The 10 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats and Kittens

April 2024

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If you’re planning on bringing a cat into your home, then you may want to invest in the best cat tree. This is a great way to help your feline friend get comfortable in your house, and it can also provide endless entertainment. Your cat will have the opportunity to play and scratch, which is ideal for active cats.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best cat tree for your pet. These include your pet’s size and your budget. In addition, you need to make sure that the tree provides your pet with adequate scratching posts as well as perches.

Some cat trees are designed specifically for privacy, while others come with hiding places. You can even purchase a cat tree that offers two separate levels for the ultimate in kitty comfort. Depending on your tastes, you can choose between a wooden, laminate or plastic model. However, the solid wood variety is the best.

If you’re looking for a stylish, sturdy cat tree, then you’ll probably want to consider a Tuft & Paw model. These are renowned for their durability and high-quality build. They also feature a plush, non-slip surface that’s perfect for scratching.

The best cat tree will also be easy to clean. It should be made of materials that are easy to wash and will blend well with your decor. For instance, you can find models that feature dark, textured fabric that will blend in with any room in your home.

When looking for the best cat tree, it’s wise to consider the size of your home. If you have a small room, then a small, compact tree is a good choice. On the other hand, if you’ve got a large space, you may want to go for a larger option.

Cat trees are available in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from the traditional tower to the more slender, open-style platform. A taller model is often preferred by cats, as they have a wide view of their surroundings. Another factor to consider is whether or not your cat is mobile. Older cats and cats with mobility issues might need a smaller model.

Most cat trees are covered with carpet, sisal rope or some other material. You’ll also notice that some have anti-toppling fittings, which will ensure that the tree stays stable. Also, you’ll need to check the product’s weight bearing capacity. Often, the product page will indicate how much weight it can support.

When choosing a cat tree, make sure to look for the most stylish design. A sleek, sculptural wooden model might look stunning in your living room, but it’s unlikely to hold up to your cat’s rigorous scratching. Plus, white or light yellow wooden structures tend to look dirty after a year or so.

While most cat trees are covered with some kind of fabric, the most elegant option is a wooden structure that has three or more levels. Alternatively, you can find models with enclosed condos.

Regardless of your choices, the best cat tree is one that will meet your pet’s needs and that will fit your budget. Make sure that you’re familiar with the cat’s preferences, and that it’s a safe and stable model

Best Overall: Feandrea Cat Tree

Capacity: Not listed | Dimensions: 19.7 x 15.7 x 43.3-inches | Weight: 22.9 pounds | Frame Material: MDF | Covering Material: Plush fabric

The Feandrea Cat Tree is a luxury cat toy that provides your feline friend with a safe place to climb, play, scratch and nap. It is made to be sturdy and comfortable for cats of all ages and sizes.

Most Features: Hey-Brother 61.5 Inches Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree

The Hey-Brother 61.5 inches Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree may not have the most stylish appearance, but it’s a sturdy and feature rich model that’s sure to please any cat. It features several plush perches and a dangling toy. In addition, the cat tree is made of CARB-certified particle boards, a well-engineered material that’s safe for your cat.

One of the coolest things about the cat tree is that it’s designed to fit into any room corner. It’s constructed with a reinforced wood base plate that makes it stable and dependable. Plus, it has anti-toppling fittings to ensure its long-term safety.

Aside from the obvious scratching post, the tree features two basket loungers, a dangling toy, and an interactive cat toy. All of these are made of high-quality materials to keep your kitty entertained for hours.

For some, the tree’s two dozen plush perches might be the perfect way to occupy your feline while you’re busy with other things. Another nice touch is that the tree is sturdily anchored to your wall using drywall anchors. This means that you’ll have less tinkering with screws in the future.

While it’s a tad overpriced, the Hey-Brother 61.5 inches Extra-Large Multi-Level Cat Tree is a fantastic cat toy that will keep your kitty occupied for a long time to come. You won’t regret your purchase. So, stop dreading your daily morning walk to the cat tree and start savoring it now!

The Hey-Brother 61.5 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree is a great choice for anyone looking to add a bit of whimsy to their home.

