The 6 Best 55-Inch 4k TVs

March 2023

When it comes to purchasing a new television, the options available are quite overwhelming. The most popular 55-inch models offer impressive picture quality, including high-definition resolutions. But what makes them different from each other? Here are some features to look for in a new 55-inch TV.

The best 55-inch TVs offer a number of features that can help you find the perfect fit for your home. Full-array local dimming is a feature you’ll appreciate, as is the 120-Hz refresh rate. They also have HDR and 4K UHD resolutions and have a lot of HDMI ports. Smart features are also a great bonus when choosing a 55-inch television.

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Best 55-Inch TV

The Samsung QN55S95BAFXZ C has a stunning 55.5-inch display, and its picture quality is superb. It uses 8.3 million self-illuminating OLED pixels for incredible colour volume, pitch-perfect blacks and virtually limitless contrast. This screen is extremely slim, and is housed in a svelte, LaserSlim Design. Samsung’s QD-OLED technology offers the best in controlled lighting.


The Samsung QN55S95BAFXC features an impressive 55-inch screen that features a brilliant OLED technology that delivers vivid colour reproduction and a deep black. This TV also features a new multi-intelligent processor that uses 20 neural networks to optimize viewing conditions. Moreover, the TV is very compact, boasting a slim bezel and a flat back profile. Its slim design also makes it ideal for wall-mounting.

Picture quality

The picture quality on the Samsung QN55S95BAFXXZC isn’t quite up to the level of its premium counterparts. While the OLED panel offers a nearly instantaneous pixel response time, it can still suffer from some minor imperfections, including smearing and blurring. This is a minor annoyance, especially if you’re watching cable or streaming content on your TV.

The screen is equipped with a SmartThings software program that will optimize picture quality and contrast. The process takes about seven to twelve minutes.

Smart Hub

Samsung’s Smart Hub allows you to organize and control your entertainment options. Besides organizing popular streaming services, it also allows you to control your connected devices. The Smart Hub can be set to recognize nearby devices and automatically detect content that you like. Moreover, it is FreeSync Premium certified, allowing you to control your connected devices through your television.

EyeComfort Mode

EyeComfort Mode is a feature that reduces blue light from a TV screen, making it more comfortable for your eyes. The mode automatically adjusts the brightness and tone of your screen based on the time of day and the sunset/sunrise information for your area. You can also manually adjust the settings to get the desired results.

Best 55-Inch Smart TV For Home Theaters

If you’re in the market for a new high-definition TV, the Sony XR55A95K is a great choice. The A95K has an upscaler capable of converting a 1080p signal into Full HD. However, the upscaler suffers from a slight drop in edge definition and fine detail. While the A95K is a capable upscaler, its poor signal quality puts it out of reach for daytime viewing.

Screen brightness drop after gaming

The Sony XR55A95K sports a QD-OLED panel, which boasts a near-infinite contrast ratio. This means that even in dark rooms, the screen will still show brilliant blacks. Because there is no polarizing layer on the screen, however, black levels will tend to raise as bright sources are placed in front of them. When this happens, the black levels look more purple than black.

The Sony XR55A95K has a near-instant response time, with little or no motion blur when moving objects. It uses a sample-and-hold technology that results in less persistence blur, but it isn’t flicker-free. Its brightness will dip every 8 milliseconds or so, which coincides with its refresh rate. This isn’t as pronounced as on LED TVs, where a dip occurs every eight milliseconds.

Near-instantaneous response time

The Sony XR55A95K features near-instantaneous response time, which means that fast-moving objects on the screen are displayed with almost no motion blur. It uses a sample-and-hold technique to achieve this result. While it’s not completely flicker-free, the XR55A95K’s dips in brightness every eight milliseconds roughly coincide with the refresh rate. The dip in brightness is not as dramatic as the one experienced on an LED TV, and is hardly noticeable in normal viewing situations.

This television is also able to deliver excellent picture quality and color reproduction. Its deep blacks are complemented by a wide range of hues and the contrast ratio is excellent. Color reproduction is also very impressive with no noticeable loss of detail when darkening or brightening the image. Moreover, the Sony A95K supports HDR content.

Dolby Atmos compatibility

The Sony XR55A95K features an OLED panel. This technology offers a near-infinite contrast ratio, which means the picture will look perfect even in very dark rooms. However, it lacks a polarizing layer, which means that black levels will increase if a bright source is placed on the screen. This results in black levels that look more like purple than black.

