Best Hamster Cages

April 2024

The best hamster cages are easy to clean, since hamsters produce lots of excrement and body fluids. More elaborate cages can be difficult to clean, and the accessories can make it difficult to clean them properly. Wire-top cages with plastic bottom trays are easy to clean. The more complex cages are hard to clean, and they require you to clean each accessory separately. The easiest cages to clean are those with a simple wire-top and plastic bottom tray setup.

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Best Overall: Prevue Pet Products 528

Dimensions: 32.5 x 19 x 17.5 inches | Weight: 14 pounds | Wiring Spacing: 0.375 inch | What’s Included: Raised platform and ramp

The Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home is an attractive, durable and safe home for your small animal. It is available in two different sizes, and each features a large entry door that measures 12 3/4 inches long and nine inches wide. It closes securely with a wire latch locking mechanism. The mesh is held in place with six clips, and the cage is lightweight.

The 528 Universal Small Animal Home is suitable for a variety of small animals, including hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and sugar gliders. Its rounded corners make it ideal for small animals, and there are no pinch points.

The 528 cage from Prevue is a very affordable choice, though it is quite large. The base is six and a quarter inches deep. The cage is great for exercise, and it has plenty of space for accessories and toys. And, because it’s not too tall, it’s perfect for all types of dwarf hamsters. But, be aware that it’s not the best choice for robos, as their bodies are small and they can easily escape the bars.

If you’re looking for a deluxe habitat for your gerbil, hamster, or gerbil, the Prevue 528 cage is the best option. It has a generous surface area and wide spacing, which is ideal for gerbils and hamsters.

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Kaytee Crittertrail Two Level Habitat

With two levels of living space, the Kaytee Crittertrail Two-Level Habitat for Small Pets provides plenty of room for your small pets. It also includes an exercise wheel and food and water bowls. It is perfect for dwarf hamsters, gerbils, and mice.

This habitat is compatible with all CritterTrail accessories. The SUPER Habitat boasts 540 square inches of living space. It is designed for large breed gerbils and hamsters, while the portable Petite Habitat is suitable for smaller animals. The basic kit includes a water bottle, food dish, and exercise wheel.

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Best Budget: Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Dimensions: 23.6 x 14.4 x 11.8 inches | Weight: 6.28 pounds | Wiring Spacing: 0.25-inch | What’s Included: Food dish, water bottle, hide away, 5.5-inch exercise wheel, connecting port for play tubes

The Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage is a multi-level habitat for hamsters that is made with metallic wire mesh. The cage’s base is a large plastic area that can be easily dug into by your hamster, and the upper level is accessible through a ladder, making it a great place for your hamster to relax or eat.

This multi-level hamster cage comes with two platforms, a food dish, a water bottle, and a hideaway. It also has an exercise wheel that is 5.5 inches in diameter, integrated into the floor. The wheel is easy to access through the base, and there is ample room to install a larger wheel.

This hamster cage is made with rust-resistant steel and plastic. It also features a front door with a latch for easy access. The top part can also be detached for easier cleaning. There are also four universal wheels with brakes, and the entire cage weighs less than two pounds.

The Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage is an excellent choice for a new hamster owner. It is very affordable and comes with many essential accessories, including a food dish and water bottle, as well as a hideaway for your hamster. The cage has a two-level design, with wire spacing of 0.25 inches. The cage also features a 15-cm tall base section.

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Best Large: Aivituvin 3-Tier Hamster Cage

Dimensions: 39 x 19.68 x 24.2 inches | Weight: 33 pounds | Wiring Spacing: 0.5-inch | What’s Included: Food bowl, chewing toy, 2 hideouts, 2 seesaws, 3 ramps

Aivituvin’s 3-Tier Hamster Cage offers two separate areas for your hamster’s comfort and security. The bottom section is a deep plastic tank that is ideal for bedding and burrowing, while the top half is an elevated viewing platform.

The wood and plastic material of this hamster cage are sturdy, and the top part of the cage lifts off for easy cleaning. The top part of the cage features a mesh door for ventilation. You can place the hamster inside the nest nook, play with the hamster or add toys to keep your pet entertained. A removable clear plastic cover is a useful feature for easy cleaning of the play area.

The Aivituvin 3-Tier Hamstone Cage is designed to be easy to clean and expandable. The front door is large and easy to open, which makes feeding easy. The cage’s design is perfect for ventilation, and it also looks great in the living room.

