Best Automatic Espresso Machines

April 2024

For coffee enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the rich, bold flavor of a freshly brewed espresso. The art of crafting the perfect shot requires skill, precision, and the right equipment. Enter the world of automatic espresso machines, where technology meets tradition to deliver a consistently delicious cup of coffee at the touch of a button. In this article, we’ll explore the top automatic espresso machines on the market, delving into their features, benefits, and what sets them apart from the competition. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a casual coffee lover, our comprehensive guide will help you find the ideal machine to elevate your espresso experience and bring the magic of the café right into your home. So, sit back, grab your favorite cup of java, and join us as we embark on a journey to discover the best automatic espresso machines available today.

When choosing an automatic espresso machine, it is important to consider what you need to do when brewing your favorite beverage. There are many features that can help you make the perfect cup of coffee. One feature you’ll want to look for in a machine is its grind size. A higher grind size can give you a stronger flavor, while a lower grind size will give you a weaker flavor. A higher grind size also means less waste, which is good for the environment.

You can use a number of different coffee machines in your kitchen, and automatic espresso machines are among the most versatile. Unlike manual espresso makers, automatic espresso machines make the perfect drink every time. However, they have certain limitations when it comes to customization and hardware. If you’d rather mix and match appliances, automatic espresso machines aren’t the best choice. Some top brands offer automatic espresso machines, including Jura. The Jura Z8 espresso machine offers 21 drink choices and a color touchscreen.

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Best for Cappuccinos

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Jura A1 – Best For Black Coffee Drinkers

The Jura A1 is a premium espresso and coffee machine that is perfect for both home and office use. It offers many different coffee choices, from espresso to ristretto. It’s also ideal for all kinds of coffee with its AromaG3grinder. You’ll love how delicious and rich your coffee will taste.

Variable Brewing Unit

The Jura A1 Variable Brewing Unit is a high-end espresso machine that is designed to create superior espresso drinks and short specialty coffees quickly and efficiently. Its Pulse Extraction Process optimizes the brewing time, yielding bold aromas and full-bodied coffees. The machine also features a multi-level AromaG3 grinder to ensure that the beans are ground to perfection. It has a 6 to 10 gram capacity and two different strength settings, including one for espresso or a medium-strong blend.

Zero-Energy Switch

The Jura A1 coffee machine is equipped with a Zero-Energy Switch, which is a patented feature that saves energy. The Zero-Energy Switch allows the coffee maker to automatically switch off after brewing coffee for 30 minutes or one hour. With this feature, the Jura A1 can conserve energy and reduce electricity bills.

Bypass chute for pre-ground coffee

The Jura A1 coffeemaker comes with a bypass chute for pre-ground coffee, which is great for a decaf or occasional cup of coffee. It also has a built-in custom timer that allows you to set the exact amount of time you want to brew your coffee.

Quality of coffee

If you’re not satisfied with your coffee’s consistency, consider investing in a Jura A1 espresso machine. This machine has internal components that ensure consistent brewing temperatures, grind size, and shot quality. Additionally, it comes with a two-year warranty.

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Flexibility: De’Longhi ECAM29084SB Magnifica Evo

I found the De’Longhi ECAM29084SB Magnifica Evo to be very easy to use. The touch screen display is intuitive and user-friendly. The machine also comes with a clear instruction manual that makes setup and use a breeze.

What sets this product apart from its competitors is its flexibility. The machine has customizable settings that allow you to adjust the strength, temperature, and size of your drink. The milk frother also has a removable container, which makes cleaning it easy.


  1. Brewing Quality: The De’Longhi Magnifica Evo features a 15-bar pressure pump, ensuring optimal extraction of coffee flavors and aromas. The machine’s brewing temperature is consistent, resulting in a well-balanced espresso with a rich crema.
  2. Grinding Capability: The integrated conical burr grinder offers 13 grind settings, allowing users to customize the grind size to suit their taste preferences. The grinder is relatively quiet and efficient, providing a consistent grind for various coffee beans.
  3. Milk Frothing: The manual steam wand allows users to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes. The wand is easy to use and produces a creamy, velvety froth.

Competitive Comparison:

The De’Longhi Magnifica Evo competes with other super-automatic espresso machines, such as the Gaggia Brera and the Breville BES870XL Barista Express. While the Gaggia Brera offers a similar brewing experience, the De’Longhi Magnifica Evo has a larger water tank (1.8L vs. 1.2L) and more grind settings. The Breville BES870XL offers a built-in conical burr grinder and a more advanced steam wand, but it comes at a higher price point.

Benefits and Drawbacks:


  • Consistent brewing quality
  • Customizable grind settings
  • Easy-to-use milk frothing system
  • Large water tank and bean hopper


  • Manual steam wand may not be suitable for users seeking an automated milk frothing system
  • Higher price point compared to entry-level espresso machines

Evolution from Previous Models:

The De’Longhi ECAM29084SB Magnifica Evo is an improvement over its predecessor, the De’Longhi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS. The new model features a larger water tank, an upgraded grinder with more settings, and a redesigned control panel for easier operation.

Key Decision-Making Factors:

  1. Brewing Quality: The De’Longhi Magnifica Evo delivers consistent, high-quality espresso shots, making it an attractive option for coffee enthusiasts.
  2. Customization: The machine’s adjustable grind settings and manual steam wand allow users to tailor their coffee experience to their preferences.
  3. Price: While the Magnifica Evo is more expensive than entry-level machines, its performance and features justify the investment for those seeking a superior coffee experience.

