The Best Angle Grinders

November 2022

An angle grinder is a great tool for removing flash and rough edges. There are several types of angle grinders, and you should purchase one according to your needs. We’ve reviewed dozens of angle grinders and weighed the features, power, price, and reviews from professionals and users. In addition, we talked with Thomas Hawkins, a tool expert, to make sure our recommendations were accurate.

When you need to grind out some tough edges, one of the Best Angle Grinders will make the job go faster. These tools come with a variety of useful features, such as a powerful motor and direct airflow. They also have a two-position handle for varying levels of grip, carbon brushes, and direct motor cooling. Here are the three best angle grinders on the market today. Let’s look at the different types of these tools and how they compare.

Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT

Best Overall

The Makita XAG04Z 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless 4-1/2-Inch Cut-Off/Angle Grinder is a tool that offers greater power, speed, and run-time. It is equipped with Automatic Speed Change Technology (ASCT), which helps to optimize battery life. Its Auto Speed Change function keeps the tool running at the proper speed and torque. The Makita XAG04Z is an ideal tool for cutting and grinding.

The Makita XAG04Z 18-Volt LXT features an advanced brushless motor that eliminates carbon brushes for faster and cooler performance. Its brushless motor is also matched to the application to provide optimal torque and speed. It also features a Makita LXT battery that delivers continuous power in high temperatures, resulting in longer run-time. This battery works in conjunction with the tool’s charger to optimize battery life.

Metabo HPT 4.5-In 62-Amp Angle Grinder

Best Budget

The Metabo HPT 4.5-in 62-Amp Angle Grinder is a versatile tool for home use. It can grind metal and cut a variety of materials, including pavers, stucco, and tiles. This tool features a quick-off feature, left-side slide switch, and a spindle lock.

This angle grinder comes with a one-year warranty and has decent reviews. As a big-name brand, Metabo stands behind their products. It’s hard to beat the reliability and quality of Metabo angle grinders. Several of the features of this grinder are standard, like a grinding wheel, carrying case, and blade wrench.

Another benefit of the Metabo HPT 4.5-in 62-Amp Angle Grinder is its powerful motor. It has an improved design that results in better cooling and better performance. The angle grinder also weighs four pounds, making it easy to maneuver and control.

If you’re considering buying an angle grinder, it’s worth looking at the various models available on Amazon. This model has an electronic brake. Other models take up to 10 seconds to stop after they’ve reached full speed.

The Metabo HPT 4.5-in 62-Amp Angle Grinder can be used for many projects, including woodworking and metalworking. It comes with a movable or fixed guard. The movable guard is handy for left-handed users. It can prevent flying debris, but it can fall off when the user is not careful. Fixed guards are more reliable and durable.


Upgrade Pick

The DEWALT DCG413B is one of the best entry-level grinders on the market. This model offered a good balance of features and price. Its brushless motor helps it run more efficiently and is less likely to overheat, and its E-Clutch system helps control the speed of the blade.

The kit is slightly more expensive than the bare tool, but included batteries and recommended accessories. For this price, it is an excellent choice for those who do not need a power tool often. The kit also includes a new, higher-quality DCG413B grinder, which has a brushless motor, Dewalt E-Clutch system, and Kickback Brake.

The DCG413B operates at 60V and features three positions. It also has a brushless motor and implements the E-Clutch System(r) and Kickback Brake(tm). The video below demonstrates some of the grinder’s features. It cuts various materials and explains how the tool works.

Porter-Cable PC750AG

Best Corded

The Porter-Cable PC750AG features a powerful 7.5 Amp motor and a cast-metal gearbox. It can operate at up to 10,000 RPM. The gearbox is designed to deliver the right amount of torque to complete a wide range of tasks.

The PC750AG is a great option for people who need to do a variety of tasks. Its high power and cast-metal gearbox allow you to achieve different cutting positions. This gives you the freedom to work on a variety of materials. Whether you’re tackling drywall or cutting wood, this grinder will perform well.

