Best Cordless Stick Vacuums

July 2022

A cordless stick vacuum is a far cry from its bagged predecessors. These vacuums are lightweight and powerful enough to handle most jobs around apartments and smaller homes, including more challenging ones like pet hair. Listed below are some of the best stick vacuums for your needs. Read on to learn more about them and decide for yourself which one will work best for you. Here are some of the advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Under $1000

Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 is the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market. This vacuum uses a powerful digital motor to deliver exceptional suction power. The Dyson V8 is available in several different models and can be used on any floor. The Dyson V8 cordless vacuum is available in five different power levels, including automatic, manual, and HEPA.

The DYSON V8 cordless stick vacuum comes with two tiers of radial cyclones that push air through fifteen conical shaped chambers. These chambers create centrifugal force, sucking up tiny particles like dust and hair. The Dyson V8 is 3.5 pounds without attachments, 5.6 lbs with attachments, and 2.6kg when empty. Though lightweight, the Dyson V8 is on the heavier side when compared to comparable handheld car cleaners.

Another cordless stick vacuum from Dyson is the Dyson V8 Animal. This powerful vacuum offers a 40-minute run time, multiple attachments, and a HEPA filter. A special feature on this vacuum is its ability to transform from a stick to a handheld vacuum in just a few seconds. The HEPA filter and turbo brush also help trap allergens. If you’re worried about the health risks associated with allergy medication, the Dyson V8 Animal is an excellent option.

This model also has a softer cleaning head that rolls over larger debris. The softer head on the Dyson V8 uses no bristles. The two-tier radial cyclone system on the Dyson V8 vacuum filters the dirt, and the wand itself is lightweight. The motor is powered by a trigger that is positioned on the handle. The Dyson V8 cordless stick vacuum is a cordless vacuum that’s great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces.

Miele Triflex HX1

The Miele Triflex HX1 Handstick Vacuum Cleaner is designed for intensive cleaning. Its 3-in-1 design and high-performance vortex technology give this vacuum enough power to pick up debris. Its cordless capability is also very convenient. With a battery life of approximately 30 minutes, this vacuum is ideal for use in households with small children or pets. Its ergonomic handle and durable construction will give you the best cleaning experience.

The Miele Triflex is a luxury product and comes with several thoughtful design features. It is best for smaller to medium homes because wireless vacuums cannot cover a large home’s flooring. However, it will serve its purpose well for years. Miele offers extended warranties to cover the cost of maintenance and repair. To make your life a little easier, you can buy extra attachments for the vacuum. The Miele Triflex HX1 can be easily configured and adapted to your needs.

The Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is powered by a VARTA lithium-ion battery with seven high-performance cells. A single battery allows the vacuum to work for 60 minutes. The vacuum’s brushroll measures 11 inches wide and comes with a 3-piece accessories kit. It can be charged while mounted or outside. It has a removable bag for easy dust disposal.

Another notable feature of the Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Stick Vacuum is its 3-in-1 design. It has 3 cleaning modes: Reach, Comfort, and Self-Standing. The Reach mode puts most of the vacuum’s weight at the handle and makes maneuvering a breeze. The Comfort Mode puts all the weight near the floorhead so that you need to use less effort to push it around. The Miele Triflex HX1 cordless stick vacuum is available in two different variants.

Samsung Jet 90 Complete

The Samsung Jet 90 Complete cordless stick vacuum is a lightweight, cordless cleaner with an on/off button on the handle. Its cyclone filter and dirt compartment can be removed for easy cleaning. Its five-layered HEPA filtration system collects dust and debris. Despite its lightweight design, the Samsung Jet 90 is quite powerful for its price. With its powerful 200-watt motor, this vacuum provides superior cleaning performance.

This model has three settings for power, from low to turbo. It also features an integrated charging station. The charging station is fairly narrow, but deeper than most storage stations. It also protrudes farther from the wall than the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate. The charger is large enough to accommodate two tools and two batteries at a time, but you may want to consider buying a second battery for a full charge.

The Jet 90 is great for cleaning both bare floors and carpets. Its soft brushroll is particularly good at picking up small pieces of pet hair, rice, and cereal. On high-pile carpets, it performs well, but struggles with dirt and debris. It may take a few extra passes to clean shaggy carpets. You will also need to empty its dust bag regularly.

Dyson V10

The Cyclone V10 Animal is a lightweight, cord-free vacuum that has a large dust bin and a torque drive cleaner head. This vacuum removes more dust from your carpets and transforms to a handheld vacuum for those quick clean ups and harder to reach places. The motors are quiet and the machine is durable. Its lightweight, cordless design is also convenient for storing and transferring.