This television supports Dolby Vision, which is compatible with movies and TV shows. However, it cannot support 1440p at 120Hz. It also supports eARC, which is an HDMI 2.1 technology. To use the eARC feature on the Sony A95K, the receiver needs to have an HDMI 2.1 port and a compatible soundbar.

Acoustic centre sync

The Sony XR55A95K Acoustic Centre Sync home cinema system combines high-end audio capabilities with an innovative sound bar. Its advanced acoustic technology allows you to hear every sound from the center speaker without any distortion. In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of Sony home theatre systems.

With the Acoustic Center Sync feature, compatible Sony soundbars can be paired with compatible Sony BRAVIA XR TVs. This feature synchronizes the sound from the TV and soundbar to match the action on screen. The TV Quick Settings menu also gives you the option to control the sound bar’s volume and sound field. You can also control voice amplification using these controls.


The LG G2 is better than the Sony A95K for most people, but if you’re looking for the best gaming experience, you’ll probably want to go with the Xbox Series X.

The Sony A95K is a 55-inch TV with an excellent display. Its QD-OLED panel has a near-infinite contrast ratio and produces perfect blacks in the dark. It also includes a Quantum Dot layer for increased color volume. In addition to this, it boasts XR Triluminos Max technology for vibrant color and realistic texture. In addition, the Sony A95K has a Dual Style stand that makes it possible to mount it either way.

Best Upper Mid-Range 55-Inch TV

The LG OLED55C2PUA is a 55-inch ultra-widescreen television that supports both Wired and wireless networks. Its built-in WiFi and Ethernet jack allow you to connect to your home network and enjoy selected online entertainment services. The television can also play music, video, and still images.

AI Sound Pro

The LG OLED C Series is getting a refresh with brighter colors and an upgraded processor. The bezel is thinner and the screen has a more streamlined design. The AI Sound Pro feature is a welcome addition to the C Series. It lets you control the speakers through your voice.

It also comes with the LG Game Optimizer, which is designed to improve your gaming experience. It also features four HDMI 2.1 ports for your games. The CES Innovation Awards are based on descriptive materials submitted to the judges and are not intended to endorse or disapprove of products.

Wired or wireless network connection

You can connect your LG OLED television to your home network via the Ethernet jack or via a wireless network. This allows you to enjoy select online entertainment services as well as stream music, videos, and still images. You can also connect an external control device such as a mouse.

LG’s C series is the most popular among OLED TVs. The C series has many high-end features and a more customizable range of sizes. The G2 lineup, on the other hand, has a slightly brighter panel and a “gallery” design that is wall-friendly. The A2 series, on the other hand, lacks features like HDMI 2.1 and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Intense Color Technology

The LG OLED55C2PUA uses Intense Color Technology to create the most natural colors possible. The reds are more vibrant and natural. These colors are reminiscent of strawberry and flower flavors. Moreover, these TVs use the latest HDMI standards, which allow for 4K at 120 frames per second and variable refresh rate. They also support automatic low latency mode.

The LG C2 features the same show-stopping panel as the LG C1, but the corners are more pronounced and the boxier design is less flimsy. The backside panel is made of thinner material and has a lighter weight.

WiSA compatibility

The WiSA compatible LG OLED55C2PUA television allows you to connect your television with compatible WiSA speakers and transmitters. This technology offers high-fidelity sound and low latency (5.1 milliseconds) while ensuring seamless synchronization (less than 1.0 micron). WiSA certified TVs have a higher pixel density and higher resolution, which will allow you to enjoy better pictures and clearer audio.

The WiSA association works with members to promote the use of spatial audio in the home. Their technology delivers immersive audio experiences for high-definition content, sports, and gaming. The association has sales teams in Korea, Taiwan, and China.

WiSA certified speakers

The LG OLED55C2PUA is WiSA Ready, making it compatible with WiSA Certified speakers. WiSA technology allows for wireless 2.1-channel audio with low latency (5.1 milliseconds) and seamless synchronization (+/-1.0 microns). The speakers can also be controlled via the TV’s user interface.