The Aivituvin 3-Tier Hamsteel Hamster Cage is a great choice if you’re planning to keep several hamsters. The space is 5.4 square feet and offers ample hiding spots. A front door and a top cover make it easy to access your hamsters.

The top floor of this cage is a standard wire cage, with an opening that detaches for easy cleaning. A door on the top level offers access to the top floor, while a single connection port allows you to expand. The base and top floor are sized for most hamster breeds.

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Best with Wheels: Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Single Story Cage

Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 39 inches | Weight: 39 pounds | Wiring Spacing: 0.5-inch | What’s Included: Adjustable shelf, plastic ramp, ramp cover

The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Single Story cage features a ramp with a full-width plastic pan floor, a resting shelf, a base pan, and dual-locking latches for safety and accessibility. The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Single Story cage is designed for your little friend’s comfort and safety. The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage is machine-washable and dryer-safe, so your pet will be safe in his or her new home.

The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is an excellent cage for active chinchillas. It features a sturdy square tube frame and durable metal wire, and is finished in a gray-quartz hammer tone. The half-inch wire spacing is designed to keep your pet safe, while also making it easy for your chinchilla to climb and exercise. The cage is available in a variety of sizes, and you can even customize your chinchilla’s cage with accessories and toy kits.

The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and is designed to be extremely durable. Its adjustable shelves and floor pans provide plenty of room for your chinchilla to move around freely in their cage. The Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage also has plenty of storage and a removable floor pan for easy cleaning.

The Midwest Critter Nation Single Unit cage is ideal for many different types of small animals. It features a comfortable living area with 1/2″-wide wire spacing to promote healthy exploration. The unit also features a resting shelf and plastic ramp cover. The base pan is easy to remove and clean, and the doors feature full-width double doors for maximum access.

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Best with Accessories: Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Dimensions: 31.5 x 20 x 20 inches | Weight: 12.7 pounds | Wiring Spacing: 0.4-inch | What’s Included: Tunnels, exercise wheels, 2 houses, a toilet, water bottle, 2 feeding bowls and more

The Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is a deluxe hamster cage that comes with several extras. These include tunnels, a feeding bowl, and a platform. Its dimensions are 80 x 50 x cm. The cage also includes a drinking bottle.

Despite being one of the most expensive hamster cages on the market, this product is definitely worth the money. Unlike many other similar cages, it is a quality investment that will allow your pet to thrive. This cage is ideal for most types of hamsters.

The Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is designed to be as safe as possible for your pet hamster. It has an acrylic top and a fir wood base with grey paint. The cage also has a clear tunnel for your hamster to explore. This cage also features a detachable base with two handles for easy cleaning.

The Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is a pricier cage, but it is a large cage with all the accessories your hamster could need. It has a large area for your hamster to move around and has the minimum size requirement for all countries. It also allows your hamster to play freely with several toys. This is important to keeping your hamster happy and healthy.

It is very easy to clean. The plastic base can be easily removed with a damp cloth. The platforms and tubes are easy to clean, but they can be difficult to clean if your hamster decides to potty in them. Fortunately, most hamsters go potty in one corner of the cage.

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Best Glass: Aqueon Standard Glass Rectangle Aquarium 10 Gallon

Dimensions: 48.75 x 21.25 x 14 inches | Weight: 76 pounds | Wiring Spacing: N/A | What’s Included: N/A

The Aqueon Standard Glass Rectangle Aquarium comes in a clear glass design. It’s a great choice for any home aquarium, and you’ll be pleased with its high quality and affordable price. It’s a simple to use design that’s easy to clean. The 10-gallon tank’s design allows for optimal water circulation, and it has a removable filter to help keep your aquarium’s water quality high.

The glass top is rimless, allowing for a clean, modern aesthetic. The bottom frame offers stability and support, and the exposed glass edges are polished and beveled. A glass top is optional, but recommended for the best appearance and function. It prevents evaporation and protects fish from jumping out of the tank.

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The Best Hamster Cages

GNB Pet Multi-Level Habitat

This three-level hamster cage is made with wire for superior breathability and allows for fresh air circulation. Featuring three levels, this hamster habitat includes a food and water dish, a drinking glass, and slides for extra fun and exercise. It’s also made of non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of your pet. The cage is sturdy and weighing 7.50 kgs.

The GNB Pet Multi-Level Habitat for hamsters has several levels and a deep base that will prevent spills. It also has a removable cover for easier cleaning. The cage’s four levels offer ample exercise and mental stimulation. A wide living space provides the hamster with a wheel, hiding place, and more bar spacing. This will help prevent repetitive behaviours such as bar biting.