This vacuum is lighter and easier to maneuver than the handheld. Both models come with tools that attach to the suction slots. The handheld and stick have flexible cleaning configurations, and the two heads can be used together or separately. The versatility of the Dyson V10 makes it an excellent choice for cleaning a variety of rooms and surfaces. While the V10 does not last forever, you should periodically replace its different components. The battery is not cheap, so consider purchasing a second one if you’re unsure which type of vacuum is right for your needs.

The Dyson V10 cordless stick vacuum has 60-minute runtime on a single charge. The battery lasts about 3.5 hours on a full charge. The V10 comes with a variety of accessories, including standard and motorized tools. Depending on the style of cleaning you’re doing, you can even purchase additional batteries at a later time. If you want to vacuum the carpet with a stick vacuum, the V10 may be your best option.

Best Cordless Stick Vacuums Under $500

Samsung Jet 70 Pet

The lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design of the Samsung Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum makes it perfect for maneuvering around the home. The battery, which is removable, provides up to 40 minutes of cleaning time. In addition, the vacuum is compatible with Samsung Clean Station for additional convenience. And, of course, you’ll never have to worry about charging it up again. Its lightweight design also makes it ideal for cleaning floors and stairs.

The lightweight, maneuverable design of the Samsung Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum makes it a great choice for busy families with kids and pets. The vacuum features a convenient dust bin and an extended cleaning time of up to 40 minutes. It is also compatible with the Samsung Clean Station so you can keep your floors fresh and clean without lugging a heavy vacuum around. Samsung’s lightweight stick vacuum has a powerful motor, so it can clean even the toughest surfaces without tiring you out.

While the Jet 70 Pet has fewer parts, it’s quieter and recharges faster. It also features a mini motorized tool for easier cleaning of furniture and surfaces. The rose gold model comes with the same features as the Jet 60. Its cordless stick vacuum also comes with a Samsung Clean Station ™ for a complete cleaning solution. This vacuum can be bundled with both. If you’re looking for a powerful vacuum with extra features, the Samsung Jet 90 Complete is an excellent option. It has a larger 200W motor, an extended battery life, and a soft-rolling floorhead.

The battery life on the Samsung Jet 70 Pet is decent, although the battery drains rapidly. The battery runs out after a few minutes of use in max mode, making it less suitable for long cleaning sessions. On the other hand, the Jet 70 Pet also has a decent battery life, though its telescopic wand isn’t available. This is a great vacuum for those who like to clean under furniture and in tight spaces.

Shark Wandvac

If you want a lightweight cordless hand vacuum, you might be interested in the Shark Wandvac Cordless Stick Vacuum. This versatile stick vacuum is designed to tackle any cleaning project, and is lightweight at just over two pounds. In addition to being lightweight, it also features a sleek charging base that lets you conveniently carry it from room to room. With two charging stations, you can keep your vacuum ready to go for a while.

The Shark Wandvac features a curved cleaning head and suction sections for cleaning all types of surfaces, including rugs, carpets, and tile. It also comes with three cleaning modes and a built-in LED smart display that makes navigating it easy. Its motorized brush roll and comb remove dirt and debris without getting stuck, while the vacuum cleaner’s bristle guard and comb make cleaning easier than ever.

The Shark WANDVAC WS620/WS632 Cordless Stick Vacuum comes with a docking station that holds a spare wand and allows you to easily store it when not in use. The docking station is also easy to clean and will save you time. This handy feature is a great feature for those unexpected cleaning needs. It’s great for cleaning carpets and hard flooring, and it can handle smaller rooms.

In addition to the cordless stick vacuum, Shark also makes an upright vacuum and a handheld vacuum. Upright vacuums have the best suction and dust bin capacity, but stick vacuums are easy to use, especially for daily tasks around the house. Handheld vacuums are perfect for small jobs and take up minimal storage space. With a nine-hour battery life, the Shark Wandvac cordless stick vacuum is an excellent choice.


The Black+Decker 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. Its two-in-one design means that you can use it like a regular vacuum or add a dustbuster for extra cleaning power. You can even vacuum the upholstery with it. Whether you’re cleaning your carpets, hardwood floors, or hard-to-reach areas, this stick vacuum is the perfect choice for the task.

The power series has a washable dirt bowl and filter, an easy-to-clean beater bar, and a smooth pivot steering. LED lights on the floor head light up your cleaning path. The vacuum is equipped with a crevice tool and a dusting brush that makes sweeping a breeze. And the best part is, the PowerSeries vacuum can also be recharged with the wall mount included.

This cordless vacuum also uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are the same type used in many power tools. The batteries are easy to charge, and you can use them time again. And the best part is that you can recharge them in just a few minutes, so it’s good for the environment and your wallet. But make sure to read all the user reviews before buying one. It can be tricky to decide which cordless stick vacuum is best for you.