A new Gen 5 AI Processor in the OLED55C2PUA transforms 2-channel audio into virtual 7.1.2 channel sound. It allows you to customize your listening experience and receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences. You can also enjoy high-quality HDR content thanks to the Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature, which analyzes 5000 blocks of the screen to improve color and contrast. The TV also supports Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby AtmosR, for the ultimate home theater experience.

Best Mid-Range 55-Inch TV

If you’re looking for a new television, you should definitely check out the Hisense 55U8H. It’s one of the top contenders for the latest TV technologies, and it supports Wifi 6e router protocol. Moreover, it has an HDMI 2.0 port, making it compatible with most current home theater systems. However, it’s not a perfect television. There are some issues, and we’ll discuss them in this review.

Hisense 55U8H review

The Hisense U8H is a good all-round TV with excellent contrast, but poor color banding and motion smoothing. It’s a mid-range TV, and will give you good performance for your money if you choose the right content. This Hisense 55U8H review will examine some of the positive features, and also highlight its flaws.

The Hisense U8H’s design isn’t as slim as OLED televisions, and its screen is a little over 3 inches deep. This means that if you wall-mount the TV, it’ll dangle from the wall. It uses standard VESA 400 x 400mm brackets and includes two legs.

If you’re a gamer, the Hisense U8H’s remarkably good contrast and brightness make it a great choice. The black level is incredibly deep, but it has some trouble with content with lower resolutions. Still, this TV is a great deal compared to its price.

Issues with the Hisense 55U8H

While Hisense stands by its 55inch models with a 100 day money back guarantee, there are still several issues to consider before purchasing one. First, the U8H’s color and picture quality are not that impressive. It doesn’t display 4k at 120 Hz, which is necessary for clear text on a PC screen. Additionally, there is a problem with macro blocking, which makes blacks appear crushed and is very noticeable when watching dark scenes on a TV screen. Fortunately, Hisense is promising to fix this issue in an upcoming firmware update.

One of the biggest complaints about the Hisense U8H is its limited viewing angle. Its screen begins to fade away a few feet off center, so it is not a good choice for wide seating arrangements. Another downside is the lack of a wide-angle filter. However, this is offset by its great reflection handling. The U8H’s semi-gloss coating helps minimize the intensity of direct reflections. It also does not suffer from rainbow smears when exposed to bright lights.

Recommendation of the Hisense 55U8H

The Hisense 55U8H has an exceptional 120Hz native refresh rate, which reduces digital noise and improves color, contrast, and brightness. This television also uses a 480 motion rate to provide smooth movement. The Hisense 55U8H is a great option for gamers.

The Hisense U8H also offers a wide color gamut with excellent HDR. It can display nearly the entire DCI-P3 color space, and also the wide Rec. 2020 color space. It also has excellent response time and persistence blur for fast-action video.

The Hisense U8H has a fantastic contrast ratio, and it can deliver deep black levels that rival OLED TVs. Its full-array local dimming feature improves contrast even further. It also has excellent gray uniformity. The color gamut is superb, with very little vignetting in the center or corners. It is also quite bright in SDR, and it easily overcomes glare.

Budget Friendly

The Hisense 55U6H is a budget-friendly large-screen LED TV with a high peak brightness and good color saturation. With its SDR peak brightness of 560 cd/m2, it can effectively fight glare in well-lit rooms. It also maintains its brightness consistently across scenes. For this review, we measured the Hisense 55U6H’s brightness using the Theater Night Picture Mode calibration mode with Backlight Level set to maximum and Local Dimming on ‘High’. In Theater Day Picture Mode, the Hisense U6H reaches a maximum of 560 cd/m2 in a 25%-sized window with Active Contrast disabled.

The Hisense 55U6H is an affordable 55-inch television that packs a punch. It has an impressive HDR color gamut and can display a wide range of colors. It also has an excellent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space. It has good local dimming, but is lacking in a few areas, such as the viewing angle. The 55-inch television’s picture quality can be improved with the addition of more sophisticated features, such as Active Contrast.

The Hisense 55U6H’s proprietary ULED technologies improve color, brightness, contrast, and motion. This means the picture will be rich, lifelike, and engaging. It also features Quantum Dot, which delivers more accurate and pure colors than traditional LED televisions. It creates a vibrant picture that is unmatched by a non-QLED TV. It has a peak brightness of 600 nits and up to 48 local dimming zones.

