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April 2024

If you’re interested in an electric kettle, there are a few different models to choose from. The most popular are the Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Fellow Stagg EKG, Secura, and OXO Brew Glass. Read on for more information! Listed below are some other options you may want to consider as well. Which electric kettle is right for you? Continue reading for some tips on choosing the right electric kettle.

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Fellow Stagg EKG

The Fellow Stagg EKG electric kettle is an excellent choice for those looking for an accurate thermometer for their tea or coffee. This model offers a wide temperature range and accurate temperature control, allowing you to create the perfect brew no matter what you are drinking. The kettle comes with a built-in stopwatch that keeps you on track of the time it takes to make your beverage. You can use the stopwatch to set the kettle’s temperature while brewing a cup of coffee or tea.

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle includes an electric base, kettle, and removable lid. It has a short 2.5-foot cord and is compact in size. The electric base is round with a temperature control knob and an on/off button. This kettle makes the perfect coffee. Although expensive, it is worth the money. It is also a good choice for those who love pour-over coffee. While the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is not for everyone, it’s a great buy for those who appreciate precision.

Another feature of the Fellow Stagg EKG is its ability to maintain the temperature of water. Compared to the Brewista Artisan, the Fellow EKG is quicker at heating water. Its spout is not designed to face cabinets or walls and should be placed on a level surface. Plugging the power cord into a wall outlet is recommended. Once the kettle is plugged in, fill it with water up to the min fill point. Then, set the target temperature to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’re done brewing, set the timer to one minute and the kettle is ready.

The Fellow Stagg EKG is one of the best-looking electric kettles available, with its matte black body, mirror stainless steel interior, and soft glow of a digital display. Its spout has a narrow diameter, allowing for excellent drip accuracy. The Fellow Stagg EKG is not fast enough to fill a Chemex, but it’s perfect for most other drip coffee brewing methods.


The Cosori CO108-NK Electric Gooseneck Kettle is a quality coffee maker designed and manufactured in California. This kettle features 5 temperature presets and a variable thermostat to prevent burning of your coffee grounds. It also has a Keep Warm feature that keeps water at the right temperature for up to 60 minutes. And, there’s a ready tone that beeps 3 times when the water has reached the correct temperature.

The original Electric Gooseneck Kettle from Cosori boils water quickly and efficiently. Its durable stainless steel housing and gooseneck pouring design keep hot water from touching the plastic inside. This kettle also has 5 presets and a Hold Temp button to help you control the temperature. Plus, it includes two bonus coasters.

The slender pouring spout and countdown timer make it easy to set the ideal temperature. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty. However, you must clean the unit according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The COSORI CO108-NK Electric Goose Neck Kettle is the perfect choice for tea and coffee lovers. It’s reliable, looks sleek, and consistently makes delicious coffee and tea. Its brushed stainless steel exterior makes it an ideal addition to your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Cordless

The Hamilton Beach 40930 is a basic electric kettle that heats water quickly. Its power supply is 1500 watts and it can heat an equal volume of water in a shorter amount of time than a microwave or stovetop. It has a capacity of 1 liters.

Its safety features include auto-shutoff and boil-dry protection. It also has a compact and attractive design. It can boil water faster than a microwave and it’s safer than a stovetop kettle. Its LED indicator tells you when it’s ready, and it has a convenient boil dry protection feature.

OXO Brew Glass Electric Kettle

OXO Brew’s 1.75-liter cordless, BPA-free glass electric kettle quickly boils water. Its borosilicate glass body provides thermal shock protection. The kettle’s generous opening makes it easy to fill and maintains a cool handle. It also features a soft-open lid for ease of use. Here are three of the best features of this electric kettle:

The large capacity coffee maker can easily be lifted from its base for cleaning. It is also Bisphenol-free, CETL and ETL-certified. It holds about 1.9 quarts and is easy to use. The blue LED indicator lights up when water is boiling. While it is not the most attractive kettle, it’s functional enough to serve a wide variety of drinks. You won’t find a better value than this for the money.

The cordless OXO Brew Glass Electric Kettle is easy to use. The kettle features a cordless design with a 30-inch cord. It is wrapped with a heat-resistant element to prevent it from getting tangled. In addition, it has a removable filter and BPA-free food-contact technology. The handle is non-slip, which makes pouring easy. The kettle is dishwasher safe and comes with a warranty.

The OXO Brew Cordless Electric Kettle is designed to boil water with ease. The kettle holds about 1.75 liters of water. It has a non-leeching, stainless-steel body, and borosilicate glass. The kettle is easy to clean and comes with an illuminated power switch. The handle is made of high-quality rubber and is comfortable to hold.

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle

The Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle is one of the most popular tea kettles on the market. This kettle is designed for use in any standard 120-volt outlet and is drip-free. The spout is easily removed using a 360-degree rotating base that is easy to clean. It has integrated safety features to keep users safe and the kettle is backed by a lifetime guarantee. The kettle’s sturdy design and spout make pouring tea easy and comfortable.

The Hamilton Beach 41020 kettle has five settings for different types of tea, including a separate program for French press coffee. The timer ranges from two minutes 45 seconds to four minutes and 26 seconds. When the water is ready, the kettle will beep six times. The kettle will hit the preset temperature each time. It will keep the water hot for at least 30 minutes, so it’s ideal for brewing tea and coffee.

Whether you prefer black or white tea, the Hamilton Beach electric kettle features an elegant, durable design. Made of stainless steel, it is cordless and has multiple temperature settings for brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee. A wide lid makes it easy to stir your tea while a stainless steel body keeps the tea hot and the lid tight. It’s easy to clean with the wide, stainless steel interior and convenient temperature control.

The Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle is fast, safe, and compact. It’s made of high-grade materials and has a stylish finish that complements almost any kitchen decor. This kettle is designed with a rapid boil system that produces hot water faster than a microwave. It also has an auto shut-off and boil dry protection. And its brushed stainless steel exterior makes cleanup easy. Once you’re finished using the Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle, you’ll be amazed at the quality of your tea!


If you are looking for a new electric kettle, consider the Secura SWK-1701DB. This kettle is designed to be extremely durable and has a stainless steel interior. It will quickly boil water in a matter of minutes and can help you save on your electricity bill as well. The Secura kettle is a great addition to any kitchen. If you are a student, this kettle will save you money on your energy costs as it will boil water for you quickly.

The Secura SWK-1001DB has a capacity of 1.0 liters and a heating element of 1000 watts. While this kettle is not very powerful, it brings water to the boil relatively quickly, although it is not the fastest. Moreover, you should consider the pouring characteristics if you are using the kettle for making hot beverages, such as coffee. This kettle does a marginal job of pouring water slowly.

A long, flexible cord allows you to place the kettle on a countertop without having to worry about tangling it. The kettle also has a built-in boil dry protection that automatically shuts off the unit when there is no water in it. This prevents overheating and boil-drying, which are both safety hazards. Thankfully, the kettle also has an auto shut-off feature. And because it is so easy to use, it won’t break the bank!

Another great feature of this kettle is its capacity. The Secura Kettle can boil up to eight cups of water at a time, which is more than enough for a large family. Its 1500-watt heating element can quickly heat up water, allowing you to make your morning cup of coffee. Moreover, the Secura Kettle is easy to clean, thanks to its extra-large opening. Most kettles have smaller openings and require brushes to clean them.

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