Design Choices:

The De’Longhi Magnifica Evo features a compact and sleek design, with a stainless steel finish that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. The machine’s intuitive control panel and easy-to-read display make it simple to operate, while the removable water tank and drip tray facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. These design choices enhance the user experience by providing a visually appealing and user-friendly espresso machine.

In conclusion, the De’Longhi ECAM29084SB Magnifica Evo is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality, super-automatic espresso machine with customizable features. Its improvements over previous models and competitive advantages over similar products make it a strong contender in the espresso machine market. However, users seeking a more affordable option or an automated milk frothing system may want to consider other options.

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Jura ENA 8 – Best Compact Machine

If you’re looking for a third-wave coffee maker that can grind coffee and make drinks with one touch, the Jura ENA 8 might be the best option. This machine features a Zero-Energy Switch system and Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) technology. It also boasts a faster grinding speed. However, the Jura ENA 8 doesn’t come with a milk jug. Fortunately, the warranty is one year, so you can start saving money soon after you purchase it.

Jura ENA 8 has a Zero-Energy Switch system

If you’re looking for a high-quality coffee machine, look no further than the Jura ENA 8. It features a Zero-Energy Switch, which means it never uses electricity when in standby mode. It also has Bluetooth functionality so you can make coffee from anywhere in the house. This makes it a great option for busy households.

It has a Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) system

The Jura ENA 8 has a Pulses Extraction Process (PEP) system and is perfect for espresso brewing. The system utilises short bursts of water to ensure a superior extraction time, while preserving the flavor and aroma of specialty coffees.

It does not come with a milk jug

While the Jura ENA 8 does not come with an included milk jug, the machine comes with an instruction book and some other helpful items. It also comes with a dual spout for ground coffee and an app for connecting it to your phone. Overall, the Jura ENA 8 compares well with other super automatics. While the absence of a milk jug does present some minor shortcomings, the machine’s milk-based drink options are impressive.

It is a super automatic espresso machine

The Jura ENA 8 is one of the most innovative super automatic espresso machines on the market. It offers a wide range of freshly ground coffee specialties at the touch of a button, impressing even the most discerning of palates. Its compact, stunning, and simple design make it an attractive option for any coffee lover.

It is a compact machine

The Jura ENA 8 is a compact coffee maker with a powerful motor and a range of features. This model is available in two different sizes – the base model has a 2.4-litre capacity and the top-end ENA 8 has a 4.3-litre capacity. The machine also has a variety of power-saving features, including a programmable switch-off mode. It also has a water tank that has a crystal-like texture and a premium glossy finish.

It has a height-adjustable spout

The Jura ENA 8 features a height-adjustable brewing spout and a wide range of coffee-brewing features. Compared with the E series, this model offers a smaller bean hopper and a smaller cylindrical water tank. This may be an issue if you have a large family or frequently brew multiple cups of coffee.

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Jura GIGA W3 – Best For Offices

GIGA W3 Professional coffee maker brings state-of-the-art coffee technology to the office. Its sleek and professional appearance provides a modern working environment. The GIGA W3 Professional also features superlative performance and a straightforward user interface. It features an easy refill mechanism with a 169-ounce water tank and a 35.3-ounce bean container. It also has an aroma preservation cover that prevents coffee from losing its aroma.

If you love coffee and would like to create your own delicious cups at home, the Jura GIGA W3 is the perfect option. It offers a large bean capacity, large water capacity, and built-in features. It is ideal for a home office or large family, and it can be connected to a direct water line for a convenient and hassle-free coffee brewing process. Although this espresso maker is a little pricey, its features make it worth its price.

The Jura Z8 Giga W3 espresso machine has a self-cleaning feature that notifies you when it needs cleaning. To clean, you simply remove the brew group and place a Jura cleaning tablet in the bypass doser. To remove calcium, Jura uses an innovative filter.

Another option is the Jura E8, which is the best-selling model of the series. It offers good value for money, while being more versatile than the entry-level Jura Z8. Both espresso machines are equipped with programmability and a display screen. Both models are great for office and commercial use, as they brew different coffees.

The Jura GIGA W3 Professional also has a built-in descaling cycle. Users can quickly change the filter and maintain the quality of the drinks they prepare. It also features a large bean hopper, a bypass doser, and grind size adjustment gears. The water tank holds 64 oz. and a filter helps keep calcium from damaging the machine’s components. In addition, this machine comes equipped with a cup warmer.

Another difference between the two models is the placement of the water tank. Compared to the A line, the D line takes about 11% more space than the A line. In addition, the water tank is now located on the left side of the machine. The Jura Z8 Giga W3 is aesthetically pleasing and has two drawers for espresso cups and four standard coffee cups. It is programmable so that it automatically begins heating when the coffee is ready.

If you’re a coffee lover on a budget, the Jura E6 is the ideal option. It has an energy-efficient design, a 101-oz water tank, and 17-ounce bean container. It weighs only 22 pounds and has a TFT color display with buttons. It’s the perfect option for budget-conscious coffee lovers and offers an excellent balance between price and quality.