It’s important to make sure the hamster cage has enough room to provide your pet with all the exercise they need. Hamster cages should be at least 30 x 15 inches for a pair, although taller cages are better for larger animals. Hamsters need plenty of bedding, so larger cages are ideal. Cages come in many materials, from wire to glass and plastic to wood. Wooden cages are also popular, as the hamsters can gnaw on wood structures. Be sure to include stimulating toys and cozy nest areas for your pet to play and feel at home in.

Ferplast Duna Fun

The Ferplast Combi 1 is a small plastic hamster cage with a transparent roof, a mesh top and special slots in the side walls. It comes with a feeding dish, a nest, a wheel and plastic tubes for storing their favorite food and drink. It can also accommodate several other accessories, such as a drinking bottle. It also has special slots for placing their favorite things, including plastic teddy bears and plastic balls.

The Duna Fun Large enclosure is larger than your typical hamster cage. It features a wheel, a tunnel, a ladder and an accessory nest. Its three-layer design makes it easy to clean and offers a variety of fun activities for your hamster to do. The plastic base is extra-high (16 cm), which minimizes the risk of bedding flying around. The first-floor wire mesh allows proper ventilation. The top-most layer features a big door.

The Ferplast Duna Fun Multi-Tier Hamster Cage encourages more interaction between you and your hamster. The three-tiered design offers separate living and play areas, as well as a convenient top door. Those extra features make it easy to maintain and clean, and they also ensure a happier, healthier hamster. You can connect several Ferplast Duna cages together if you wish.

Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat

The Multi-Level Exotics Cage from Kaytee provides 3 separate levels with integrated food dishes, extra-narrow wire spacing, and chew-proof locks. It also features a deeper base. Featuring three levels and 3 ramps, this multi-level cage is ideal for your hamster. You can even add a third level if your hamster needs a larger space.

The cage includes a plastic top and bottom section with a wire frame in the center. Each level has 1/4″ space between the bars, making the cage comfortable for your hamster. Features include a water bottle, food dish, and lookout tower. The cage also includes a water bottle and disposable bedding trays. The cage has a multi-color design with a variety of bright colors.

The Multi-Level Hamster Habitat by Kaytee is made of sturdy, chew-proof wires. It comes with a large front door, a chew-proof latch, a comfort shelf, a water bottle, and a hay buffet. The bars are spaced at 1/2 inch apart to prevent chewing. The cage is designed to make your hamster feel like a real mansion. A multi-level cage can accommodate a large animal but it will require more cleaning and maintenance.

The Multi-Level Hamster Cage is designed to provide a safe environment for your new pet. It features three spacious levels with 3 fun safety ramps. The cage also features an integrated food dish, extra-narrow wire spacing, and chew-proof locks. This cage is also durable and sturdy enough to withstand your hamster’s rough play. If your new hamster grows out of the Multi-Level Habitat, you can simply replace the top with an additional one.

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro

The extra-luxury Savic Hamster Heaven Metro comes with many deluxe features, such as a toilet, tunnels, and a feeding bowl. The dimensions of the cage are 80 x 50 x cm. It’s easy to keep your hamster comfortable and happy in its new home. A water bottle is included in the price. It measures approximately 80 x 50 x cm, and weighs less than one pound.

This cage is easy to clean. Simply remove the two latches on the top, and lift the top part of the cage off to clean everything. Unlike other cages that have small, difficult-to-clean areas, the Savic Hamster Heaven Metro’s design allows you to wipe down all of the surfaces. The 630 square-inch base provides an ideal environment for burrowing, and other fun features include a tunnel and an exercise wheel. The cage also includes two feeding bowls, water bottle, and two hiding places.

This cage is built to a high standard. Its base is a deep plastic tray, and the sides are reinforced with sturdy metal bars, painted black. Its metal bars are secured with secure clips, ensuring the cage is escape-proof. The plastic is safe for your hamster, and it has no sharp edges or ridges. It has everything a hamster needs to stay comfortable and healthy. If you decide to buy this cage, you’ll be able to enjoy your new pet’s company in the meantime.

Ware’s Hamster Cages

Ware’s Hamster Cages have many benefits for your hamster. These cages are made of plastic, wire, or metal, and are usually safe to use. Although some cages have wire bottoms, plastic ones are generally less expensive and are more secure. However, plastic cages can break or become damaged easily, so you’ll want to make sure your cage is made of durable plastic. Listed below are some advantages of Ware’s Hamster Cages.