The Hisense U6H is a 60Hz QLED display with dozens of local dimming zones, which helps to maintain precise contrast. Moreover, QLED panels are known for their accurate color reproduction, which means that the colors on the Hisense U6H are close to those of digital sources. Additionally, the screen has a relatively narrow viewing angle, which is not ideal for wide seating areas.

Overall, the Hisense U6H provides a good image quality for its price. It has decent local dimming feature, high native contrast ratio, and good reflection handling. The U6H also has a low input latency, which is an advantage when watching movies.

Hisense U6H price

The Hisense U6H has a great screen with an amazing contrast ratio. Its white point is 6500K and its color gamut is impressive. Its HDR feature is great for HDR movies. It also has decent local dimming. Its response time is slow and the viewing angle is narrow, but it is still very good for most uses.

The Hisense U6H is a budget-friendly 4K television. It is the entry-level model in Hisense’s ULED lineup. It uses quantum dot technology and sits below the more expensive Hisense U7H and U8H models. It is a new model, replacing the Hisense U6G, and is equipped with new features. For example, it will come with the Google TV interface.

Hisense U6H features

The Hisense U6H is an affordable 4K TV with a 60Hz refresh rate and a variety of HDR features. It supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and hybrid log gamma. The U6H also comes with an antenna/cable tuner. However, it does not support the ATSC 3.0 standard.

Hisense U6H performance

Hisense U6H has an impressive HDR color gamut and delivers a range of vibrant colors. It also provides superb coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, and is quite good in the Rec. 2020 color space, too. However, the Hisense U6H struggles with its tone mapping between the two color spaces, particularly when the screen is viewed off-axis.

Hisense U6H series is powered by the Google TV operating system, providing access to a range of apps. It also features a voice remote that allows users to control the television with voice commands. It also has built-in Google Assistant and is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Those who play games on their television will also love the features of the U6H, which includes Game Mode Plus, which offers smooth gameplay. In addition, the TV comes with a filmmaker mode that blocks out post-processing for a smooth gaming experience.

Best Budget

The Sceptre 55-inch 4K LED TV offers a high-definition viewing experience and is a great choice for those on a budget. This TV comes with an Edge-lit LED panel and is powered by Roku, a streaming service that offers more than 4000 channels for free or a small monthly fee. The Sceptre TV features an HDR-compatible display and a fast, smooth refresh rate. It also includes four HDMI inputs, which means you can connect all of your devices.

The Sceptre TV’s built-in speakers come with DTS SRS TruSurround HD technology that delivers good bass response and smooth treble. It also has three HDMI ports for connecting to external devices. Although it has a number of impressive features, it could still stand to be thinner and feature slimmer bezels. Additionally, the display sometimes shows a faint blue tint when viewed at different angles.

The Sceptre 55-inch LED 4K Ultra HD TV transforms entertainment into a thrilling adventure. It features a stunning picture quality, unequaled color, and clear brilliance. With over eight million pixels, this television is capable of delivering vivid and lifelike pictures and videos. It also features an innovative USB port, allowing you to connect a computer, laptop, or phone.

The Sceptre 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TV is a good choice for the budget-conscious shopper. Which makes it an excellent choice for those who want an inexpensive, stylish TV with a great picture quality. It also has 4 HDMI connectors, which will enable you to connect multiple devices.

Samsung S95B OLED

Samsung S95B OLED 55 inch TV comes with a sweeping array of features and capabilities. Its 8 million self-lit pixels and ultra-powerful 4K AI Neural Processing create a picture so lifelike it seems surreal. It also features Dolby Atmos built-in sound and latest Smart TV applications. This TV also features a sleek and stylish LaserSlim design.

It supports 4K/120Hz content, 4:4:4 color subsampling, and HDCP 2.2. Other features of this television include support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. These are royalty-free HDR standards that deal with dynamic metadata. However, you may experience a bit of color fringing.

It also offers EyeComfort Mode to ensure optimal viewing at night. This feature automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and tone based on ambient light. It also reduces blue light levels, which can affect the quality of sleep. Moreover, the ECO settings reduce power consumption, which can lower the cost of electricity.

Users can also download online applications on the Samsung OLED TV. Through these apps, you can access your favorite online content through the TV. The TV also has a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to connect a wireless mouse or keyboard. You can also use a serial cable to connect an external control device.

Another benefit of OLED technology is the nearly instantaneous pixel response time. This technology prevents smearing and blurring. However, it does have some disadvantages, like stuttering during wide shots. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the best visual experience, OLED technology is a good option.