While the Jura Z8 Giga W3 is considered an entry-level model, the D6 is the better option for people who don’t want to invest in the Jura Z8 Giga W3. It has more advanced features, such as milk-based espresso drinks. If you don’t like the milk-based espresso drinks, you can choose a machine that has a bypass doser.

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Philips 2200 Series with LatteGo EP2230/14

The Philips 2200 Series with LatteGo EP2230/14 is an excellent espresso machine that offers both versatility and ease of use. It is a great choice for coffee lovers who are looking for a high-quality machine that is capable of making a wide range of coffee drinks.

One of the standout features of the Philips 2200 Series with LatteGo EP2230/14 is its LatteGo system. This system makes it easy to create café-style lattes and cappuccinos at home. The LatteGo system allows you to easily froth milk and dispense it directly into your cup. This feature alone sets the Philips 2200 Series apart from many other espresso machines on the market.

The Philips 2200 Series with LatteGo EP2230/14 is also very easy to use. The machine has an intuitive control panel that makes it simple to select your desired coffee drink and adjust the settings to your liking. It also has a large water tank, making it easy to make multiple coffee drinks without having to refill the water.

Another great aspect of the Philips 2200 Series with LatteGo EP2230/14 is its compact design. Despite its impressive features, the machine is still small and compact, making it easy to fit into any kitchen.

In conclusion, the Philips 2200 Series with LatteGo EP2230/14 is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high-quality espresso machine. Its LatteGo system, ease of use, and compact design make it a great choice for coffee lovers of all levels.

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Jura E8 – Best Overall

The Jura E8 is a high-quality coffee maker with advanced features. It uses a 2.8″ color display and comes with 17 pre-programmed specialty drinks. Its features include a Pulse Extraction Process, 3D Brewing, and Intelligent pre-heating. In addition, it has a Professional Aroma G3 grinder, which is the fastest and quietest grinder available in the market.

Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS)

The Jura E8 is a fully customizable coffee maker. It allows you to choose from single-shot or double-shot brewing and even select the strength of your coffee. You can select from five grams to sixteen grams, depending on how strong you want your coffee. You can also choose the volume of milk and adjust the temperature and shot size. The Jura E8 has an easy-to-read TFT display, making it easy to adjust your brewing settings.

This system distributes coffee grounds evenly to maximize the flavor of your espresso. It can also measure the exact amount of water to dispense. In addition to the IPBAS, the Jura E8 has a one-touch brewing system and uses Pulse Extraction Process to optimize the total amount of time needed to extract flavor and produce delicious espresso.

Automatic milk frother

The Jura E8 automatic milk frother is one of Jura’s flagship models. It features the company’s HP3 milk frothing system for a more delicate microfoam. The process is hands-free and can be adjusted for desired levels of foaminess. You can also program your preferences for any drink you want to make.

This automatic milk frother also has an automatic rinse function. This helps to eliminate the risk of water spills. The frothing device automatically rinses itself after every milk-based drink, so you don’t have to do it manually. It also has a handy container that collects the rinse water, which is helpful for cleaning.

Fully customizable brews

The Jura E8 fully customizable brew machine is an automatic espresso machine with programmable settings for the size of the grind, brew strength, and shot size. It also allows you to adjust the amount of milk and foam thickness. These features are a great help for those who like to customize their coffee.

The E8 features a TFT color display that makes programming features easy. The E8 also features a selector switch that allows you to adjust the microfoam texture and hot milk. It also allows you to brew two espresso shots in each cup.


The Jura E8 is a popular option for making a variety of milk-based drinks. The machine features an automatic cleaning feature that keeps the milk-frothing device sanitized automatically. This feature is familiar from top-end JURA products, and it is also designed to be easy to use.

Although the Jura E8 is similar to the Jura S8, the newer, budget-friendly model offers a full chrome front panel, redesigned spouts, and a fine foam frother. It also features a touch screen menu for easy operation and a durable, space-saving design.

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Jura D6 – Best Under $1500

The Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine is an attractive, small appliance with an elegant design. It has a clear text display and an optimized switch for ease of use. It also boasts an Easy Cappuccino system and an AromaG2 integrated grinder. It makes great espresso and cappuccinos, and offers a range of additional features.

Jura D6 is a super-automatic espresso machine

The Jura D6 is a super automatic espresso machine with sleek design and a clear text display for making a variety of specialty coffees. Its easy cappuccino system produces fine milk foam and the AromaG2 incorporated grinder delivers a rich aroma of freshly-ground beans. There are six specialty coffee drinks to choose from, and the Jura D6 can make all of them with ease.

The Jura D6 is a super-autonomous machine that comes with numerous pre-programmed options for preparing your coffee. You can even brew two shots at the same time. In addition to having multiple settings, the Jura D6 has a touchscreen for controlling modes. This touchscreen is designed to optimize durability and thermal retention. The brew group is made from aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable.

It uses a special Aroma G2 burr grinder

The Jura D6 combines modern elegance and simplicity with a special Aroma G2 burr grinder to prepare your favorite coffee in a flash. Its built-in grinder offers a precise grind and helps preserve the aroma of your coffee. It also offers 12 adjustable grind settings and a fast heat-up time, thanks to its 1450 Watt thermoblock heater. In just 30 seconds, your coffee is ready for brewing.

