ll love about this Morphy Richards blender.

The Smart Response Technology on the Morphy Richards Total Control hand-blender prevents jerks and splatters. There are eight speeds, and the blender copes well with ice. Its blades are 12 times sharper than standard blenders, and it gradually slows down when it’s finished. Whether you’re using it for pureed soup or batter, the Morphy Richards Total Control Immersion Hand Blender is the perfect addition to your kitchen’s gift registry.

The Morphy Richards blender is great for small batches of food, and it has a convenient travel lid for portability. However, you should be aware of the noise it makes, as it can disturb your morning routine. This blender will only make one-serving recipes at a time, so you should be prepared for a loud noise. You should also pay attention to your blender while operating, or you may end up with a lower-quality product.

The Morphy Richards Total Control Immersion Hand Mixer is a powerful and versatile blender, featuring 600 watts of power. It also has a turbo function, which is perfect for mixing ice. Compared to the Morphy Richards Total Control Immersion Hand Blender, the Tefal Infiny Force comes with three attachments, including a chopper and a whisk.

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