Apple Watch Vs Fitbit Blaze

April 2024

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When comparing two fitness trackers, the Apple Watch has the upper hand. This smartwatch is capable of registering hjertefrekvensen and training information as you spor det. You can use this information to help you track your health, improve your fitness, and more.

Price comparison

The Fitbit Blaze is the most popular smartwatch on Amazon and has taken the top spot from the Apple smartwatch. Pre-sales began several weeks ago, and the Blaze is already occupying multiple best-selling spots in the top 10 on Amazon. It has received over 500 reviews, earning four and five-star ratings. And it won 17 awards at CES. Hence, a price comparison between the two smartwatches is in order.

Both devices are designed for exercise tracking, and they provide useful information about calories burnt and active time. The Fitbit Blaze also includes an optical heart rate sensor, which provides both resting and active HR measurements.

The Fitbit Blaze has a very similar design to the Apple Watch. While it still comes with a rugged elastomer plastic band, it’s also available with a variety of smartwatch straps. You can even purchase a gun-metal casing and a matching metal or leather band. This is a great option if you’re looking for a sleek, stylish smartwatch.

The Blaze is also compatible with all mobile platforms, allowing you to use it regardless of your device. The Apple Watch is only compatible with iOS devices, while the Fitbit Blaze works with all mobile operating systems. The Blaze also has a longer battery life than the Apple Watch. It can last up to five days on a charge while the Apple Watch has a two-day battery life. Furthermore, the Apple Watch can be charged wirelessly, while the Fitbit Blaze needs to be plugged in.

Both devices are great for tracking your workouts. Apple Watch can track your steps and distance, calories burned, and elevation climbed. Apple Watch also has built-in GPS to help you track your route. It can also count swimming strokes and use arm movement sensors.

apple watch vs fitbit blaze

Screen sizes

The most noticeable difference between the Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze is the size of the screens. The Apple Watch has a 1.78-inch AMOLED display and the Fitbit Blaze has a 1.6-inch LCD screen. The Apple Watch’s screen is rounded and has a more premium feel than the Fitbit Blaze’s hexagonal frame. The Apple Watch has a much higher resolution than the Fitbit Blaze’s screen, which has a resolution of 280×180.

The Fitbit blaze has a square-shaped screen, while the Apple Watch’s is rectangular. Both devices have a Gorilla Glass 3 coating, but the Fitbit has a higher resolution screen. In addition, the Fitbit watch has more customizable functions and features.

The Fitbit Blaze offers more features than the Apple Watch. The Fitbit Blaze has a larger color touchscreen and a 240×180 resolution. It also has more features than the older Fitbits. This is a very important consideration when deciding which fitness tracker is right for you.

While the Apple Watch is regarded as the best smartwatch, the Fitbit Blaze is a great alternative that is much cheaper. Its battery life is also better than the Apple Watch. Both are waterproof and have similar fitness tracking features. But both have their limitations.

The Apple Watch and the Fitbit Blaze both feature apps for activity tracking. You can track your calories, active minutes and standing time through the apps. You can also check your heart rate and other important data. With the Fitbit Blaze, you can even view your heart rate and other statistics in its smartphone app.

Activity tracking

The Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze are similar in many ways, including the ability to track your activity. Both devices have a simple interface and feature an app for tracking your steps, calories, and active time. They both have an optical heart rate sensor, which delivers information about your resting heart rate (HRR) and active time. The Blaze also offers a few other features, including a built-in sleep monitor.

While both watches track steps, distance, and calories burned, the Fitbit Blaze has many more features. It has an automatic activity recognition feature known as SmartTrack, which recognizes the different exercises you do and credits them. The Apple Watch is far less likely to automatically recognize a specific exercise and will often show you a zero. Both devices also have Cardio Fitness Levels, which let you compare your overall cardio fitness.

Apple’s smartwatch is similar to the Fitbit Blaze in terms of functionality, but it’s the Apple Watch that offers more advanced features. Apple’s device can answer phone calls, while the Fitbit Blaze cannot. Neither watches are particularly flexible, but both can support a heart rate sensor and a camera. The Apple Watch also charges wirelessly, whereas the Fitbit Blaze requires a charging cable.

Although the Apple Watch offers more functionality, it does use more battery power. It typically lasts a day on a charge, while the Fitbit Blaze can last up to five days on a single charge. In addition, the Apple Watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. The Fitbit Blaze has better battery life and is better suited for people who travel a lot or forget to charge their Apple Watch.

Battery life

When comparing the battery life of an Apple Watch and a Fitbit Blaze, it’s important to remember that each device has different battery life. An Apple Watch will last for around three days, while the Fitbit Blaze will last for about five days on a single charge. The Blaze also has more features, including continuous heart rate monitoring and continuous step counting.

The Blaze is also thinner and lighter than an Apple Watch, and it’s made of durable plastic. It has a heart-rate sensor and two buttons on its right side. It also emits a faint green light on its underside when enabled. However, the Fitbit executives have consistently denied comparisons to Apple’s wearable.

The Apple Watch’s battery life is still limited, but it’s improving over time. It can last up to three days if you’re not using all of the features. It can last up to two nights of light use if you stop tracking your workouts and minimize your use of apps. On the other hand, the Fitbit Blaze can last up to five days between charges, but its battery life is heavily dependent on what features you use regularly and the brightness of the screen.

The Apple Watch is more expensive than the Fitbit Blaze and has more features. However, it requires more battery power than its rival. The Apple Watch can last for about one day on a charge, while the Fitbit Blaze can last for five days. The Blaze is a better choice for travelers and people who are constantly on the go. The Blaze starts at under $200 and the Apple Watch is close to $300.


Despite the similarities in price and appearance, the Fitbit Blaze has some unique features that set it apart from Apple’s flagship device. The Blaze is a fitness tracker that can track your steps, calories, floors climbed, and sleep. It also has an optical heart rate sensor that delivers resting heart rate and active time, giving you a more detailed picture of your overall health.

The Apple Watch is more expensive, but it’s also more advanced, with more smart features and a broader app support. Both wearables have customizable bands, though the Fitbit Blaze’s strap is easier to replace than Apple’s. They also have similar fitness tracking features, so both wearables have their advantages.

Both models have screens, but the Apple Watch has a higher-resolution screen. The Apple Watch has a 390 x 312 resolution, while the Fitbit Blaze’s screen is only 240 x 180. The Apple Watch is also compatible with Force Touch, while the Fitbit has an LCD display.

In addition to their similarities in price, the Blaze is also more affordable than the Apple Watch. The Blaze starts at $200, while the Apple Watch is a few hundred dollars more. Apple Watch prices start at $999, with the latest models reaching upwards of $1,000. Both are available on Apple’s website, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Both devices feature impressive battery life. The Apple Watch can give you up to two days’ worth of battery life, while the Fitbit Blaze can last up to five. However, battery life depends on how often you use the features on the Blaze.

Great Alternatives

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