Feandrea Cat Tree UPCT15GYZ

The Feandrea Cat Tree UPCT15GYZ is a solid choice for cat owners looking for a durable and spacious climbing structure for their feline friends. The tree is made of high-quality materials and features multiple levels, scratching posts, and a cozy hammock for your cat to relax in. Assembly was relatively straightforward and the instructions provided were clear and easy to follow.

One of the things I like most about this cat tree is its sturdiness. It feels very solid and well-built, which gives me peace of mind knowing that my cat can play and scratch on it without worrying about it tipping over. The multiple levels and scratching posts also provide plenty of options for my cat to explore and keep entertained.

I also appreciate the design of the tree, which is sleek and modern. It blends in well with my home decor and doesn’t look out of place. The hammock is also a nice touch, as it provides a cozy spot for my cat to rest and nap.

One minor downside to the tree is that it is a bit larger than I expected, so it takes up more space in my living room than I anticipated. However, this is a small trade-off for the benefits it provides for my cat.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of the Feandrea Cat Tree UPCT15GYZ. It is a durable and well-designed climbing structure that provides plenty of options for my cat to play and scratch on. I would definitely recommend it to other cat owners looking for a high-quality cat tree

Best Budget: Trixie 44541 Baza Cat Tree Review

Capacity: Not listed | Dimensions: 16 x 20 x 16-inches | Weight: 8.02 pounds | Frame Material: Wood | Covering Material: Carpet

The Trixie 44541 Baza Cat Tree is a great way to give your cat a comfy place to sleep. It also has a scratching post that will keep your cat busy. This cat tree is a perfect option for older cats as it has a soft cover.

If you are looking for a high-quality cat tree that is easy to clean, look no further. This hammock comes with an ultra-plush sling and a detachable pom-pom toy.

In addition to the hammock, this product includes two durable sisal cat scratcher posts. These can be placed in any corner of your home, and are a great way to keep your cat busy while you are at work or school. You can even put them near your favorite window to provide your cat with a scratch-friendly environment.

TRIXIE is an animal lover since 1974, and they have worked hard to develop a wide variety of products that will strengthen your relationship with your pet. From scratching posts to toys and feeders, there is a lot to choose from, and the best part is that they are affordable.

One thing you want to remember is that no tree can outshine your cat’s box. To ensure your investment is worth it, choose a tree that has multiple resting points, a sturdy footing, and is made of solid wood. Lastly, select a model that is made to be sturdily constructed and is decorated with colors that match your decor.

Best Splurge: Go Pet Club F67 Cat Tree Review

Capacity: Not listed | Dimensions: 27 x 38 x 62-inches | Weight: 40.8 pounds | Frame Material: Wood | Covering Material: Plush fabric

The Go Pet Club F67 Cat Tree is a great way to make sure your cat stays happy and it comes with lots of great features.

The tree is made from high quality faux fur, and it is very durable. It has a comfortable condo with a hanging toy, and a tunnel for your cat to explore. There are also multiple levels of play and scratching posts covered in sisal rope, making it a nice option for more than one cat.

The Cat Tree is easy to assemble. Despite its height, it is not too heavy, and can be easily moved on carpet or wood floors. A ladder, two levels, and an elevated platform all add to the fun of the tree.

Another great feature of the Go Pet Club 67-in IQ Busy Box Cat Tree is the wooden-made IQ Busy Box. This condo is perfect for encouraging your cat’s natural scratching behavior. In addition to a rounded, round bed, it includes a hanging toy mouse and a dangling rope.

Finally, the tree is topped off with a convenient food dish, and a hanging ladder, providing your cat with multiple climbing options. The 67-inch model is sold as an As Is, and it may have some blemishes. It is a little pricey, but it’s not as expensive as some other models.

While the Go Pet Club 67-in a IQ Busy Box Cat Tree may not be the most sophisticated cat tree on the market, it is a very good product. With its various levels of play and activity, it will keep your pet busy, and it won’t break the bank.