The Jura D6 is a new member of the Jura line-up. It’s designed to be an affordable, yet quality alternative to the E line. It retains the sleek design and high-end workmanship of the E line, but features a plain text display instead of the color display. This new machine also has a Rotary Switch for easy operation and an optional Smart Connect system that lets you control your grinder with your smartphone or tablet.

It uses a high-performance 15 bar pump

The Jura D6 is a high-end coffee maker with two spouts and two different water capacities. It can brew two cups of coffee and two shots of espresso at the same time. It can also dispense warm milk and reheat hot water. This high-performance coffee machine allows you to customize your drink by adjusting the strength of the coffee, milk volume, and temperature. The device also has an automatic energy-saving mode and a zero-energy switch.

The Jura D6 is also equipped with an Aroma G2 grinder that grinds coffee beans to the exact specifications needed for a great cup of coffee. The Jura D6 is perfect for those who love fresh coffee; it offers perfect flavor every time. It also has an easy cappuccino system that produces the perfect milk foam for specialty drinks. As a result, this coffee maker is among the best on the market.

It lacks a bypass chute for pre-ground coffee

The Jura D6 coffee grinder lacks a bypass chute for pre-ground coffee. This means that it cannot add pre-ground coffee. However, the Jura G2 grinder has this feature. This means that it brews the coffee faster. Although the Jura D6 does not have a bypass chute for pre-ground coffee, it still has a powerful grinder.

The Jura D6 lacks a bypass chute for pre-ground coffee, which allows you to change the type of coffee you brew without having to empty the bean hopper. This feature is common in bean-to-cup machines. However, the Jura D6 does feature Jura Smart Connect, which allows you to connect the machine to your smartphone and program it.

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DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica – Best Value

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 is a multi-functional espresso machine and coffee maker. It features 13 grind settings, a steam wand, and a water filter.

13 grind settings

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 features 13 grind settings that are customizable for the right amount of ground coffee. This model also includes a water hardness tester so that you can determine the right amount of water to use. The machine also features dual thermoblock heaters to brew coffee at the optimal temperature. Because the machine can perform up to 14 brew cycles, it’s important to periodically descaling your machine.

The DeLonghi Magnifica is a good value for money super automatic espresso machine. It features a well-designed and functional design and has been in production for over 20 years. Its size is also compact enough to fit into most kitchens. The Magnifica is 15.3 inches wide, 14.4 inches high and 11.0 inches long.

Steam wand

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 comes with a steam wand for easy milk steaming. This patented wand works by mixing steam and milk to produce a creamy froth. This steam wand is made of plastic and is easy to clean.

The steam wand is also useful for cleaning the milk frother and the extractable brew unit. You should clean these regularly. To clean the milk frother, take off the outer covering and remove any residue. The drip tray and extractable brew unit also need to be cleaned from time to time. You can use a descaler to make cleaning even easier.


The DeLonghi ESAM3300 is an affordable fully automatic espresso/coffee machine that provides a professional barista-like cup of coffee. The machine features an extractable brew unit and is easy to clean. It also features a simple control panel that displays menu settings. Its cup holder automatically adjusts for the proper cup size.

The DeLonghi Magnifica 3300 ESAM does not have all the bells and whistles of a more advanced model, but it is still very user-friendly and well built. It comes with a built-in quality conical burr grinder, which is essential for brewing a great espresso. The machine also has a removable water reservoir that can be accessed from the front. Its parts are not expensive, and the espresso shots are smooth with a thick layer of crema.

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Gaggia Brera – Budget Pick

The Gaggia Brera is a super-automatic espresso machine that produces excellent espresso. However, it does require more maintenance than other espresso machines and works best with medium to dark roasts. Read on to learn more about this super-automatic espresso machine. It produces excellent espresso and is easy to use.

It produces excellent espresso

The Gaggia Brera espresso machine is an excellent choice for those who want excellent espresso without the hassle of grinding their own beans. It has a built-in ceramic grinder with an 8-ounce bean hopper, and a smart system that automatically adjusts the grind time and speed for the perfect roast. The machine is also UV proof, and the airtight hopper keeps the coffee beans fresh.

It requires more maintenance than other machines

The Gaggia Brera is a great machine for coffee lovers, but it does require more maintenance than other espresso machines. While the machine does come with its own set of icons that guide you through each step, there are some things you need to know to ensure that your machine continues to perform well. First of all, you must avoid overworking your espresso machine. This can shorten its lifespan and increase its cost, because you may end up paying for features that you aren’t using.

It works better with medium to medium-dark roasts

The Gaggia Brera coffee maker is capable of producing a full bodied, crema-rich latte, but it does have a few shortcomings. Its small pot limits the space available to put coffee, and the grinder dispenses the coffee close to the cup for better crema. In addition, it uses the heat from its boiler to pre-warm cups. This means that it will take a few seconds to pre-warm a cup before you actually pour the coffee.

It is designed and made in Italy

The Gaggia Brera is a stylish coffee machine that is designed and made in Italy. It comes with an 8oz bean hopper, which allows you to use up to eight grams of coffee beans at a time. The machine also features a pre-infusion function, which enables you to get the perfect layer of crema on your espresso. It is made of sturdy materials and comes with a one-year warranty.

It is affordable

If you’re looking for an espresso machine that will make good coffee at a reasonable price, the Gaggia Brera is worth checking out. This super-automatic espresso machine makes a variety of coffee drinks and is easy to use. This machine’s compact size and ergonomic design make it a popular choice for many home coffee lovers.