The lightweight and compact design of the Black+Decker cordless stick vacuum makes it an excellent option for those with limited mobility. Its convenient foldable handle makes it easy to store away when not in use. It comes with two suction attachments and a crevice tool to make cleaning even more effective. The Black+Decker cordless stick vacuum is more adaptable than the Hoover Linx, but it’s not a replacement for a full-size vacuum.

Tineco Pure One S11

The Tineco Pure One S11 cordless vacuum has iLoop smart sensor technology to detect dirt and dust. It then adjusts its suction power accordingly. This vacuum is also equipped with a noise-reducing feature so you can minimize the sound of operation while maximizing runtime up to 40 minutes. The iLoop smart sensor technology is an added benefit that will give you the freedom to clean the most difficult to reach areas.

The PURE ONE S11 PLUS models offer the same features as their predecessors. The difference is the size of the dustbin and the battery. Both have the same number of accessories, but the Pure One S11 offers more. It also has an LED display that changes color when sensors detect high-traffic areas and provides maintenance alerts. The Pure One S12 has two cleaning modes and manual suction control.

Another advantage of the Tineco Pure One S11 is its trigger lock. It’s similar to the trigger on the Dyson vacuum, but it’s easier to engage and depress. The trigger lock is also convenient to use, and is easily engaged. Ultimately, the Tineco Pure One S11 cordless stick vacuum is a great choice for many people. It offers great value, while offering a convenient way to clean the floors without the hassle of cords.

Hoover Linx

The Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum has 110 watts of power and is capable of cleaning medium-sized homes with hard floors and low-profile carpet. It can run for up to 40 minutes on its normal mode and twenty minutes on its highest settings. While most cordless vacuums run for a limited period of time, the Linx is an exception. It can be recharged hundreds of times, which makes it a great choice for busy households or secondary vacuuming.

The Linx vacuum is easy to use. The power switch is located on the handle and the vacuum has an LED status bar to show battery charge. The cleaning head has an 11-inch cleaning width, which makes it convenient for sweeping up larger particles and pet hair. The vacuum has an auto height adjustment feature that allows you to clean under and around furniture. Several of its features are lightweight, and it works well in a variety of environments.

The Linx vacuum is capable of picking up a variety of particles, including fine and medium ones. However, it can’t handle larger debris. Its power and suction may not be enough to clean a large area, but it is more than sufficient for most purposes. Its cordless vacuum will be lightweight, easy to use, and offer high-quality suction. Listed below are some of its main advantages.

Black+Decker Power series Extreme

A 4-in-1 vacuum is a must have in the home, and the Black & Decker POWERSERIES Extreme cordless stick vacuum is the perfect tool for this job. This vacuum features a powered, anti-tangle beater bar and three different speed settings. It also has three power levels for different types of messes, from dusting to cleaning carpets and rugs.

This model has a runtime of 55 minutes, and the battery can be charged separately. A wall dock is provided for charging the battery when it’s not in use. A battery pack is also removable, which allows you to charge it anytime you need it. This vacuum also comes with a main cleaner head, motorized brushroll, and LED headlights to make the cleaning process even simpler.

The Black+Decker Power series Extreme cord-less stick vacuum comes with an interchangeable tool system and a powerful brush for deep cleaning. Its lightweight and powerful design make it perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Its bagless dustbin means that you don’t have to worry about keeping it refilled. You can use the vacuum as a handheld vacuum as well.

The power series Extreme cordless stick vacuum is an inexpensive option for cleaning your home. It has a 20-volt battery and can be converted to a hand vac if needed. It has three modes to target various kinds of debris and is capable of traveling from one floor style to another. The swivel head allows you to maneuver around furniture, and the LED headlights ensure a clean and safe environment.

Bissell Featherweight

The Bissell Featherweight cordless stick vac has a light weight and can clean bare floors well. Its power cord is short, and there are very few parts to clean. This vacuum picks up small debris, such as pet hair, easily. The battery lasts up to 40 minutes. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to carry and maneuver. It also comes with a detachable hand vacuum, which is great for quick clean-ups.

It is one of the top-selling cordless stick vacuums on Amazon, and it is no wonder. It has nearly 47,000 five-star ratings and is great for multiple surfaces. Best of all, it can be converted into two more handheld tools – a floor sweeper and a crevice tool. This vacuum is essentially three tools in one! Read on to find out what makes it such a great buy.

This lightweight stick vacuum cleans carpets, bare floors, area rugs, upholstery, and more. Its compact design makes it easy to move and store. The vacuum has an extra crevice tool to remove stubborn dirt from tight spaces, and it is whisper-quiet to use. At under five pounds, this vacuum is easy to maneuver around your home and even works well on stairs. Even better, because of its cordless design, you won’t have to worry about battery life.