Best Multiple Cats: Catit Vesper Cat Tree – Scratching Post With Condo

Capacity: Not listed | Dimensions: 2.1 x 22.1 x 47.9-inches | Weight: 40.5 pounds | Frame Material: Wood | Covering Material: Memory foam

A Catit Vesper cat tree is one of the best ways to keep your cats active and entertained. The tree provides a secure high up spot for your kitty, while also offering multiple areas for play and rest.

It comes in several designs to suit your needs and budget. Some models offer an array of fun toys and scratching posts. Others include extras like hammocks, puzzle boxes, and tunnels.

If you have a sedentary cat, however, this tree might not be right for you. A taller model is a good choice for you. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll find that the Catit Vesper’s V-High Base is well constructed, elegant, and modern.

Another great feature of this tree is its removable memory foam cushion. This allows you to easily remove the cushion for laundry day or for cleaning. It even comes with a velcro attachment to make the job easier.

One of the most unique features of this tree is its X-shaped tower, which offers two lounging options, plus a scratching post. It’s also easy to move around.

Finally, the tree’s scratching posts feature sisal. Unlike sea grass, it’s a better material to paw.

In addition to providing a sturdy platform for your kitty, the tree also includes a couple of escape holes, keeping your feline safe from predators. Plus, the top level is ideal for your dog to get a workout, too! All in all, this is a great product for a price!

Best for Large Cats: Armarkat Cat Tree B7701 Review

Capacity: 80 pounds | Dimensions: 31 x 36 x 77-inches | Weight: 58 pounds | Frame Material: Manufactured wood | Covering Material: Faux fleece

The Armarkat Cat Tree Model B 7701 is a top notch cat tree that does the job and looks the part. It boasts an impressive array of features such as a 3 step ramp for the cats to shimmy up and down, a pair of enclosed condo compartments, dangling carpet toys and of course, a pair of paws.

Armarkat has been producing quality pet products for over thirty years. It is known for its quality and its attention to detail. From a top notch website to a slick mobile app, the company has a vested interest in making sure that its products are up to par. Aside from its hefty inventory, it regularly tests its wares and releases new and improved versions. Whether you’re in the market for a new pet bed or an all-in-one solution for your pampered pooch, the Aeromark Pet Product Company is the place to go.

Not only does it carry the obelovet to the nth degree, but it also has a reputation for providing the best customer service. So whether you’re looking to buy a new pet bed, an all-in-one solution or just a spruce up your current abode, the Aeromark Pet Product Company is the name to go by. You can find its products in more than 164 countries and territories around the world. Considering the competition, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. And the best part is, you’re going to get it at a snazzy price.

Best for Apartments: AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree With Scratching Posts

Capacity: Not listed | Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 28-inches | Weight: 15 pounds | Frame Material: Engineered wood | Covering Material: Sisal

If you are a cat lover who is looking for a great place for your cat to play, scratch and nap, you should consider investing in a cat activity tree. These are convenient, compact and durable. They can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts is a perfect example of this type of furniture. This product includes a wide range of features, from scratching posts to a cozy bed. It’s easy to assemble and includes everything you need to set it up.

A sturdy wooden structure makes this cat tree suitable for a multiple-cat household. There’s also a sturdy square base that can be placed in any room corner.

Assembling the AmazonBasics cat tree is simple. Just follow the instructions included with the product. You’ll also need a hex key wrench.

The three platforms of this cat tree are wrapped in jute for an extra layer of protection. The top rim has a curved design that provides cats with plenty of space to scratch. Each of the columns has a plush covered perch and a toy attached.

In addition, the cat tree includes two dangling toys to keep cats entertained. They can also climb and jump on the tree. One of the posts has a teaser toy, and the other has a hanging feather.

While the AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching posts is not a high-end product, it is made with a solid construction that should withstand the rigors of a multi-cat household. Plus, it’s affordable and can be purchased on a tight budget.

Trixie Baza Grande

A regal looking cat tree in the form of the Trixie Baza Grande, boasts many of the high tech and fancy features you’d expect from a top of the range pet product. For instance, the two sided sisal scratching post and the long haired plush lined cat condo are both fun for your cat to play with. It’s also a great place for your pet to relax.

