Best Cordless Drills

February 2023

Cordless drills vary in price, quality, and capability. More expensive models have higher amp ratings, more torque settings, and additional battery packs. Some drills also come with additional bits and accessories. When looking to purchase a cordless drill, consider the power and features that you need most. Also consider battery life.

Choosing a powerful cordless drill can help you complete a variety of home improvement projects. These tools are light and ergonomic, and are equipped with a powerful 18V battery. These tools are ready to tackle your screwing, drilling, and hammer drilling projects. However, you must make sure that you find one with the proper battery size.

While lithium-ion batteries cost more, they last longer and can be recharged faster. Many of these drills will last you between 15 and 30 minutes on a single charge. You should also look for a drill with a battery gauge to gauge how much power you have left. If the battery is low, you can simply swap out the battery while it charges.

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Bosch PS31-2A 12V Max Drill/Driver

The Bosch PS31-2A 12V Max Drill/Driver is a high-performance drill that comes equipped with an all-metal gearbox and a durable frameless motor. Its new head design is shorter and thinner than the previous model, and it features an all-metal clutch system and an LED work light. The ergonomic handle angle is also better, and it feels perfectly balanced in your hand.

For those who need to drill and drive in tight areas, this tool is a good choice. Its light weight and 7-inch head make it easy to maneuver into confined spaces. It also features an integrated fuel gauge. The drill comes with two batteries and a charger. With its power and versatility, the PS31-2A can serve as your primary go-tool in most professional applications.

As with any tool, finding a high-quality one can be challenging. There are a lot of low-quality products out there. That’s why it’s important to find a reputable manufacturer. Look for a brand that has been in business for decades. It’s important to buy from a well-established company, since it shows you trust them. Bosch is one such company, and its tools have earned a reputation for quality and reliability.

DeWalt DCD701F2

The DeWalt DCD701F2 drill driver features two speeds, one for driving screws and another for drilling holes. It also has a battery charger and tool bag. This drill is lightweight, compact, and powerful for light work. It also comes with a bright LED on the foot, which is useful when doing delicate work.

This drill driver kit comes with a DCD701B drill driver and two DCB122 batteries, a 12V/20V MAX charger, a belt clip, and a tool bag. The batteries also have a state-of-charge indicator. The kit is equipped with a 3-year limited warranty.

The DeWalt DCD701F2 Xtreme Cordless Drill Driver Kit is an excellent value for the price. It does not stack up as well against its competitors, but is still an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. It is reviewed favorably by TechGearLab and the Independent, and has received great reviews from consumers.

While the DCD701F2 cordless drill may be good for small jobs around the house, the DCD778C2 is a more durable option. It features a metal ratcheting clutch, which is better than the plastic clutch on the DCD777C2 Canada model. In addition to its battery, this drill comes with a hammer-drill feature.

DeWalt DCD991P2 Drill/Driver

The DeWalt DCD991P2 is a cordless drill/driver that offers a powerful 20-volt motor. This drill was developed for use in heavy drilling applications. It is equipped with a clutch that allows the user to vary the torque it produces. Aside from this, the drill has a side handle, belt clip, and kit box.

This tool is also equipped with an all-metal high-performance transmission and a brushless motor that provides up to 57% more runtime than a brushed motor. It also has a carbide-insert chuck and three speeds, which make it one of the most powerful drills in the DeWalt line. It is also equipped with a 20-minute shut-off feature.

The DEWALT DCD991P2 drill has a 20V MAX XR brushless motor. Brushless motors are easier to maintain and last longer than older models. Its brushless motor also means that it runs cooler. The DeWalt DCD991P2 is also equipped with a 20-hour LED worklight.

While the DeWalt DCD777C2 Canada model is cheaper than the DCD991P2, it has higher torque and less weight. It has a 90-day money-back guarantee and comes with three years of limited warranty. This drill is the perfect tool for homeowners who are looking to tackle smaller jobs with less power.

Hilti SFD 2-A – A Powerful Socket Drill With a 1/4-Inch Hex Collet

The Hilti SFD 2-A is a powerful hand-held socket drive drill with a 1/4-inch hex collet. It offers the same performance and ergonomics as a 12V hammer drill, with a maximum torque of 212 inch-pounds and 1500 RPM high speed.

The Hilti SFD 2-A weighs less than two pounds and is just over five inches long. It has 212 in-lbs of torque and comes with 2 gear settings. It can operate from 0-400 / 0-1,500 no-load rpm. This impact driver is ideal for light-duty fastening jobs.

Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 1/2-Inch

The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 cordless 1/2-Inch drill driver delivers the perfect balance of performance and power. Its compact ergonomic design and Brushless motor provide 650-in-lbs of torque. Plus, it’s long-lasting and includes a belt clip, driver bit holder, and soft carry case.