The Porter-Cable PC750AG Angle Grinder is equipped with a 7.5-amp motor and a four-1/2-inch wheel. It is an excellent tool for removing paint, grinding beads, and cutting rebar. It also features a three-position side handle, an extended on/off trigger switch, and a soft-grip handle.

Black & Decker BDEG400 4-1/2″ 6-Amp

Best Light-duty

The Black & Decker BDEG400 4-1/2″ 6-Amp Angle Grinder is a powerful tool that’s ideal for cutting and removing rust. It has a metal gear case, a 3-position side handle, and 10,000 rpm to ensure maximum cutting power.

This versatile angle grinder features a metal gear case and a three-position handle for enhanced comfort. It also features a spindle lock to make it easier to change out accessories quickly. It’s also great value for money, and comes with a wide range of free accessories. It delivers exceptional performance with each use.

The BDEG400 features a four-1/2 inch, 6-Amp angle grinder with a metal gear case and a metal gear wheel. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around and is ideal for homeowners and professionals. Its features include a convenient slide switch, two-position side handle, spindle lock, and a metal grinding wheel.


Best Heavy-duty

When it comes to angle grinders, the DeWalt DWE402 may not be the best choice for the average user. Its relatively low price and longstanding reputation are two of its biggest assets. This model, which is available for around $70-$80, is a powerful tool with an easy-to-use design and excellent torque.

The DWE402 is a four-1/2″ angle grinder with an 11-Amp AC/DC motor and a high-speed, 11,000-rpm power supply. This grinder comes with an integrated dust ejection system to eliminate damaging dust particles while maximizing durability. A quick-change wheel release is also featured for easy wheel removal.

The DWE402 has a diamond disc for tough materials, as well as a dust ejection system and a side handle for a comfortable grip. The tool also has a quick-tool feature that allows you to remove the wheel without a wrench. This angle grinder can also be used with a belt sander. This model features a 5-inch belt and 30″ disc. Its 2.3-Amp motor produces 3,160 rpm for the belt and 3,450 rpm for the disc.

The DEWALT Angle Grinder DWE-402 is a powerful tool that will give you many years of reliable performance. This angle grinder can grind iron, steel, and masonry. It can even finish welded joints. Its dual grinding wheels and a metal tool case provide excellent versatility and convenience.

Ingersoll Rand angle grinder

If you are looking for an angle grinder that can provide top performance and reliability, an Ingersoll Rand angle grinder is a great choice. It has a powerful motor, which can help you complete projects in a shorter amount of time. You can find parts and accessories for an Ingersoll Rand angle grinder at Sears PartsDirect.

Ingersoll Rand angle grinders come in a variety of different sizes. Some of them are available in four and five-inch sizes. Some are also equipped with built-in lubrication wicks for improved performance. These machines also have an integrated safety guard that protects workers from abrasives and sparks. These tools have an ergonomic design and are built to last in tough environments.

A 5″ air angle grinder from Ingersoll Rand offers high-speed performance and an all-bearing construction. Its unique motor controller virtually eliminates over-speeding, while its powerful motor delivers plenty of force to remove material. It is an excellent choice for metal dressing, rust removal, welding prep, and automotive bodywork fabrication.

Great Alternatives

SaleBest No. 3

SaleHighest Rated 3 BOSCH 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder GWS8-45
SaleHighest Rated 6 Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 4-1/2” grinder (Tool Only),Yellow

How to Choose the Best Angle Grinders

Dust ejection system

High-quality angle grinders are equipped with a dust ejection system that prevents flying debris from entering the electric motor. They also feature an overload protection feature to prevent overheating. In addition, they feature anti-vibration handles that reduce vibration by as much as 70%. They also have a rubber cushion layer between the spindle and the handle for improved control.

When tackling large jobs, angle grinders can get extremely hot, so they should have an overload protection feature to prevent overheating. If the machine starts overheating, it will cut off power until it cools. Some larger models also have a soft-start feature that makes the tool easier to handle on start-up. The motor gradually builds up to maximum speed, reducing the risk of accidental ‘kick-starting’ the grinder when first turned on.