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Breville Oracle Touch Best for Coffee Geeks

If you are in the market for a fully automatic espresso machine, then you might be looking for a machine that does more than just brew espresso. The Breville Oracle Touch has dual boiler systems, a large water tank capacity, and the option to change grinding and pouring. These features will make the machine easier to use and a good choice for any home barista.

Breville Oracle Touch

The Breville Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine has a lot of nice features and smart design elements. First, it features a finger-hole-shaped plug that fits into your hand. Then, it features a dial-operated swivel foot that glides on the countertop. The machine is also equipped with a Tupperware-like lid for its bean hopper and built-in lights.

This high-end machine comes with a price tag of over $1000, but there are other espresso machines available that can give you the same quality at a lower price. If you’re on a budget, look for one that is smaller than the Oracle Touch. Alternatively, you can opt for a super automatic espresso machine.

Larger water tank capacity

The Breville Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is designed to make a great cup of espresso. It is easy to use, and has a self-cleaning steam wand. However, you should be aware of how milk tends to bake on the wand’s tip, and you’ll need to wash it by hand after each use. The machine is also a great choice for aspiring baristas, as it has an integrated grinder. The grinder is vital for getting the proper grind size, since it dictates how much water is pumped into the espresso shot. It’s not as good as a pro-grade grinder, but it’s a great place to start for beginners.

The Oracle Touch is made of stainless steel casing and features touch buttons. It comes in two colors: black truffle and brushed stainless steel. The Oracle Touch is expensive, but it will pay for itself within a year. It has a sleek modern design. Most of its parts are made of stainless steel, with only a small amount of plastic on the water tank and the brew head.

Option to change grinding and coffee pouring

The Breville Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine comes with an LCD touch screen that lets you control the coffee brewing process. It also has dual boilers that allow for simultaneous brewing and milk foaming. This reduces the time it takes to make coffee.

The machine offers impressive customization and a near professional feel. It also uses a touchscreen interface that allows users to customize their drinks and save user profiles.


The Breville Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Espresso Machine price is quite reasonable. Its ability to produce excellent espresso and milk is outstanding, and you can even create coffee drinks that rival those made by professional baristas. It is an excellent machine for any home barista, and one that will save you time and money.

The Oracle is a large and bulky machine. It comes with a large removable bean hopper and an 84-oz water tank. It also has a dial-operated swivel foot, making it easy to move the machine around on your counter. It also has built-in lights, which can be convenient when you want to prepare a cup of coffee.

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Philips 3200 LatteGo – Best for Lattes

The LatteGo automatic espresso machine is an excellent choice if you love drinking aromatic coffee. It is easy to use and cleans in 15 seconds. You can prepare a wide range of delicious beverages with the LatteGo. This model is highly recommended for homes with children or those who are constantly on the go.

The Philips 3200 LatteGo features removable elements that can be cleaned easily. The filter, which has an AquaClean system, needs to be descaled every 5,000 cups. After that, it will not require any more descaled filters for five years. The machine makes up to five different espresso drinks and hot water. It also has four programmed coffee recipes.

Another bonus of the Philips 3200 LatteGo espresso machine is that it is very easy to use. The control panel has buttons for espresso, cappuccino, Americano, and latte macchiato. The machine is easy to operate and comes with a LatteGo milk frother that froths milk and automatically adds it to brewed coffee. It takes about two minutes to make a single shot.

However, the Philips 3200 LatteGo isn’t perfect. At times, the coffee it brews is too watery. There are several ways to fix this problem. You can grind your coffee beans finer, increase the brew strength, or reduce the water volume. Once you find the sweet spot, the Philips 3200 will deliver a high-quality espresso with a creamy crema.

The Philips 3200 LatteGo automatic espresso maker is an affordable choice for those who love great coffee at home. Its features make it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still want to impress their guests. While it doesn’t have as many options as its competitors, it strikes the right balance between price and features. The built-in ceramic grinder makes it an excellent value.

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DeLonghi ECAM22110SB – Best for $1000

13 grind settings

DeLonghi ECAM22110Sb espresso machine has 13 grind settings for creating the perfect cup of coffee. It has a simple control panel and fully customizable settings. It also memorizes the last settings that you selected, so you can make your coffee just the way you want it. This espresso machine is made of stainless steel and plastic, so it feels sturdy.

This espresso machine also has a built-in cup warmer on top. A warm cup is essential to making a good espresso. The cup warmer holds several cups at a time. It also has an adjustable spout, which means that you can keep a coffee cup warm while another one is brewing.

Compact design

This compact espresso machine is easy to use, has a small footprint, and is a good choice for small kitchens. The build quality is excellent, and it will last for many years. It also has an energy-saving switch, which can cut energy consumption by up to 77 percent.

This espresso machine is easy to use, but it may not be suitable for people who are completely new to espresso. Nonetheless, it has great features, including a cup warmer on top. A warm cup is crucial to preparing a good espresso. The cup warmer is large enough to hold several cups. Its spouts are adjustable for the ideal amount of warmth.

Easy to use

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly super-automatic coffee maker, the DeLonghi ECAM22110Sb is a good choice. This machine has a one-minute brewing time and uses a filtration system. Its hopper holds up to 8.8 ounces of beans. In addition, its single boiler has Thermoblock technology, which keeps water hot without burning it.