The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 has an impressive rating on Lowe’s, with nearly ninety percent of customers recommending it to others. Users laud its fast charging, well-balanced design, and ability to drill through masonry bits and concrete blocks. However, it has a few cons, including a slow chuck and poor steel-drilling performance.

This cordless drill has two speeds and a variable clutch. It comes with a dual-ended driver bit, LED light, belt clip, and charger. The kit also comes with a carrying case and storage bag. The battery is rechargeable, and the drill is portable enough to fit easily in a pocket.

The battery is located inside a slide-rail battery system, allowing for convenient storage and ease of transport. The tool also features a fuel gauge and battery status indicator. It also has a small button on the front that lights up LEDs and indicates battery life.

The Kobalt KDD 1424A-03 Cordless Drill offers great value for the price. It weighs just over four pounds, is compact, and features a brushless motor. It also offers 24-volt power and 650-in-lbs of torque.

Makita FD07R1 Cordless 3/8″ Driver-Drill Kit

The Makita FD07R1 cordless 3/8″ driver-drill kit delivers power and speed in a compact size. This driver-drill kit is powered by a 12V max CXT lithium-ion battery. It offers superior ergonomics and balance, as well as an on-board charge level indicator. The powerful motor delivers up to 250 in. lbs. of Max Torque.

Compared to its predecessors, the Makita FD07R1 is lighter and has more torque. It also has a four bar fuel status gauge, which helps you monitor battery juice. The FD07R1 is ideal for homeowners and professionals who need a reliable power tool that will last a long time.

Compared to other drills, the FD07R1 is extremely compact. It has an overall length of 225mm. It also features a powerful 18V brushless motor and a twin LED work light, which help you work more accurately and efficiently. It also boasts a Makita Li-Ion battery platform.

The ergonomics of the Makita FD07R1 are excellent. Its handle is comfortable under load and it fits in your hand comfortably. It also weighs very little, which is a plus. It’s easy to use and maneuver around the work area. Its battery power is sufficient for most tasks.

The Makita FD07R1 cordless driver-drill kit features two 12-volt Max CXT(r) Lithium-Ion batteries, a battery charger, and a tool case. The Makita FD07R1 is great for professionals and DIYers alike. Its ergonomic design and a compact size make it a great choice for busy professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Milwaukee 2805-22

The Milwaukee 2805-22 Drill/Driver is a 4-in-1 drilling and driving tool that delivers unrivaled access and 300 in./lbs of maximum torque. Its 4 dedicated heads feature 3/8 in. Chuck, Offset Driver, 1/4 in. Hex and Right Angle head for a complete, 4-in-1 drilling and driving solution.

This cordless impact driver comes with ONE-KEY technology and a battery pack that can charge your drill with just one button press. It has a reversible head and is ideal for tight spaces, including high-rise ceilings. The Milwaukee 2805-22 is also equipped with a programmable timer that helps you organize your work. The FUEL installation drill/driver features a 3/8-inch chuck, 1/4-inch hex, and Right Angle head, making it a one-stop drilling and driving solution.

Ridgid R86116K 18V BRUSHLESS Compact Hammer Drill Combo Kit

If you’re looking for a good hammer drill and cordless drill in a single package, the Ridgid R86116K 18V BRUSHLESS compact hammer drill combo kit is the tool for you. This drill comes with a brushless motor and an 18V lithium ion battery, so you can use it for drilling, screw driving, and general DIY projects. It also has an adjustable clutch for precise control and 100+ micropositions.

The Ridgid R86116K is a powerful 18-volt cordless drill with a micro-clutch system and a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery. It can drill up to 2000 RPM and offers a range of 100 torque settings. The tool has a 3.5-amp lithium-ion battery, so it can run for hours on a single charge.

Great Alternatives

Power output

Power output is an important consideration when choosing a cordless drill. It is the amount of power used in one hour. Using a power drill with high wattage will allow you to complete a wide range of tasks, but it can also overwhelm inexperienced users. A good cordless drill has a wattage range between 800 and 1,200.

Another important factor when choosing a cordless drill is the battery capacity. A drill with a large capacity battery will provide you with more power for a longer time. A drill that uses lithium-ion batteries will generally last longer than its nickel-cadmium counterpart. However, lithium-ion batteries are more expensive and need a longer charging time.

The Bosch PS31-2A 12-volt model features a powerful brushless motor with 265 inch-pounds of torque. It weighs two pounds and features a 7-inch head. It has an impressive power output and is a great tool for many DIY projects. In addition to its power, the Bosch PS31-2A also has a battery charger and LED work light. Moreover, this kit comes with two batteries and a carrying case.

In addition to power, a cordless drill’s speed and torque should also be considered. Speed and torque are directly related. For instance, a drill with high RPMs will provide more torque while a slower one will have less torque. While the two factors may not be identical, they are important for determining whether or not a tool is appropriate for a particular job.