Hamsters need a spacious cage. The larger the cage, the happier your hamster will be. The hamster will also want to burrow, so you’ll want to provide bedding that won’t hurt them. You can use recycled paper or wood shavings. If you’re concerned about hamster’s health, don’t use wood shavings. Wood shavings can be toxic to them.

Prevue’s Hamster Cages feature spacious dimensions. It measures 23.6 inches by 14 inches. It has two doors, one at the top and one at the front. The top door opens out, which makes cleaning easier. It’s important to consider the size of the door, which should be at least two inches larger than your hamster’s head. A larger door means less mess to clean and less chance of hamster escape.

Ferplast Favola

The Ferplast Favola hamster cage is a habitat that has been specially designed by Midwest Homes For Pets. It features a large base in clear plastic that is designed to contain sawdust. The two-level design is easily accessible by way of a plastic ladder and large central hole. It is ideal for both mice and hamsters and can be easily assembled and dismantled. The units are compatible with other models of Ferplast products.

The Ferplast Favola hamster cage is a very sturdy plastic hamster cage that provides 2,190 square centimeters of floor space. It also has a floor underneath the top section to provide additional room for your hamster. Although not particularly large, this cage is a good size for a Syrian hamster. It is also well-designed with a deep base section and a fifteen-cm-high wheel to promote exercise.

The Ferplast Favola cage comes with several advantages. Its spacious interior has plenty of room for your hamster to exercise. The wire mesh topped cage has a deep tray to allow you to place food and water. Its clear bottom tray provides easy viewing. A stand alone wheel will be required for larger Syrian hamsters, but a small wheel is fine for smaller hamsters.

How to Choose the Best Hamster Cage

best hamster cage

Hamsters require a variety of features from their cages to ensure that they are comfortable and safe. For example, they need a place to sleep and exercise. They also need to have access to food throughout the day and fresh water to drink. A good hamster cage should satisfy all of these needs.

Glass tanks

Hamsters are prone to escape from their confined space and glass tanks provide a safe haven for them to climb up to the top of the tank. Hamster tanks are available in different sizes, including large, medium, and small. They can be placed side-by-side or stacked on top of one another. Moreover, tanks can be connected with play tubes to give hamsters even more space. However, glass tanks have one major disadvantage: they do not allow for enough air circulation. This can result in a number of problems including respiratory failure and heat stroke.

Another disadvantage of a glass hamster tank is its tendency to heat up faster than its counterpart. Therefore, you should keep your hamster’s temperature at a comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, since hamsters do not produce much urine, you can easily monitor the hamster’s health by looking at its environment.

When selecting a glass tank, make sure to buy one with a chew-proof wire cage topper. These cages come with safety ramps and shelves. However, these cages can be tricky to open as the hamster may have a hard time reaching the top hatch. Aside from being difficult to reach, a chew-proof wire hamster cage topper can help you make a glass tank even safer.

The Ferplast Karat 60 cage is a mid-sized cage that features a floor area of 2,321 square inches. Its width is 79 cm and its depth is 46 cm. Its door opens on the top side and has a latch clip to separate the base and top.

Pre-made cages

There are many advantages to purchasing a pre-made hamster cage. Many of these cages come with additional features, including ramps, shelves, and leak-proof pans. In addition, they feature two handles for easy transport and cleaning. These cages are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, making them suitable for different pet needs.

Some of these cages are built with solid walls, which don’t allow air to circulate. This can cause heatstroke, and it can lead to ammonia gas buildup, which can cause respiratory problems. Some pre-made hamster cages are made with solid walls, but they can also be easily modified to fit your pet’s needs.

Many of these cages also come with an access door in the top part, which makes cleaning easier. Some of these cages also come with complete cage accessories, like a water bottle, food dish, and exercise wheel. However, make sure you purchase high-quality cages and accessories to ensure that your hamster’s comfort and safety is maintained.

Hamster cages should offer ample space for your pet to run and explore. For example, a Syrian hamster requires 150 square inches of floor space and 17.5 inches of vertical space. Smaller hamsters only need about 120 square inches and 7 inches of vertical space. This means that you may want to purchase a larger hamster cage if you have a larger pet.