The DeLonghi ECAM22110Sb has an easy-to-use design that will make brewing coffee simple, even for beginners. It has a thermoblock boiler made of stainless steel that uses less energy and heats fresh water quickly for the brewing process. It features 5 settings for coffee strength, as well as a 4-cup setting. This espresso maker also has an easy-to-clean drip tray.


If you’re looking for a powerful and affordable super-automatic espresso coffee machine, consider the DeLonghi ECAM22110S. This machine is capable of producing a variety of different drinks, and it features a reprogrammable selection dial. It also uses conical burrs, which are made of hardened steel and rotate slowly to reduce noise. This machine offers 13 different settings, including decaf, medium, and espresso.

This coffee maker also comes with a thermoblock boiler, which provides a ready supply of hot water for brewing. The stainless steel thermoblock also helps conserve energy because it heats water rapidly. This coffee maker allows you to brew up to 4 cups at one time, which is convenient for busy families. Whether you prefer a tall or skinny espresso, the DeLonghi ECAM22110SB’s thermometer makes it easy to control the brewing temperature.

Stainless steel grinder

The DeLonghi ECAM22110Sb stainless steel grinder comes with a thermoblock boiler and is energy-efficient. It heats up fresh water quickly and efficiently. Its two chambers let you grind different types of coffee beans or use pre-ground coffee. Both methods produce rich flavor and creamy foam.

Cleaning the DeLonghi ECAM22110SS stainless steel grinder is a simple task. Its removable drip tray allows for easy cleanup. It also includes a descaling solution. It is best to clean it at least once a month.

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Saeco Xelsis – Brew Two Drinks Simultaneously

Saeco Xelsis is an automatic espresso maker with the ability to grind the beans before brewing. Grinding coffee beans manually is time-consuming and messy, so this feature makes grinding beans easy. The Xelsis automatically loads the beans into the portafilter, and it has 12 different grind settings for the coffee grounds.

The Saeco Xelsis has a 16-ounce capacity and a 450-gram hopper. It features a rubber aroma seal that locks the hopper tightly. The Saeco Xelsis can also handle fine grounds. It is very easy to clean, and it has 15 preset beverages.

The Saeco Xelsis features a touchscreen interface that makes customization easy. It offers a variety of options, including a range of presets for the coffee, milk foam, and taste. The machine also comes with an AquaClean filter that keeps your machine free from any unwanted contaminants.

Another nice feature of the Saeco Xelsis is the LatteDuo technology. This allows you to brew two drinks simultaneously without disturbing one another. Simply press the 2X button, and the machine will heat to the right temperature automatically. Moreover, the Latte Perfecto technology reduces the size of milk bubbles. This feature makes it easier to make your favorite drink. With the Saeco Xelsis, you can enjoy great espresso at home.

The Saeco Xelsis is an automatic espresso machine that can brew coffee without a manual. It grinds the coffee beans and brews it automatically, adding froth and steam. It then pours the coffee right into your cup. The Saeco Xelsis can be used with decaffeinated coffee as well.

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The PHILIPS 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Maker with LatteGo is a high-quality coffee machine that comes with a variety of features. This coffee machine features a classic milk frother and five different coffee makers, an aroma extract system, two user profiles, and an intuitive TFT display.


The Philips 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with latteGo EP4347/94 comes with a milk frother, aroma extract system, two user profiles and an intuitive tft display. It also includes a water filtration system.

This model has a height-adjustable drink spout. It also has three temperature settings. However, it does not allow you to adjust the temperature of the coffee and milk separately. Philips recommends waiting a month after use before you attempt to change the temperature of the milk.


The Philips 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with the LatteGo EP4347/94 comes with an intuitive tft display and two user profiles, which allow you to customize your coffee-making experience. It also features a classic milk frother and aroma extract system. Its LCD display is full of icons to make the process even easier. In addition to all of this, the 4300 series features a milk frother and aroma extract system, two user profiles, and an easy-to-use tft display with icons.

The Philips 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with the LatteGo has an advanced ceramic burr grinder, which usually only appears on the most expensive models. This means that it is quieter than stainless steel grinders. It also comes with a user profile feature that lets you set your preferences and save your favorites.


The Philips 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with a LatteGo requires periodic maintenance. You should clean the machine’s filter regularly to prevent scale buildup. You should also replace the filter every 50 tanks or every three months. The machine will notify you when it is time to change the filter.

This fully automatic espresso machine uses a patented AquaClean water filter that helps ensure optimum performance. The filter automatically changes itself according to the type of water, ensuring a consistent, quality cup of coffee. This feature eliminates the need for manual descalement and provides clear, purified water.

Power consumption

Philips has introduced a new machine in their LatteGo line-up, the 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine. It is capable of brewing 8 different espresso-based beverages, has two user profiles and a guest profile, and is easy to use, with an intuitive display. The machine also offers customization for each beverage, with a memory feature that saves your choices.

The new coffee machine comes with a separate program for frothing milk. Its black coffee minimum volume has been increased from 20 to 30 ml, and the minimum volume for ristretto remains unchanged. Users can also set the temperature of the water, which is heated up to the preferred temperature.

