Best Hamster Cages

June 2022

The best hamster cages are easy to clean, since hamsters produce lots of excrement and body fluids. More elaborate cages can be difficult to clean, and the accessories can make it difficult to clean them properly. Wire-top cages with plastic bottom trays are easy to clean. The more complex cages are hard to clean, and they require you to clean each accessory separately. The easiest cages to clean are those with a simple wire-top and plastic bottom tray setup.

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Hamster Cages on Sale

The best hamster cages are made for two hamsters or a single hamster. They should be large enough to allow your pet to exercise vertically and have plenty of room for food and water. Some of the best suited cages have extra features, like a food dish and water dispenser, and they have an easy-access door on the top panel so you can feed and clean your pet easily.

Top Rated Hamster Cages

A good hamster cage will have two levels so that your hamster can exercise. The front door should be large enough to allow the holder to move around freely. There should also be a food dish inside the cage. Generally, the best hay rack is one with four doors, but if you are looking for a smaller one, you can buy a portable version. The best hayrack is also made from plastic.

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The Best Hamster Cages

GNB Pet Multi-Level Habitat

This three-level hamster cage is made with wire for superior breathability and allows for fresh air circulation. Featuring three levels, this hamster habitat includes a food and water dish, a drinking glass, and slides for extra fun and exercise. It’s also made of non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of your pet. The cage is sturdy and weighing 7.50 kgs.

The GNB Pet Multi-Level Habitat for hamsters has several levels and a deep base that will prevent spills. It also has a removable cover for easier cleaning. The cage’s four levels offer ample exercise and mental stimulation. A wide living space provides the hamster with a wheel, hiding place, and more bar spacing. This will help prevent repetitive behaviours such as bar biting.

It’s important to make sure the hamster cage has enough room to provide your pet with all the exercise they need. Hamster cages should be at least 30 x 15 inches for a pair, although taller cages are better for larger animals. Hamsters need plenty of bedding, so larger cages are ideal. Cages come in many materials, from wire to glass and plastic to wood. Wooden cages are also popular, as the hamsters can gnaw on wood structures. Be sure to include stimulating toys and cozy nest areas for your pet to play and feel at home in.

Ferplast Duna Fun

The Ferplast Combi 1 is a small plastic hamster cage with a transparent roof, a mesh top and special slots in the side walls. It comes with a feeding dish, a nest, a wheel and plastic tubes for storing their favorite food and drink. It can also accommodate several other accessories, such as a drinking bottle. It also has special slots for placing their favorite things, including plastic teddy bears and plastic balls.

The Duna Fun Large enclosure is larger than your typical hamster cage. It features a wheel, a tunnel, a ladder and an accessory nest. Its three-layer design makes it easy to clean and offers a variety of fun activities for your hamster to do. The plastic base is extra-high (16 cm), which minimizes the risk of bedding flying around. The first-floor wire mesh allows proper ventilation. The top-most layer features a big door.

The Ferplast Duna Fun Multi-Tier Hamster Cage encourages more interaction between you and your hamster. The three-tiered design offers separate living and play areas, as well as a convenient top door. Those extra features make it easy to maintain and clean, and they also ensure a happier, healthier hamster. You can connect several Ferplast Duna cages together if you wish.

Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat

The Multi-Level Exotics Cage from Kaytee provides 3 separate levels with integrated food dishes, extra-narrow wire spacing, and chew-proof locks. It also features a deeper base. Featuring three levels and 3 ramps, this multi-level cage is ideal for your hamster. You can even add a third level if your hamster needs a larger space.

The cage includes a plastic top and bottom section with a wire frame in the center. Each level has 1/4″ space between the bars, making the cage comfortable for your hamster. Features include a water bottle, food dish, and lookout tower. The cage also includes a water bottle and disposable bedding trays. The cage has a multi-color design with a variety of bright colors.