When choosing a cordless drill, you should consider the durability of the motor. If you’re doing heavy work, you may want a cordless drill that can withstand repeated use and damage. Unlike an electric screwdriver, which has a limited battery life, a cordless drill can be replaced if the brush breaks or the motor fails. Likewise, a cordless drill’s battery is less likely to be damaged. However, if you’re doing light work, you may want to opt for a corded model.

In order to maximize the life of your drill, know how to charge and use it properly. You should avoid overheating the tool. Moreover, you should know how to maintain the drill to get the best performance. Depending on how you use the drill, you may need to replace some parts or even replace the battery altogether. Battery life also depends on the number of charging cycles. In general, a Li-Ion drill battery should last for three to four years.

When shopping for a cordless drill, look for a good warranty. Fortunately, most cordless drills come with a three to five-year warranty. Some are even covered by a two-year warranty. Look for a warranty that covers the drill/driver as well as the battery.

A 20V 1500mAh battery is great for long-lasting performance. This type of battery allows you to quickly switch between forward and reverse modes, enabling you to drill, fasten, and change bits. Another positive feature is a forward/reverse switch that makes it easy to work with one hand while holding the tool.


If you’re looking to maximize the life of your cordless drill, you need to know a few tips. First, you should charge the battery frequently. Most cordless drill batteries last longer if they are recharged at 70 percent capacity or higher. However, you should keep in mind that battery life degrades over time, especially if you do not use the drill regularly.

You should check your cordless drill after each use to ensure that it is working properly. This includes tightening the drill chuck with your hands. When you’re finished, return the chuck to its original position. Be sure to firmly secure the drill bit with the last click. In addition, if the battery is showing signs of weakness, it’s time to replace it.

You can also make sure your drill has a battery life indicator. This will help you know how much power it has left even when you’re in a difficult location. This is especially helpful if you’re on a ladder or roof, or in a less-accessible area. These indicators let you know how much battery power you have left in 25% increments, which is perfect for those working in difficult locations. You can find these tools on the market from Bauer, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Craftsman, and more.

Cordless drills can be useful for a wide variety of tasks around the house. These tools are perfect for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike. These handy devices can make a major impact on the way you perform routine tasks around the house. This handy guide will help you complete your projects and do it safely.

Reliability of power source

When comparing cordless drills, the power source is a critical factor. Having a drill that has a reliable power source can mean the difference between a productive workday and an unproductive one. A good cordless drill should have a high-quality, long-lasting battery that will last for the full workday. In addition, it should also be efficient at generating power.

Having a torque selector on the drill is a key feature that can greatly reduce the chance of overdriving screws. This feature helps prevent overdriving by automatically disengaging the drive shaft when it reaches a certain level of resistance. A good cordless drill should also have a clutch that is adjustable. Although the number of clutch settings varies between models, experts recommend a drill that offers several clutch settings. Most decent cordless drills have at least 24 clutch settings.

The best cordless drill machine is not cheap, and is often beyond the reach of many homeowners. However, if you are looking for a durable tool that will perform well in areas where corded drills are not suitable, a cordless model may be just what you’re looking for. In general, the cost of the best cordless drill machine will be around two thousand dollars.


Cordless drills are a great option for many types of DIY projects. They can be used for drilling holes in different materials and for driving threaded fasteners. While they’re perfect for heavy-duty home improvement jobs, they’re also useful for light-duty tasks, such as cleaning bathroom tiles and mixing paint.

The DeWalt DCD771C2 MAX Cordless Drill is an excellent choice for small-scale construction projects. The machine features a powerful motor and high-speed transmission. It can oscillate between 450 and 1500 RPM. It also comes with an ergonomic handle for greater comfort and control. It has a 300-watt power output, and is very easy to use in smaller jobs.

Another good option is the BLACK+DECKER LD120VA MAX Cordless Drill. It’s affordable, and is perfect for many home maintenance projects. However, it’s not the most powerful cordless drill, so you’ll need to supplement the bit with other kits. With its 5.2-pound weight, the Black+Decker LD120VA MAX Cordless Drill is a great option for those who need a drill that’s inexpensive and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

One of the main things to consider when buying a cordless drill is how many clutch settings it has. Having multiple clutch settings can help you avoid stripping screws and avoid over-driving screws. However, the number of clutch settings varies among cordless drill models.

Which Are the Best Cordless Drills?

Variable speed trigger

Most cordless drills come with a variable speed trigger, allowing you to adjust the power and speed of the drill based on the task at hand. Brushless motors have multiple wire leads and a controller, while a rocker switch on the tool allows you to lock out rotation and rotate the chuck in either direction. Here are some tips on how to use a variable speed trigger on a cordless drill.