Changing the temperature

The Philips 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with latteGo is a super automatic espresso machine. It has the same features as its predecessors, such as a front-loading water reservoir and removable drip tray. However, the 4300 has a few improvements. The machine has a built-in user profile selection and enhanced controls. It also has a two-year warranty.

The Philips 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with latteGo offers 12 grind level settings. This makes it easier to customize the coffee for your preferences. The machine also has two milk systems: a classic milk frother with a steam wand and a LatteGo carafe.

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De’Longhi Dinamica Plus – Best with App

If you are looking for a machine that can make both brewed and iced beverages, you may want to consider a De’Longhi Dinamica Plus. Its features include a LatteCrema automatic frother, a larger brew capacity, and quiet operation. The Dinamica Plus also comes with a hot water spout so you can serve yourself a hot drink at any time.

LatteCrema Automatic Frother

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus comes with a variety of features that will make coffee-lovers happy. Its LatteCrema system produces smooth and airy froth and is compatible with both dairy and non-dairy milks. This machine is also easy to operate, and it comes with the Coffee Link app, which connects to the machine to control the temperature and frothing process. The app also lets you set up custom preferences and receive tips from De’Longhi’s coffee experts.

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus package includes a coffee-brewing machine, an optional milk filter, measuring spoons, and an automatic frothing system. The machine comes with a 2-year warranty and an instruction manual. A registration certificate for an additional year is also included.


The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus is a coffee maker that is very quiet and efficient. It can brew espresso and a wide variety of hot drinks, including cappuccinos and lattes. The machine also features a double-walled thermal carafe to keep milk cold for longer. This is important for creating foamed milk, as milk that is too warm is likely to curdle and become acidic.

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus has an adjustable spout and carbon active filter. It also features a drip tray and frothing milk button. It has a touchscreen and a control panel. It also comes with a removable water spout and a cleaning brush. It can also make a large pot of coffee. The coffee produced by this machine may not be as creamy and flavorful as drip coffee, but it is close.

Larger brew capacity

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus features a larger brew capacity and more drink options. Its conical burr grinds coffee evenly and offers 13 grind settings for different coffee drinks. The De’Longhi Dinamica also comes with a cleaning brush and descaling solution. The machine also comes with app compatibility and a large container for steaming milk.

The Dinamica Plus has a convenient, easy-to-use display. It also has a built-in milk frother. It also features a drip tray and an automatic rinse cycle when the machine is turned off. It also includes a built-in coffee grinder with 13 adjustable settings, ensuring the optimum grind every time.


You may have seen a De’Longhi commercial featuring Brad Pitt promoting the new De’Longhi Dimanica Plus. This espresso maker features 16 brewing options, from single and double espresso shots to latte macchiato and cappuccino. It also features a removable water spout. In addition to the basic features, the De’Longhi Dimanica Plus has a touchscreen control panel that makes selecting settings easy.

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus can also be used to make milk-based espresso beverages. The machine also has a patented latte crema system, making it ideal for making a delicious cappuccino or flat white. The machine also features a convenient milk carafe, allowing you to store your milk for later use. However, you may have a hard time achieving the perfect latte art using this machine, but the machine does make a great cup of coffee!


The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus is a super-automatic espresso maker with a fully color touch screen display and app compatibility. It makes 16 customizable espresso beverages, including an Americano, and even iced coffee using its TrueBrew Over Ice feature. Unlike drip coffee, each beverage is prepared using freshly ground coffee. This ensures that the flavor notes of your beverage are preserved.

The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus comes with a long instruction manual, but the operation of the machine is easy and intuitive. Once you’ve set up your preferences and gotten a feel for the machine, all that is left is to add the coffee beans and press a button.

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Great Alternatives

The Best Automatic Espresso Machines

Jura D6

If you love making coffee and want a high-quality machine, the Jura D6 automatic espresso maker is a good choice. Unlike competing brands, Jura espresso machines have no removable brew groups, which means less maintenance and cleaning. This makes them ideal for people who are just starting out and want the best possible coffee. Despite its price tag, the Jura D6 has plenty of features. Here are some of its best features.

The Jura D6 automatic espresso maker holds 7 ounces of coffee and uses a high-quality Aroma G2 grinder. It also has an additional door that allows you to clean it without having to take the brew group apart. It also features an adjustable milk spout. And while it has a simple front panel, it also has plenty of space for sprouts and trays. The Jura D6 uses the highly acclaimed Jura technologies to produce great coffee.

The Jura D6 has a simple, intuitive control panel. The front panel features a rotary dial on the left side. Press the “P” button until the screen changes, and then spin the dial until it reaches the desired area. Users can also customize their espresso and cappuccino by altering the volume of milk or the strength of coffee. Users can also change milk volume by setting a time, and they can even change the temperature.

The Jura D6 also features a PEP system, which ensures optimal extraction time. The Jura D6 uses an algorithm that calculates the exact amount of time that the coffee needs to be brewed. This process results in a rich, thick crema and less bitter or sourness. According to Aurimas Vainauskas, C.E.O. of Coffee Friend, this technology results in a more flavorful cup of espresso than other models.

The Jura D6 automatically espresso machine has a programmable thermostat for brewing. Its thermoblock boiler and 15 bar pump combine to ensure a consistent brew. It allows users to set the exact amount of coffee, milk, and water volume. There are two brew temperatures on the D6 and the Pulse Extraction Process ensures that the coffee is sweet and not bitter. Regardless of the type of coffee you prefer, the Jura D6 will make it perfect every time.