Another feature that makes angle grinders easier to use is a variable speed feature. With a variable speed feature, you can set the speed between low and high while grinding. In addition, some models have an easy to use paddle switch for controlling power. Another great feature is a spiral bevel gear, which means the wheel can be removed with no difficulty.

Another feature that many angle grinders have is a dust ejection system. This feature allows you to grind and polish various materials, including stone, wood, and plastic, while preventing the sparks from igniting other objects. It also features a 360-degree rotational guard to redirect sparks away from the user. Additionally, angle grinders often feature a paddle switch to ensure an emergent shut-off.

Angle grinders often have side handles to accommodate different users. The handle should rotate with the side handle to accommodate the user’s preferred angle and position. This design also helps the tool be more ergonomic, preventing accidental contact with flying debris. It is important to look for an angle grinder with a guard so that flying debris does not enter the machine.

Another important feature is the Dust Ejection System, which ejects the damaging dust and debris from the air intake vents. With this feature, angle grinders will provide you with durability and a high level of performance.

Powerful motor

Powerful angle grinders can be used to cut paving stones. Before using the tool, mark the area you wish to cut with the blade. Position the paver on the workbench. Start cutting slowly. Once the disc stops spinning, remove the battery and unplug the angle grinder. If you are using a battery-operated model, loosen the nut that holds the disc in place. Then, replace the disc with a new one and tighten with a factory spanner.

Another powerful angle grinder is the Makita 7-inch model. The machine features a 15-amp motor that delivers up to 6,600 RPM. It also features a labyrinthine construction that seals internal components from outside contaminants and increases tool life. Other features of this grinder include a large trigger switch and a shaft lock. The machine comes with a 7-inch grinding wheel and a protective outer flange.

Depending on the size of the disc you intend to cut, you may need more or less power. Fortunately, the best angle grinders will allow you to work with larger discs without compromising safety. Some even come with a guard to protect your hands. This guard will keep the disc from destroying your hand or surface if you are working in a tight space.

Another important consideration when choosing an angle grinder is its speed. Most angle grinders have a speed of 5,000 to 10,000 rpm. However, some more powerful ones can reach as high as 12,000 rpm. Always remember to note the rpm limit of the disc to avoid any potential injury.

Powerful angle grinders are not easy to handle and can cause harm. Therefore, you should always read the warranty carefully before purchasing one. Most reputable brands provide a three to five-year limited warranty. However, the length of the warranty may differ between models. You should also read the warranty terms carefully to make sure you get the best deal. Many angle grinders now have safety features to prevent kickbacks and accidental starts. To protect yourself from injury while using a grinder, it is best to wear protective gloves and a welding helmet.

Angle grinders are versatile power tools for a variety of projects. They can cut wood, iron pipe, and tile. They can also safely remove grout between tiles. They also come with interchangeable discs. Aside from being versatile, angle grinders also have guards to prevent accidental cuts.

Compact size

A compact size angle grinder has all the features of a larger model but is still very powerful and easy to use. This type of grinder comes with a disc that is used for a variety of tasks, including cutting tile, polishing surfaces, and grinding metal. These grinders come in both cordless and wired versions.

Compact size angle grinders are the perfect choice for those looking for power but not too much space. These tools are great for light-duty projects but can also be used for heavier-duty projects. These angle grinders are more popular with industrial professionals than with DIYers. With a 15-AMP motor and a speed close to 6,500 RPM, they can handle a variety of jobs, both big and small. However, it is important to note that some of these units require 230 Volt power.

When choosing the correct size angle grinder, you should consider the size of the project and the number of cuts needed. Smaller models are great for cutting small sections of concrete or brick, while larger models are ideal for large-scale projects. The size of the grinding disc will also determine whether a small or large grinder is best for the job.

In addition to its compact size, compact angle grinders have other useful features. They can be used to sand metal or wood, and can be used to prepare materials for heat-treating. They are also useful for removing rough edges and flash. An expert in tool selection, Michelle Ullman, has tested dozens of angle grinders for her online tool review. She took into consideration features, power, and price, as well as reviews from professional buyers. Moreover, she also sought the advice of Thomas Hawkins, a tool expert who had used angle grinders.