The top tier of the tree has an elevated ledge, which is topped off by a fluffy toy ball. It’s also got a few other cool knick knacks, including two angled scratching posts and a fun dangling pom toy.

As for the rest of the tree, there are seven flat resting spaces and a partial enclosed grotto. Also, the tree boasts a number of other nifty features, including a funky shaped base, ropes, a dangling pom toy and a padded seat to boot.

The Trixie Baza Grande isn’t the first cat tree that comes to mind when thinking of a modern day multi-level structure. However, it’s certainly one of the more unique and functional models on the market. And with the large number of positive reviews that have accompanied it, you can be assured that this cat tree will provide your feline friend with years of happy memories.

Notably, the Trixie Baza Grande cat tree is made in the United States. This makes it a safe and affordable choice for any household with a multi-cat setup.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch

Whether you’re looking to buy a new pet tree for your cat, or you’re simply a fan of your feline companion’s company, there’s a good chance you’re interested in a product that’s both functional and fun. The Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree ticks all the boxes, with three platforms, a hammock, and a sizable condo. Despite its price tag, it comes with a couple of useful tools that help make assembling the thing a snap.

For a start, it’s made from high-grade compressed wood, a material that makes it extremely durable. It’s also got some cool features, including a hefty rope and two well-built nests. Lastly, it’s the smallest of the pack when it comes to the number of cats you can have inside. This makes it a great solution for any family with multiple pets. Obviously, not all cats are going to fit, but it’s a nice perk to know your furry friend’s needs are met.

While the Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat tree isn’t cheap, it’s an excellent buy for any family with multiple pets. Also, its small enough that it can easily be moved from room to room, if you’re a stickler for a clutter free home.

While this Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat isn’t quite as fancy as the ones you see on TV, it still offers some pretty impressive features. From its faux-fur wrapped platforms to its well-built condo, your cat will be in high spirits after just one or two hours of playtime.

Great Alternatives

What to Look for in a Cat Tree

Cats love to play, so it makes sense that they would also love a cat tree. Besides providing your feline companion with a safe place to play and scratch, a cat tree can also help redirect your cat’s attention and clawing activity away from furniture and towards your favorite toys.

There are many options on the market, from a small, one level tree to a complex, sprawling jungle gym. Before you make your purchase, consider the size of your home and your cat’s specific needs. A smaller cat may only require a cat tree of the same width, while a senior cat will need something a bit more substantial. It’s also a good idea to choose a cat tree that is easy to disassemble and reassemble.

The best cat tree is the one that will satisfy your feline’s need for both a scratching post and a spot to sleep. For example, your cat may enjoy napping on a shady spot on the top level of a multi-leveled tree, while your playful kitten may prefer a covered seat on the lowest level. You can also add accessories to a cat tree to extend its reach. Some trees come with built-in toys, like balls, or even a cute cat house.

In general, the best cat trees are solid wood, while the cheapest are made of plywood. They should also have a sturdy base. This will prevent your feline from breaking it.

A well crafted cat tree will last a lifetime. While there are plenty of low-cost alternatives on the market, you should not skimp on quality. Many models feature a variety of high-tech attachments and scratching posts.

Most trees have a few levels, and are usually at least two feet wide. If you have more than one cat, it’s a good idea to find a model with an extra large top platform. Larger cats will appreciate the extra room and will likely want to play on it more often.

There are many options to choose from, and it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. Luckily, there are many reputable websites that can help you find the perfect tree for you and your cat.

The best cat trees are those that are well designed and have multiple features to please both you and your furry friend. Some even offer a variety of features, like a hidden hide-hole for your cat to curl up in. Other pet owners have found that a wall-mounted model is a great way to fit a tree into a small space.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a cat tree is to choose a product with the best material for your specific application. For example, you should look for a tree that is made from a durable material, such as plywood, that will hold up to your cat’s clawing and jumping.

One of the best features of a cat tree is the ability to move it from room to room. This is particularly helpful if your cat is too tall or too short to use it.

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