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Saeco PicoBaristo

If you’re interested in buying an automatic espresso machine, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of choices. There are many different features and jargon to wade through. And each company claims to have a patented system. Fortunately, the Saeco PicoBaristo automatic espresso machine falls into the mid-range, giving you the best of both worlds. It’s designed to strike a balance between functionality and options, without breaking the bank on an overpriced machine.

The PicoBaristo has several useful features, such as memory functions that allow you to make a different espresso at any time. However, there is no individual user profile. Nevertheless, the PicoBaristo has a special drink feature called Ristretto, which uses less water and is slightly stronger than espresso. Whether you’re looking for a cup of strong or milky latte, this machine will get the job done.

Before brewing, a user must use the RINSE function to eliminate excess coffee and water. The Saeco 8927 has 11 pre-programmed coffee drinks, including an espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, and Americano. You can also save your preferred volume settings. The only other thing to note is that the milk carafe should be firmly inserted before you can make any adjustments.

Another feature of the Saeco PicoBaristo automatic coffee machine is its ability to brew a flat white. Its single boiler preheats and pumps boiling water. It also froths milk twice and pours a creamy layer of milk at the correct temperature. The heating element and pump are the same on both machines, which means the Saeco PicoBaristo is a versatile coffee machine.

The PicoBaristo is available in two different models, HD8924/47 and HD8927/47. While both are similar in terms of appearance and function, the HD8927/47 is a bit more sophisticated. It also has a removable milk carafe. And it’s a bit more expensive than the HD8924/47. You can also adjust the length of the drink, and the temperature.

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Gaggia Anima Prestige

The Gaggia Anima Prestige is an automatic espresso machine and third tier in the bestselling Argentine company’s Anima line. The Gaggia Anima Prestige has one-touch specialty espresso drink capability and replaces the cappuccinatore and manual pannarello steam wand with an integrated milk carafe. This milk carafe is dishwasher safe and can be stored in the refrigerator for convenient access.

Cleaning the Gaggia Anima Prestige is easy with its built-in reminders. This machine has an automatic descaling cycle, but it’s important to pause it and remove any used coffee to ensure optimal performance. A descaled brew group prevents a bitter taste and protects the machine’s overall performance and lifespan. Another benefit of this machine is its remarkably low electricity consumption. The Gaggia Anima Prestige enters (-1)W standby mode after an hour of idling.

The Gaggia Anima Prestige uses a powerful 15 bar pump for optimal extraction and flavor. It has dedicated drink buttons so you can set the coffee strength to meet your personal preferences. The Optiaroma system allows for 6.5 to 11.5 grams of coffee. The system has adjustable brew temperature, beverage volume, and pre-infusion. This machine even has a memory for storing brew settings and preferences.

The Gaggia Anima Prestige includes a milk carafe for specialty drinks. Its milk carafe features a double chambered design that locks into the front of the machine and dispenses milk directly into the cup. It also has an automatic cleaning cycle to ensure the unit is clean after every use. Moreover, the milk carafe can be stored in the fridge when not in use. A removable brew group makes cleaning easier, while the Gaggia Anima Prestige is compatible with the Mavea Intenza water filter.

The Gaggia Anima Prestige is a super-automatic espresso machine that wraps 75 years of experience in the field of espresso making. It seamlessly combines modernity with tradition with time-tested innovation. Its one-touch carafe and programmable buttons allow you to set your preferences. The Gaggia Anima Prestige is the perfect coffee machine for busy individuals and those on a tight budget.

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Breville Barista Express

The Breville Barista Express is an affordable, all-in-one automatic espresso machine with a built-in grinder. Its price is near the bottom end of the quality machine range, but it will pay for itself in a year. Whether you’re looking to make a coffee for yourself or a client, this machine makes it easy to customize a drink. It has a 15-bar pump and a swivel-mounted steam wand, as well as an integrated stainless steel conical burr grinder.

The Barista Express’s manual outlines the brewing process, from grinding and tamping beans to frothing milk. It also includes tips for preparing milk, making it easier for users to adjust brewing parameters. The manual is easy to follow, and the LCD screen lets you see the results of your espresso brewing. It also has an LCD display so you can see how many grams of ground coffee are produced. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The manual comes with a downloadable PDF of instructions, which you can download from the manufacturer’s website.

The Breville Barista Express has a pressure gauge on the control panel for visual feedback of the pressure. If the shot is too coarse or too fine, the brewing process will be overdone. It also brews espresso at a pressure of nine bars, which is the standard for espresso brewing. Some cafes brew at lower pressures, but the Barista Express achieves this level and produces legit shots.

Besides the simple cleaning process, the Breville Barista Express requires a constant maintenance program. Because it has fewer moving parts, it’s also easier to maintain and clean. After each shot, you must empty the portafilter puck of spent grounds. After rinsing the portafilter, you can run hot water through the brew head. And don’t forget to empty the drip tray.

The Breville Barista Express is a high-quality luxury espresso maker. It is designed to mimic the cafe experience at home. The features of this machine make the process more convenient for beginners and experts alike. The machine is also equipped with a manual control for practicing the technique. If you’re serious about espresso, you should consider this machine, but if you’re just beginning, you should consider another model.

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