A compact size angle grinder is easy to use, and is an excellent choice for a beginner who is working on a limited budget. Its X-LOCK disc system makes it easy to lock and loosen the disc, making it easy to handle and maintain. Another unique feature of this grinder is its soft-start technology, which protects the tool from overheating and restarting. Overall, this compact size angle grinder is very easy to use, inexpensive, and easy to store.


Angle grinders are versatile power tools that can be used for many tasks. They are great for grinding, cutting, sanding, and other applications. Some models have variable speeds. They can also be used for masonry and metal work. They require the right attachments and blades to get the job done.

You can save money on the price of an angle grinder by purchasing a refurbished one. You can find these in stores like Amazon or Walmart. Be sure to specify the type of angle grinder you need when shopping. You should also check out the newer models if possible. Just remember to stay within your budget.

You should look for a model that is lightweight and powerful. The Makita 18-Volt Cordless Angle Grinder is an excellent choice, as it’s not too heavy and gives you plenty of power. Another budget option is the Metabo G12SR4 Angle Grinder, which offers great value and flexibility. If you need something more sophisticated, consider purchasing a corded Angle Grinder with advanced features.

Another important consideration is battery life. Angle grinders that use a battery often run out of power before you’re finished with the job. This can be an issue if you’re working in tight quarters. You can also choose a cordless model with two batteries so that you can work in small spaces.

Angle grinders are available in different sizes and speeds. The smaller ones are ideal for small projects, while the larger ones are great for professional jobs. The Bosch 11-Amp 5-Inch Corded Angle Grinder runs between 2,800 and 11,500 rpm, which is highly rated by reviewers.

Angle grinders feature tool-free adjustments, allowing the user to adjust parts without the use of tools. This makes them comfortable to use. Although angle grinders are powerful power tools, they can be challenging to use. The proper tool will help you perform your job with ease. If you choose to recycle your angle grinder, be sure to check the recycling program offered by your local home improvement store.

The price of angle grinders vary widely. A basic model can cost around $50, but more expensive models can cost $500 or more. A good quality angle grinder can last you five or more years.

Cordless angle grinders

Cordless angle grinders are hand-held, battery-operated power tools that are used in various industries, including metal fabrication, plumbing, trade, and DIY. These tools are usually small in size but have powerful motors and can run at high speeds. These tools usually come with interchangeable batteries. You can find models that run on a single battery, three batteries, or five batteries.

The safety features of angle grinders vary according to their brand and model. Some models have an adjustable safety shield to protect the operator from flying debris. Others allow you to adjust the speed to ensure that the grinding wheels do not overheat the metal. Another feature you should look for is the dead man switch, which prevents the machine from turning off accidentally. Lastly, remember that the cutting discs in your angle grinders have an expiry date.

Cordless angle grinders are usually equipped with 4.5-inch discs, which are small enough for the grinder to spin quickly. These discs can be used to cut angle iron, sheet metal, and flatten welds. However, larger discs are available in some models. These larger disc models tend to be more expensive and feature brushless motors. Additionally, a cordless angle grinder should come with an adjustable speed and angle.

Cordless angle grinders are powered by batteries of different sizes. The batteries need to provide 4.0-, 5.0-, or 8.0-amp-hours of power for the angle grinder to function properly. High-amp-hour batteries allow the angle grinder to run for a longer time. Some models even come with two batteries for long-term use.

Choosing the right cordless angle grinder for your job is important. The motor in a cordless angle grinder must have the power to cut through metal. The battery voltage also plays a role in the power. A higher battery voltage allows the angle grinder to handle heavy tasks. In addition, the number of revolutions per minute and amps can make a huge difference in performance.

The Milwaukee 2881-20 M18 FUEL cordless angle grinder is an 18-volt tool with an 11-amp motor. It also comes with a lock-on feature. It can make 135 cuts on 1/2-inch rebar per charge. The machine also comes with an XC6.0 battery pack. It also has overload protection.