The Samsung S95B OLED TV offers great picture quality. It can even rival the Sony A95K QD-OLED TV. It is available in 55 and 65-inch sizes. It is also brighter than any other OLED TV, with up to 1200 nits in HDR and 500 nits in SDR. Its color brightness is excellent, too.

LG NanoCell 75 Series

The LG NanoCell 75 Series 55-inch TV offers a great selection of entertainment options and features. The television is powered by LG WebOS 6.0, bringing new features such as streamlined content discovery. It uses artificial intelligence to identify the genre of content you’re interested in and automatically adjusts the image and audio. It can also reduce blue light and prevent input lag.

This TV is also equipped with an HDR10 and HLG feature that improves colour depth and contrast. HDR10 is widely supported by streaming services and is also good at preserving fine details. It also has a Filmmaker Mode that helps you capture and preserve film quality colours and frame rates without having to edit the picture.

The LG NanoCell 75 Series has an acceptable frequency response and decent color uniformity. It does suffer from a bit of banding in the center, but it’s not too noticeable. While it offers decent contrast and near-dark uniformity, its black uniformity is rather cloudy and varies between individual units.

The screen of the LG NanoCell 75 Series 55-inch TV has an average response time of 60Hz, which is similar to the LG NANO80 2020. It does however have some overshoot and undershoot during dark transitions, and it has a bit of inverse ghosting. While the response time of the LG NanoCell 75 Series 55-inch TV is above average, it still has some motion blur behind fast-moving objects. It also has some backlight flicker at a low frequency, which causes some image duplication.

The LG NANO75 is a decent TV for most uses, but the picture quality is not good enough to enjoy movies or sports in a dark room. It also lacks local dimming and adequate black uniformity. Nevertheless, for a low-priced entry-level 4k TV, the NANO75 is a great option. In addition, it comes with LG’s popular Magic Remote. This remote makes it easy to navigate the user interface.

Great Alternatives

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Best 55 Inch TVs

Best 55 Inch TVs

The Sony A8H offers excellent picture quality, with HDR and Dolby Vision support. It also supports Airplay 2, so you can cast content from compatible devices. But the downside of this TV is its price tag.

Sony’s OLED+936 features an AI-enhanced picture processor and an OLED panel for brighter images. The price is similar to the Sony A90J, but this model is slightly cheaper. While Sony is facing tough competition from Samsung, this new model has innovative TV sound technology and is available for under $500. This TV is best for those who want to watch movies or play games. And the new OLED TVs are also a good option for anyone who wants to watch movies and play games.

If you’re looking for a TV for gaming, look no further than the Samsung C1 TV. This model features four HDMI 2.1 inputs with support for eARC. It also boasts an impressive 120Hz 4K refresh rate. And thanks to its high refresh rate, you can play games and watch movies in pristine quality. Its fast response time and low input lag make it a good choice for gamers.

Another great choice for a 55-inch TV is the Hisense 55H9F. With excellent picture quality, great motion handling, and smart features, this model is worth a look. It runs on Android TV 8.0 with the largest selection of apps. While it lacks premium features such as outright brightness, it has a great display, a decent local dimming feature, and very low input lag. It also does not have the most advanced gaming features, but it does offer decent picture quality and decent video.

The Samsung UN65TU8000FXZA offers a wide range of smart features, including voice assistants and smart home devices. This TV supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and comes with a OneRemote remote control that lets you program multiple devices at once. This TV also supports the Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby voice assistants. Its slim, bezel-less design provides an excellent support system for cables and a cable track. Its HDR support also makes it an excellent choice for gamers.

The Samsung QN85A offers some impressive features, including Tizen Smart TV, HDMI 2.1 support, and the Samsung Game Bar. While it does have disappointing black levels, it does offer great off-axis viewing. It also provides good sound and HDR. Despite its high price, it is also missing Dolby Vision support, which is the preferred feature for gaming. The Sony A90J offers superior image processing and has excellent audio features.

When it comes to the budget market, Hisense is a major player. The company’s line of 4K TVs offers the best value for the money. Among its best-value models, the Hisense U7G is a particularly good option for the price. It comes in at $700, which makes it one of the best 55-inch TVs in this price range. So what should you look for when purchasing a 55-inch TV?

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