Shark Rocket Pet Pro

This Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuuum has a self-cleaning brush roll and powerful suction that makes it an excellent choice for cleaning various types of carpets and floors. Its suction is strong enough to clean even tough messes, and the vacuum’s cordless technology makes it ideal for cleaning any room in your house. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use and maneuver around furniture.

The Rocket Pet Pro offers an air purification system, and it comes with washable foam filters and a capable HEPA filter. These filters keep 99.97% of all dust particles from escaping from the machine. It also features a larger dust cup, which holds up to 0.34 quarts of dirt. This larger capacity allows for a longer cleaning session. This vacuum is ideal for homes with pets or older children.

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro is a cordless stick vacuum with a 40-minute run time. It features a 3-mode variable suction power system and an advanced tangle-reduction brushroll. It also has a rechargeable click-in battery and a washable dust bin and filters. This vacuum is not recommended for deep cleaning, but it’s ideal for most homes with pets.

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuuum is a cordless stick vacuum that delivers outstanding cleaning. With a removable hand vacuum, powerful suction, and Dirt Engage technology, this stick vacuum is an excellent choice for homes with pets. With a lightweight design, this cordless stick vacuum has a removable handheld vacuum that lets you clean the floor without having to worry about a cord. CleanTouch Dir Ejector technology makes it even easier to clean from floor to ceiling, while the ultra-large dust cut provides a powerful cleaning performance.

Unlike traditional vacuums, Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuuum comes with suction power controllers on the handle for optimum cleaning performance. The controls are easy to use and are positioned for easy access. The power controllers are also adjustable, allowing the user to use the vacuum intermittently for maximum suction power. The vacuum is able to reach the highest suction levels, even when it’s full of pet hair.

Noteable Mentions

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Best Cordless Stick Vacuums

The first factor is the size of the house. The smallest stick vacuum, the Dyson DC18, is designed for larger households. This stick vacuum has 90% more suction power than its corded counterparts, and it automatically adjusts to different types of floors. This vacuum also has a battery life indicator so you know how long you’ll be able to use it. Another consideration is how light the stick is. Many cordless stick vacuums weigh as much as four pounds, so consider this when comparing the two models.

Another factor to consider is how well the vacuum can clean carpet. Many cordless stick vacuums are designed for hard floors, but the Samsung Jet 70 Pet cordless stick vacuum was the most effective at cleaning carpet. In our tests, this cordless vacuum picked up all materials in just a couple of passes on the carpet, earning it a 2-star rating for its hardwood cleaning ability. Other reviewers noted that this model was user-friendly. However, negative reviews criticized its short battery life and tendency to get clogged.

A few other important factors to consider when purchasing a cordless stick vacuum are the suction power and battery life. A cheap model will only last 20 minutes, while a more expensive model will last over an hour. The battery life is especially important if you have a big home and often need to vacuum the floor multiple times. While a high-end vacuum has a higher suction power, it’s still important to consider the battery life.

A good cordless stick vacuum is light and easy to maneuver. This machine will fit in a trunk or small home. It is also easy to clean hard floors. Its high-capacity dustbin and 180-degree swivel head make it ideal for small spaces. The Samsung DC18 is a great choice if you’re looking for a lightweight cordless stick vacuum. Its cordless stick vacuum is convenient and is lightweight.

When choosing a cordless stick vacuum, consider its battery life. Some cordless vacuums require a charge every 30 minutes or so. To keep the battery life up to an average of 40 minutes, you’ll need to make sure it has enough charging time between uses. If the power level is high, you’ll need to recharge the unit every time. If you’re concerned about battery life, consider the features of a cordless vacuum.

The Samsung Jet 75 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a lightweight vacuum. It weighs six pounds, and can easily maneuver under furniture. Its swivel head is great for cleaning hard-to-reach places. Its dustbin is large, but it also has a removable battery for easy charging. In addition, it also has a dust-tank and a cyclonic filtration system.

The most popular cordless stick vacuum in the US is the Shark Vertex Pro Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum (IZ662H). It is lightweight and features Anti-Hair Wrap technology, which helps prevent tangles in your hair. The brush is also bendable. Overall, the Shark Vertex Pro Lightweight is a good choice for supplemental cleaning. Its suction power is great, but its stick is not bendable.

The Dyson DC18 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a great option for larger homes. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, and its dual-charged lithium battery lasts for up to 80 minutes. The swivel head makes it easy to reach tight spaces. The dustbin can hold up to 1.8 gallons of debris. A powerful, versatile cordless stick vacuum will work well in a small home or apartment.

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