First, know your tool’s power output. The higher the voltage, the more power it can produce. A higher voltage will give you more power, but it will also make the tool heavier. Another thing to consider is torque, which is measured in Newton Metres (Nm). The higher the torque, the more twisting force the drill can deliver. A high-torque drill will provide more torque to complete your project, but it will cost you more in the long run.

Another important factor is battery life. A high-quality battery will last longer. A drill that runs on one charge will last longer, so it is important to get one with a battery that provides enough power. Consider the weight as well, as the weight of the tool may make a difference when using it. You’ll need the extra weight to move the drill around, but an ergonomic grip will make it more comfortable to use.

Compact design

A compact design for a cordless drill is a practical feature. Compact drills are slim and take up little space, which is important if you have limited workspaces. These tools may also have other features such as rotating heads to make drilling angles more adjustable. They may also have flashlights attached or magnetized heads. The compact design of a drill means that you can operate it with one hand, which is convenient if you are working in confined spaces.

This cordless drill is compact enough to fit in small areas, but has plenty of power for most driving and drilling jobs. Its dual-speed transmission provides 0-450 RPMs at a low speed and a maximum speed of 1650 RPM when you don’t use it. It also delivers plenty of torque – 300 inch-pounds at low gear and 531 inch-pounds at higher speeds. The Metabo cordless drill is easy to operate, thanks to its soft-grip handle.

Another feature of a cordless drill is its LED light. An LED light is usually located in the handle at the bottom, facing up. The light illuminates the workspace, but it can cast annoying shadows. Another benefit of an LED light is that you don’t have to lug a bulky power cord around. A cordless drill is more convenient, but the battery life is shorter. So which one is right for you?


A cordless drill can provide a lot of power for a small price. There are many different options on the market, and they range from cheap, lightweight tools to heavy-duty models. It’s important to select the right tool for the job you’re about to perform. For example, a compact, high-power drill from Milwaukee might be better suited for light construction work. You can also look for a drill that combines hammering and driving capabilities, such as those made by Bosch.

Another option for a cordless drill is a brushless motor. A brushless motor has the ability to increase the drill chuck’s speed from zero to 1500 RPM in less than one second. This feature makes it a good middle-ground option for many drilling tasks, including wood and metal surfaces. You’ll be able to achieve a precise hole in no time with the power of a brushless drill.

A variable-speed drill with two clutch settings is an ideal option for heavier drilling. It should have two clutch settings, a T-handle, and a second battery. The price range for such a tool is usually between $60 and $140. A professional-level 9.6V model may cost you around $140. Other popular options include the Hitachi FDS10DVA and Makita 6222DWLEK.

If you are looking for a battery for your power drill, you should check the battery capacity of each model. The higher the cell capacity, the longer the drill will operate. For instance, a 2.0-Ah battery will give you more than enough power. And don’t worry about overheating – battery life is up to eight hours – so if you need to use your drill for an entire project, you’ll have more time to complete it.

Long life

Considering buying a long life Cordless drill? You’ll want to take a few steps to ensure the longest life possible. For one thing, always keep your batteries charged. A standard battery should remain above 70%, which will extend the life of your drill. Nickel cadmium batteries, for example, may need a monthly discharge. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, shouldn’t be fully discharged, but a partial discharge is recommended.

Cordless drills come with different battery types and sizes, but in general, the batteries in cordless drills are lithium-ion. The battery capacity decreases with time, so a long-life tool battery can last up to five years. Whether you’re a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll need to know which battery is right for your needs. However, you’ll want to know how to use each power mode in order to maximize its lifespan.

A high-quality battery is essential for long-life cordless drills. A high-quality battery will last for at least three years, and should not be used to drill concrete. For metalworking, an 18-volt battery is ideal. A higher-voltage battery is preferred for masonry/hammer drills. The lower voltage battery can be quickly depleted with heavy use. Batteries are not guaranteed, but with proper care, a long-life battery will last up to five years.

Cordless drills are typically light-weight. Although they are much lighter than a wired drill, many 18-volt cordless models do have more weight due to the battery and complex mechanism. The battery in a cordless drill should have a higher capacity than the battery in a wired drill. This ensures a longer life, which is important when working on tight spaces or installing electrical wiring. In addition to the battery life, they are typically more expensive than their equivalent corded counterparts.


The good news is that cordless drill prices have dropped significantly over the past few years. With such low prices, you should be able to find a model that fits into your budget. With a surprisingly low price tag, cordless drills have become an indispensable tool for most home projects. A cordless drill is often referred to as a drill/driver, but it also has professional uses as well. For that reason, everyone should own one.

When determining the price range, take a look at the features of the drill. Do you need a bit chuck with more than one hole? A drill with a 1/2 inch chuck is likely to have more accessories than a drill with a smaller chuck. A chuck that accepts most drill bits should be fine for many daily home projects. Cordless drills with a max speed of 1450 rpm will be ideal for home improvement projects, and their speed is good for daily use.

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