Pre-made hamster cages should be at least 24 inches long, wide, and high. Purchasing a larger cage is better than getting a smaller cage and then having to constantly exercise your hamster.

Easy to clean

Hamsters love clean environments, so it’s important to keep their cage clean as well. This means rinsing out the cage’s tubes, toys, and other accessories, and removing any traces of dirt and debris. When cleaning the cage, you should also dry all pieces, including the bedding, to prevent it from getting soggy. It’s also important to use a pet-safe disinfectant to keep your hamster’s cage clean and smelling fresh.

To clean the cage, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a hose to get rid of loose debris and reduce drying time. A vacuum cleaner with a 1.25-inch hose diameter is great for both big and regular bedding, and can handle up to four gallons of water.

When cleaning the cage, make sure that you remove the hamster from it before cleaning it. This will ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of the cleaning process, and won’t accidentally get into the cleaning chemicals or be sucked up by the vacuum. You can also choose a hamster cage with built-in drawers for easy cleaning.

Aside from an easy-to-clean hamster cage, you should also look for a cage that’s made of durable and non-absorbent materials. The cage should also be easy to lift the wire frame from the base, making cleaning easier. Many hamster cages are ready-to-use, but some require a bit of assembly.

Keeping your hamster clean is vital for the health of your hamster and your own well-being. Clean cages also feel more pleasant on your nose. Try to clean your cage on a daily basis and deep clean it at least once a week.


When buying a hamster cage, it’s important to look for features that you’ll be happy with. Some features you should look for include a wide front door for easy cleaning, a latch system, and an easy-to-access food and water dish. You’ll also want to look for one that has a high-quality base and is easy to put together.

Most hamster cages will come with an access door that opens on top. This will make cleaning the cage much easier. Some hamster cages will come with complete cage accessories, like a feeding dish, water bottle, and exercise wheel. These accessories should be of high quality to last and not fall apart under your hamster’s chewing.

Another feature to look for when purchasing a hamster cage is the size. A smaller cage will not provide enough space for larger hamsters. A larger cage will give your hamster more space to play, exercise, and explore its surroundings. Buying a large cage will also reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do.

The best hamster cages are made of durable materials like metal or plastic. The best ones will have transparent bases so you can keep an eye on them, and you can easily clean the bottom if they burrow. Wooden bases tend to absorb water and become unsanitary, pongy, or rotten. Zoozone’s Habitat series is a great choice, as they emphasize space and living space.

The Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Hamster Cage offers a wide area for your hamster to play in. There are four levels connected by ladders, and the top level has shelves and a ramp. The cage is easy to set up without tools. It also features a specially designed lock.

There are a number of features to look for when choosing a hamster cage. These qualities should include being easy to put together, durability, ventilation, and security. Ultimately, these are all important to a happy, healthy hamster. But, how do you find the best one for your pet?

Easy to assemble

There are several types of easy to assemble hamster cages available, and they are ideal for beginners. Often times these cages are made from materials that you already have on hand. For instance, you can use the back of an Ikea cabinet to create a hamster cage. These cages come with plenty of space, and they are especially designed for hamsters that like to exercise. Having extra space means that your hamster will be able to enjoy all its movements. Another plus is that these cages are very easy to clean.

A few of these cages come with additional accessories. Some of these include food bowls, water bottle holders, and enrichment items. Some even have a tunnel for your hamster to explore. Other features of an easy to assemble hamster cage include: (1) a sturdy plastic base with holes for burrowing.

Aside from the type of material, you should also consider the ventilation of your hamster cage. Without proper ventilation, your hamster could easily suffocate. A wire floor is also not the best choice for a hamster’s cage. If it’s not deep enough, your hamster will suffer from bumblefoot, which is a common foot problem.

One of the most important features of an easy to assemble hamster cage is the ability to remove the door when you need to clean the cage. The top panel of the cage also has a convenient door that makes feeding and cleaning easy. The mesh is held on by six clips and is removable for easy cleaning.

Despite their small size, hamsters need a large space to run around. Ideally, your hamster should have more than 450 square inches of space.


Hamster cages are designed for your pet’s safety and comfort. Some models include extra safety features, like a lockable door. Others feature mesh tops for ventilation and a spacious base for burrowing. Some cages even have a wheel for easy transportation. Cages can be a bit heavy, so keep that in mind.

Top access doors on most hamster cages make cleaning a breeze. Some models have larger doors to make cleaning easier. You may also want to consider a cage with complete accessories, like a water bottle, food dish, and exercise wheel. These items should be of high quality, though.