Gas angle grinders

Gas angle grinders are powerful tools that are commonly used in home renovation and construction projects. They come in a variety of sizes and can perform a variety of operations. Typically, angle grinders come with one or more discs, which can be used for various tasks. These include wire, cutting, and flat discs. Because of the range of discs available, it’s important to choose a model that has the right disc for the task.

Gas angle grinders are lightweight and can be easily transported, unlike electric models. These tools are portable and are powered by a battery or air compressor. However, they can be expensive to purchase and run. Pneumatic grinders tend to have a longer run time than cordless models. They can also be more powerful than corded models.

Before using a gas angle grinder, be sure to wear protective clothing to prevent injury. Wear eye protection, ear protection, and face shields. Also, keep the power cables away from flammable materials. A grinder’s sparks and fragments can be emitted in the air, so you should always be careful when using it. When using your gas angle grinder, make sure to keep it at a distance from people and items. It’s also a good idea to place it in a location where you won’t trip over it. Also, avoid using the grinder in wet conditions.

Before using your gas angle grinder, be sure to read the user’s manual carefully to learn how to use it safely. Be sure to always use protective gloves to protect your hands from small disc fragments and waste metal. You should also use a guard, as angle grinders are rotating machinery. Lastly, don’t forget to change the cutting disc regularly.

Gas angle grinders can be powerful and easy to use. They come with powerful 6.2-amp motors and can deliver up to 10,000 RPM. This makes them ideal for light to medium-duty projects. They also come with five grinding discs and a carrying case.

Best Angle Grinders

Considering the power, a variable-speed-setting angle grinder will give you the flexibility of grinding different materials at different speeds. If you have a specific need, then a tool with variable speed will allow you to optimize the speed range. The number of revolutions per minute, or RPM, is the speed that the disc can handle without stress. The larger the disc, the faster the RPM. The best angle grinders are lightweight and balanced, and you can easily control them while you are working.

The Best Angle Grinders should have variable speed settings. The speed ranges should be adjustable. For example, a cordless angle grinder should have a high-speed range. Similarly, an electric angle grinder should have a wide speed range. There are also many factors to consider when choosing the Best Angle Grinders. A good model should be versatile. It should be durable, have a long battery, and have a low price.

Whether you need a 5.5-inch angle grinder or an eight-inch angle grinder, these tools should be durable, lightweight, and have a high power output. Among the top products, the Makita 9557PBX1 is one of the Best Angle Grinders. Its two-inch size is perfect for a home workshop, and its motor can be paired with any other tool you may need.

For light-duty projects, a budget-friendly angle grinder will do the job. Its eight-amp motor can reach a maximum speed of 10,000 RPM, and its 4.5-inch disc will be enough for light-duty tasks. Moreover, it has a lock-on trigger so that you can use the tool without worrying about it losing its battery. If you are a beginner in this field, you should consider the cheapest angle grinder with the highest power.

The power-to-weight ratio of this angle grinder is a huge plus. Despite being a powerful tool, it is also light and portable. Users will appreciate its well-balanced design, compact size, and comfortable overmolded handle. Compared to other types of angle grinders, this one is the best overall choice for homeowners. This is because it is easy to use and comes with a 7.5-amp motor.

The Milwaukee angle grinder is an excellent choice for a beginner. Its lightweight design is ideal for extended use, and it features a 7.5-amp motor. It is easy to use and has a vibration-reducing handle. The Milwaukee Angle Grinder is another popular option for those who want an inexpensive angle grinder. This one has a three-position handle for greater comfort, and a large paddle switch makes it easy to operate, even with thick gloves.

This angle grinder is a great choice for large home improvement projects. It has a high-performance motor with a 10-500-RPMs. This gives you the power to grind even the hardest tasks. Its high speed prevents overheating and stalling, and its tool-free wheel change makes it a great choice for beginners. You can also adjust the power of this tool by adjusting its settings and the speed.

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