The Multi-Level Hamster Habitat by Kaytee is made of sturdy, chew-proof wires. It comes with a large front door, a chew-proof latch, a comfort shelf, a water bottle, and a hay buffet. The bars are spaced at 1/2 inch apart to prevent chewing. The cage is designed to make your hamster feel like a real mansion. A multi-level cage can accommodate a large animal but it will require more cleaning and maintenance.

The Multi-Level Hamster Cage is designed to provide a safe environment for your new pet. It features three spacious levels with 3 fun safety ramps. The cage also features an integrated food dish, extra-narrow wire spacing, and chew-proof locks. This cage is also durable and sturdy enough to withstand your hamster’s rough play. If your new hamster grows out of the Multi-Level Habitat, you can simply replace the top with an additional one.

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro

The extra-luxury Savic Hamster Heaven Metro comes with many deluxe features, such as a toilet, tunnels, and a feeding bowl. The dimensions of the cage are 80 x 50 x cm. It’s easy to keep your hamster comfortable and happy in its new home. A water bottle is included in the price. It measures approximately 80 x 50 x cm, and weighs less than one pound.

This cage is easy to clean. Simply remove the two latches on the top, and lift the top part of the cage off to clean everything. Unlike other cages that have small, difficult-to-clean areas, the Savic Hamster Heaven Metro’s design allows you to wipe down all of the surfaces. The 630 square-inch base provides an ideal environment for burrowing, and other fun features include a tunnel and an exercise wheel. The cage also includes two feeding bowls, water bottle, and two hiding places.

This cage is built to a high standard. Its base is a deep plastic tray, and the sides are reinforced with sturdy metal bars, painted black. Its metal bars are secured with secure clips, ensuring the cage is escape-proof. The plastic is safe for your hamster, and it has no sharp edges or ridges. It has everything a hamster needs to stay comfortable and healthy. If you decide to buy this cage, you’ll be able to enjoy your new pet’s company in the meantime.

Ware’s Hamster Cages

Ware’s Hamster Cages have many benefits for your hamster. These cages are made of plastic, wire, or metal, and are usually safe to use. Although some cages have wire bottoms, plastic ones are generally less expensive and are more secure. However, plastic cages can break or become damaged easily, so you’ll want to make sure your cage is made of durable plastic. Listed below are some advantages of Ware’s Hamster Cages.

Hamsters need a spacious cage. The larger the cage, the happier your hamster will be. The hamster will also want to burrow, so you’ll want to provide bedding that won’t hurt them. You can use recycled paper or wood shavings. If you’re concerned about hamster’s health, don’t use wood shavings. Wood shavings can be toxic to them.

Prevue’s Hamster Cages feature spacious dimensions. It measures 23.6 inches by 14 inches. It has two doors, one at the top and one at the front. The top door opens out, which makes cleaning easier. It’s important to consider the size of the door, which should be at least two inches larger than your hamster’s head. A larger door means less mess to clean and less chance of hamster escape.

Ferplast Favola

The Ferplast Favola hamster cage is a habitat that has been specially designed by Midwest Homes For Pets. It features a large base in clear plastic that is designed to contain sawdust. The two-level design is easily accessible by way of a plastic ladder and large central hole. It is ideal for both mice and hamsters and can be easily assembled and dismantled. The units are compatible with other models of Ferplast products.

The Ferplast Favola hamster cage is a very sturdy plastic hamster cage that provides 2,190 square centimeters of floor space. It also has a floor underneath the top section to provide additional room for your hamster. Although not particularly large, this cage is a good size for a Syrian hamster. It is also well-designed with a deep base section and a fifteen-cm-high wheel to promote exercise.

The Ferplast Favola cage comes with several advantages. Its spacious interior has plenty of room for your hamster to exercise. The wire mesh topped cage has a deep tray to allow you to place food and water. Its clear bottom tray provides easy viewing. A stand alone wheel will be required for larger Syrian hamsters, but a small wheel is fine for smaller hamsters.

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