Durable hamster cages are also safer, as the wires are reinforced for safety. The wires are spaced at about a quarter of an inch, so your pet can’t bite through them. Some models even have a hay guard so that your pet doesn’t get caught in the hay.

Durable hamster cages also come with a number of extra features. For example, the Tucker Murphy Pet Romelia Cage offers 8 inches of glass on the bottom to keep your hamster from chewing. The cage also has a white wire mesh floor for ventilation. The cage also features dual front opening doors. It’s easy to assemble, without the need for tools, and it has a lock designed for added security.

Buying a durable hamster cage will ensure that your pet has the best home possible. These cages are not only easy to set up and clean, but also have a variety of accessories for your pet. You’ll find a variety of sizes and styles on Amazon. A good hamster cage will provide your pet with the proper housing and provide plenty of room for enrichment.


A secure hamster cage is an essential part of keeping your hamster safe and happy. A good cage should have a top access door and be large enough to allow you to clean it easily. Ensure that the cage has all the accessories your hamster will need, such as a water bottle and a food dish.

A large wire hamster cage is the best choice for this purpose. A hamster cage that is too small will lead to your pet escaping, and cages with narrow gaps are not a good idea. If space is at a premium, multi-tier cages are a great choice.

A secure hamster cage should also allow you to clean the cage regularly. This is important for a variety of reasons. The cage should be made of non-absorbent materials and should make cleaning easy. For example, you should be able to lift the wire frame from the base. Many secure hamster cages are ready-to-use, while others require you to assemble them yourself.

The cost of a secure hamster cage varies widely, but the best choice is typically between $5 and $100. The larger the cage, the better for the hamster’s health and wellbeing. Some hamster cages are also made from recycled materials. For example, you can make a cage out of old books, magazines, or a cardboard box.


Hamsters need plenty of ventilation in their cages. They produce ammonia in their urine, so you must provide them with the space needed to expel the ammonia. Poking holes into the sides of the cage doesn’t do this effectively, as plastic is left in the way.

Ideally, the bars in your hamster’s cage should not be more than 1/4 inch apart. However, this is not an easy task, particularly if you have a large wire cage. Also, ensure that the door stays closed and secure. Hamsters can get quite adept at opening doors and trying to escape. Also, make sure that there is no place for your hamster to fall.

Another important factor is the size of the hamster’s cage. A cage with 360 square inches of floor space is the minimum recommended size by most experts. You can purchase tubes separately or attach them to an existing cage to simulate its natural habitat. A larger cage means more room to explore and play and more air circulation.

Ventilation in hamster cages is vital for the health of your pet. A large cage is best for small hamsters and a small one could cause the animal to exhibit unwanted behaviors like repetitive chewing, aggression, and attempts to escape. A smaller cage may also have poor ventilation, which can cause respiratory issues. A wire cage can be difficult to clean. This is why you should choose a wire mesh cage with a plastic base.

You can also choose a bin cage. Bin cages are a great choice for the budget conscious, and are a great option if you don’t have the space to build a cage from scratch. These cages are easy to make, can be customized with different sizes, and are usually comparable to the ones you find in pet stores. Be sure to use clear bins to allow easy viewing of your hamsters.


The safety of hamster cages is an important aspect of hamster care. There are several types of cages, including those made of plastic or wire. Plastic and wire cages have different advantages and disadvantages. Wire cages are the most common type. However, they can present many dangers to hamsters.

Wooden cages are also a great choice, but these are not mass produced. They are perfect for rescuers, hamster breeders, and handy pet owners. However, it is important to make sure that wooden cages are made of untreated hardwood. Wooden cages are easily chewed and may contain toxic glues. Additionally, wood tends to collect urine stains and is difficult to clean.

The floor of a cage must be deep enough for hamsters to stand and walk around in. It should not have a wire floor because it could cause bumblefoot, a condition in which a hamster’s feet cannot fully extend. Therefore, choose a wire-top cage that has a wire base.

Children must be kept away from hamster cages. Although hamsters are tiny, young children should not play with them. If they do, the hamster might bite them in protest. Also, a wire cage may not be as safe for small children. A solid-sided or glass cage might be safer.

Hamster cages must be sturdy and free of holes. Wire cages have good ventilation and are easier to clean than plastic or tank cages. Some wire cages even come with a removable tray bottom. The tray can be cleaned and disinfected, and bedding can be added.

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